Differences Between Common Epson Printheads In The Market

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Differences Between Common Epson Printheads In The Market

Epson printhead is widely used on the digital printing market. We all know the printhead determines printer’s speed, accuracy and etc. Today we will introduce you common Epson printheads in the market for you to help make a right decision.

Epson printhead

1.Epson DX5

Becacuse of it’ s stablity, DX5 printhead is the most commonly used and recognized option indigital printer industry. But it’ s insufficient supply leads to the high price. Therefore, it is gradually replaced by XP600 in economical digital printers.

2.Epson DX7

DX7 is an alternative to DX5, but it’s also expensive because of lack of supply.

3.Epson 5113

It suits for water -based ink only, the ink is used limitedly. However, Epson 4720 has increasingly replaced it with rich supply and ink compatibility.

4.Epson XP600

The speed is 10-20% faster than DX5 printhead. The lifespan can be 60-80% of DX5 with good maintenance. Both of them have comparable printing resolution.In addtion, it’s price is merely one-fifth of DX5. If you are start -ups, this will be an ideal option.

5113 printhead

5.Epson 4720

It can be regarded as the upgraded version of Epson 5113 printhead. Epson 4720 is a versatile printhead which suits for not only water-based ink, but also the oil, solvents, UV, paint, heat sublimation ink, etc. Due to it’s economic price and sufficient supply, it gains much popularity and on the market than Epson 5113, although they are nearly the same as Epson 5113 printhead in appearance, speci fication, and per formance.

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