What Are the Benefits of Digital Textile Printing for Your Business?

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What Are the Benefits of Digital Textile Printing for Your Business?

Digital printing technology has changed virtually every industry it’s touched. Through digital textile printing, you can achieve new levels of precision, and creative expression. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of it.

How Does It Work?

digital textile printingDigital textile printing is ink-jet technology that can print designs directly onto a garment, a t-shirt or dress for example, or can be used to produce larger quantities of fabric. It’s similar to an ink-jet paper printer, really!

In the past, rotary screen printing was used to produce large quantities of printed fabric. In rotary screen printing, each run usually produces several thousand yards of printed fabric. One of the advantages of  textile printing is the ability to make smaller runs.

Different inks are used depending on the type of fabric (polyester, lycra, spandex, etc). During the printing process, fabric is run through rollers, while ink is applied to the surface. After this, heat and/or steam is used to cure the ink, and “set” it into the fabric.

Designs can be created digitally, using any graphic design software, like Photoshop. Existing images can also be used, whether scanned or found online.

What Are The Benefits?

There are several benefits to digital textile printing, including:

1. Virtually endless creative freedom

If you can create it digitally, you can print it! Digital textile printing means a world of creative possibility.

2. Small batches

You can make runs as small as one yard, versus the several thousand usually produced in traditional textile printing. This is helpful if you just want to create a few garments, or if you want to customize each run.

3. It’s fast

You can have your finished prints within days or weeks, depending whether you have a printer onsite.

4. It’s environmentally friendly

Digital textile printing uses precise measurements of inks and dyes when printing, resulting in little to no waste. Everything is printed “on-demand.

sublimation printing

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Why People Choose Sublimation Printing for Garment Industrial

   Garment industrial is the most common applications of sublimation printing. There are many technologies  for garment printing, why more and more choose sublimation printing? Here are the reasons.

sublimation printing

   1.Good printing result
   The garments printed by sublimation printing technology usually has beautiful patterns and vivid color. Besides, the layers of the patterns are rich and clear, so the images has a strong three-dimensional feeling.This is hard to achieve by other printing methods. What’s more, the sublimation printing can print the photographic pictures and paintings.

   2.The garments are soft and the images have long service life
   The biggest feature of sublimation transfer printing is the dye can be spread into the polyester or fiber, and the products feel very soft and comfortable. Bgarment printingecause the ink has been dry in the transfer process, the life of the images are the same as the life of the garment itself, so it will not affect the appearance of the fabric.

   3.Easy to operate, and low equipment invest
   Sublimation transfer printing can print many different patterns at the same time without checking, and can customize different products to meet different  customers’ requirements in a short period.

   4.Environment friendly
   Different to traditional methods, sublimation transfer printing does not need steaming, washing, it helps save a lot of water, and it has no sewage discharge. Compared with traditional printing, sublimation printing can protect the environment more effectively.

sublimation printing

 Garment sublimation printing has a large market now, and it is not too late to join this industrial.


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