Difference Between Epson DX5 Print Head and Epson 5113 Print Head

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Difference Between Epson DX5 Print Head and Epson 5113 Print Head

There are three common print heads in the market now: Epson DX5, DX7 print head and Epson 5113 print head. Print head choice can be a challenge. Today, let’s see the difference between them.


The first thing to look at is the specifications of each, while the Epson DX5 print head and 7 both feature 8 lines of nozzles, with 180 nozzles per line, giving a total of 1440 nozzles and a print resolution of 1440dpi, the 5113 printhead has 8 lines of 400 nozzles per line, a total of 3,200 nozzles, more than twice the amount of the other heads for better fine detail reproduction.

They are different sizes too, with the 5113 having an effective width of 1.3 inches, roughly 30% greater than the other two nozzles. The size difference is not just about fitting in all those extra nozzles, there are other advantages that we will see later.


One of the advantages of all those nozzles and the extra size is speed. And the 5113 uses those extra nozzles to great effect, offering speeds close to 40% faster than the DX5 and 7. This gain is increased even further if used in dual head situations, where the Epson 5113 print head scales much more effectively than the previous generation Epson DX 5 or 7 heads could manage.

The extra size and nozzles simply mean it can move more ink in a given time than the others, but those extra nozzles also mean that it has the ability to deliver quality at those speeds, sacrificing nothing which means that output remains consistent while saving time.


According to our end users’ report, 5113 printhead has shorter life span compared to Epson DX5 and DX7 printheads. The reason can be vary. One main reason is that the nozzle is much smaller and ink is quite easy to clog the 5113 printhead and the crystal is easier to break too. So if you want to have a printhead that can last longer, please choose DX5 or DX7 printheads.

Looking at the specification and performance, the Epson 5113 printhead represents a new level of quality for printheads from Epson, however the most convincing reason for using the 5113 has not been covered yet, and that is the cost. Astonishingly, even with its superior performance, the 5113 head is less than half the price of the older DX5 heads that have been a standard printhead for so long.

With price, performance and output all superior to everything that has come before, the 5113 printhead is set to be the new standard for Epson printheads, it really is a huge leap forwards.

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Why the Epson DX5 Print Head Get Blocked?

   Epson DX5 print head is widely used in different inkjet printers, and it has a high quality. But no matter what kind of print head you use, blocking is the forever problem. Then, what will lead to the block of Epson DX5 print head?

DX5 print head

   The soft block are generally caused by the quality of the ink or the print head is too dry. For this kind of block, just washing the print head automatically or with hand, then the print head will work again.

   Compared with soft block, the hard block is more complicated. If the ink is too acidic, it will reacts with the plastic shell and produce the solidification and crystal, then block the print head. If you met this problem, you can use the special washer fluid, or take the nozzles out and put them into the alcohol or hot water.

printer with DX5 print head

   Next time when your Epson DX5 print head gets blocked, try to check the reasons first, and then you can follow the tips i told you.



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EPS 3200, The Print Head Will Leading The Digital Printing Market’s Future

Epson 4720 print head (we also call it EPS 3200) has been put on the market recently. This print head will replace the Epson 5113 print head in the near future. In other words, the 5113 print head will stop production from now on.

Epson 4720(we called Epson 3200)

Nozzle: 3200(8*400)5113 print head

Place of Origin: Japan

Types available: Locked

Speed: Faster 15% than dx5

Ink type: Water-based ink, oil-based ink, solvent ink, UV ink, sublimation ink, and pigment ink etc.

EPS 3200 has the same shape as 5113 print head, and they also have the same amount of the nozzles. So this 2 kind of print heads have the same print speed, they are both suitable for large-scale use in digital printing.The why EPS 3200 can replace the 5113 print head?

The first reason is that EPS 3200 has a wider applications than 5113 print head. As we all know that 5113 print head only suitable for pigment ink and disperse dye ink. But EPS 3200 has a strong corrosion resistance, and suitable for nearly all kinds of ink such as UV ink, water-based ink, oil ink, solvent ink and so on.

EPS3200 print head

The second reason is that EPS 3200 has a cheaper price with 5113 print head. As we all know that 5113 print head is very cheap compared with DX5, TFP and DX7 print head. So EPS 3200 has a big advantage in price.

Low price with wide application, now you know why the manufacture stop production of the 5113 print head.

We have tested this head more than 8 months, and improved its performance on our printer. So far, it shows very good quality on our printer.
This special head can be used kinds of ink, which will change many machine types in the future.

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