The Causes and Solutions for Garbled Images in Inkjet Printers

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The Causes and Solutions for Garbled Images in Inkjet Printers

inkjet printersGarbled images in inkjet printers occasionally occurs, this phenomenon confuses the
user. So we can not use the inkjet printer operations normally. There are many
factors that resulting in inkjet printers appear to map garbled. Just like data lines,
computers Drives, inkjet printer memory, and rasters and so on are all possible.We are introducing common troubleshootings and corresponding solutions to you.

  1. Data line failure

The data line is the only channel for transmitting computer print data to the inkjet printer. If the data line has a problem and the connection is not smooth, it will affect the transmitted data. And the graphics will be abnormal.

Solution: First check the data cable for dust, moisture, looseness, etc. Generally, pull out the data cable clean and then connected. If there is a disconnection, you must replace the new data cable.

  1. Inkjet printer memory problems

The probability of thermal foam inkjet printer (Piezo Inkjet Printer memory is integrated into the main board, so no problem) memory failure is still relatively inkjet printer memorysmall. Generally loose or wet will cause the memory to work abnormally. It will appear to be unable to print or even print garbled.

Solution: Pull out the memory card and clean it. Then use a fan to blow off the motherboard. Then reload the memory.

  1. Raster problems

Raster is one of the components that directly affect the print quality of inkjet printers. If dirt or damage occurs, it will cause print deviations, print failures, and garbled prints.

Solution: Clean the grating or replace it directly.

    1. The main board failurethe main board

The probability of failure of the main board is relatively low. But if it is determined
that there is no low-cost solution to the failure of the main board, it can only be called
after the sale. If the warranty period expires, it will be more troublesome because it will requires the user to pay for it.

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