What Should We do to Maintain a Rotary Heat Calender?

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What Should We do to Maintain a Rotary Heat Calender?

   For machine, the daily maintenance is essential. If you buy a rotary heat calender, learn some maintaining tips is very important. We are a rotary heat press machine provider, and here are some tips we can provide.

heat press machine

   1. Remember to keep your machine clean, this is basic, and also important.

   2. Check every part of the machine regularly to make sure they can work normally.

   3. Each time before you start operating, remember the machine must be refueling according to the rules.

   4. The roller heat press machine on the gas source processor, should close the gas 2 times a day; aerosol oil, adjusted to 4-5 drops per minute, and in the refueling to gas.

   5. Joint head: drops of butter (a week / time, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days / times).

   6. Be careful when pressing the emergency stop button. Often use this button is harmful for the chain, towline and the belt.

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   7. Sometimes the optical axis will drop oil twice a week. The best method to avoid this situation is using the good quality media.

   8. When cleaning of the table glue, we should avoid table adhesive to the end of the wheel. If you find that the end of the wheel sticky plastic, dry wipe it, or it will influence the transfer printing result.

   All efforts will be rewarded. As long as you do the maintenance carefully, your heat press machine will have a longer service life.


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When You Should Buy a Heat Press Machine?

   Inkjet printer, sublimation paper, sublimation ink and heat press machine are the crucial tools in sublimation printing. But many people who own a small business usually use the iron for heat pressing. Or they usually send the printed paper and fabric to the professional factories for heat pressing. So, is it worth to buy a heat press machine at home for them? In my opinion, you should invest a heat press machine under these conditions.

heat pressing

   If you have a small workshop and sell your own DIY prints, you’d better invest a heat press machine. Although you can use a iron sometimes, but the quality is much worse than using a heat press machine.

   The size of your design. Only small size can suitable for the iron. If you want to print with a large design, such as a whole-print t-shirt, the iron can’t satisfied you, then a heat press machine is essential.

heat press machine

   Your output is also a question. If you just print several things a day, then a iron is enough. But if your output is large, you’d better prepare a heat press. Send to heat pressing factories is not a good idea in the long run. Besides, when you output is large, the printing quality and printing speed should be keep up with the output.

   A heat press machine, especially a flatbed heat press machine is not a big investment. Buying one at home can help you a lot, why not?

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4 Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing the Heat Press Machine

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Heat press machine plays an important role in sublimation printing business.Therefore,it’s necessary for you to know and study what type of heat press machine you needed for your business.  In this article, we will share factors you need to consider to purchase a heat press machine.

heat press machineThere are 4 factors you need to consider when choosing a heat press machine. The 4 factors are including types, sizes, timers, and attachments.

1.Types of Heat Presses

There are two main types of heat press machine were available in the market, which is a swing-away type and clam type.

Swing-Away type: Top platen with swing-away type of press lifts straight up and it also swings to the right.  Most of top platens for swing-away presses can rotate about 100 degrees.

Clam type: Standard clamshell heat press machine in the other hand has a top platen.  The top platen just lifts straight up. The top platen of a clam draw press lifts straight up and the user can then slide the bottom platen out towards the user. If your showroom got minimum space, we are more suggesting you to choose clamshell type.

heat press machine


Always remember the size of machine must be at least equal to your jobs and business.  Not too small until you can’t complete customer order on time and not too big when you only received small quantity orders.  The bigger the machine, the bigger the designs the press is capable of printing.

3.Analog vs. Digital

Another important factor you need to consider when choosing a heat press machine is either it is analog or digital timer.  But nowadays, most of heat press machine were using a digital function as it is more accurate and user friendly.

heat press machine4.Attachments

Not all heat press machines come with a complete set.  Some of the machines required you to add an attachment that can be used to process certain product.  For an instant, the size of attachment used for the shirt and Keychain is different.  It is important for you to choose the correct size attachment for product that you want to produce.

We supply many types of heat press machine in a very affordable price.If you have any need,please feel free to contact us.

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