Lets see the advantages of our roll heat press machine

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heat press

Lets see the advantages of our roll heat press machine



As a professional heat press machine manufacture, you may want to know why so many customer like our machine, whats the main advantages of our machine, today we will introduce this for you!

heat press

heat press

1). Oil heating. Stainless steel heating tube direct heats the oil, temperature raise rapidly. It can reach 200 °C in 45 mins.

2). Multifunction. It can work with roll to roll fabric, either cut piece fabrics.

3). Outstanding Drum. Oil drum is the core and key parts for rotary heat press machine. Our oil drum is unique, it’s production technique, such as advanced machining, bending, welding by presion machines, this makes it perfect quality and high security.

heat press machine

heat press machine

4). Supreme Blanket. Our machine use the best woollen material which from Dupont USA. It is excellent heat-proof materials and its life is better.

5). Three feeding rollers. It can also feed the tissue paper which protects the blanket clean.

6). This model is not for high production, it is an entry-level calender. it is good for printing sample.

calander machine

calander machine


7). Speed for production, 0.5 meter per minute.

8). Fabric basket. It is convenient to collect the finished fabric pieces into the basket.

9). All electrical parts assemabled on our machine are selected. Some parts are import brands from Japan and Germany.

We are the professional roller heat press machine manufacture in China, we have different size from 1.2m to 3.2m, if you have any needs pls feel free to let me know!


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How Does Roller Drum Heat Transfer Machine Work On Fabric?

How Does Roller Drum Heat Transfer Machine Work On Fabric?

roll sublimation machine
Rotary Drum Heat Press Machines For Transfer Printing on Fabric & Fusing on Flags, Banners, Sports Clothing, Textiles & More

The diameter of roll heat drum: 377mm 420mm 600mm

Width: 1.2m 1.7m 1.9m 2.5m 3.2m

Blanket: Dupont


1, the machine uses genuine original electrical accessories, temperature control precision, long life

2, the use of heating oil heating, uniform heating

3, digital temperature and speed control, adjustable speed

4, three meters long machine with double bench, with the underlying conveyor belt, enabling customers to transfer class pieces pieces

5, the machine with a pressurized system to meet the different requirements of different products to pressure

6, the use of imported heating pipes, heat evenly, durable, imported blankets, blankets difficult deviation

7, the machine is out of style blankets, blankets difficult to burn, with three put two closing means to facilitate customers retractable productsroll sublimation machine


1.Clothing industry (sportswear, uniforms, classes clothes, uniforms, bathing suits, diving suits, fashion, T-shirts, socks, denim)
2.Advertising industry (costumes, flags, banners, umbrellas, advertising products)
3.Bedding (sheets, blankets, quilt, mattress, mosquito nets, drapery, draperies, pillows, towels, pillowcases)
4.Household items (sofa sets, sofa cushions, mats, cushion, pillow, curtains, shower curtains, towels, bath towels, towel dry hair)
5.Outdoor supplies (tents, mountaineering bags, traveling bags, sleeping bags)
6.Shoe bags (cloth bags, bags, shopping bags, handbags, shoulder bags, woven bags, canvas shoes)
7.Jewelry Accessories (scarves, scarf, scarves, shawls, gloves, wrist, masks, goggles, hats, hairbands)
8.Ribbon products (parapets, hair band, belt, tied belt, elastic belt, shoelaces, shoulder belt, gift belt, with pets

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Frequently Asked Questions About A Sublimation Transfer Machine?

Looking for the best sublimation transfer machine that lets you create flawless, long-lasting imprints on t-shirts, caps, mugs, etc.? Today, we are going to share some frequently asked questions about the machine with you.

sublimation transfer machine

How big of a heat press do I need?

The ideal size of the heat press for you will depend on the amount of workspace available and the size of the garments you wish to print on.

If you have unlimited space, then you can go for a large model, such as the swing-away design. For limited space, however, you should confine yourself to models with space-saving design such as the clamshell.

As for the size of clothes you want to print on, you can get a 9 x 12-inch heat press for home use for printing on smaller cloth items, say your baby’s garments.

For printing clients, however, you’re not always sure what size they’ll bring in for printing, so you should go for models with large printing surfaces such as 15 x 15-inch or 16 x 20-inch.

heat press machine How much is a heat press for t-shirts?

The cost of a heat press machine varies from model to model. Generally, the price ranges from $300 all the way up to $3000, depending on a model’s manufacturer, printing performance, style, and list of features.

If you’re looking for a simple sublimation transfer machine for an absolute beginner, it should cost you approx. $200-$500. For an intermediate user, you’ll need to spend around $500-$1,000.

And if you’ve got money to spend, and you want the most advanced heat press machine, then you should get ready to cough out a thousand bucks or more (i.e., anything around $1000-$3000).

 Do I need a heat press for vinyl?

It’s possible to use your household iron to make a heat transfer vinyl and achieve your desirable quality. However, using a heat press machine which is specially designed for this job will make the process much easier and faster.

Any questions, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.

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