What Features Does A Dye Sublimation Calender Have?

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What Features Does A Dye Sublimation Calender Have?

Dye sublimation calender consists of a variety of features, but the most important include the device’s size, heat distribution, and textile alignment.

dye sublimation calender

Device’s Size
Heat presses are available in two options, small format and large format. Generally, when our client purchases a rotary heat press machine, he/she will consider two factors: (1. Size of the sublimation printer; (2. Future requirements to what will be produced. Most of them prefer to buy a calender that is wider than their current printer in anticipation of growth and changes in the market.
Note: It is recommended that your press has between 0.5- and one-inch margins around all four sides.

rotary heat press machine Heat Distribution
Large format heat presses should distribute even pressure and accurate heat across the entire platen area. And heat recovery also must be quick and within five degrees of the set temperature. Failure to maintain heat means inferior applications.
Note: Heat presses should have at least one year warranty and five years on the heating element.

sublimation heat press machine Textile Alignment
You should also pay attention to transfer paper and textile alignment. A sharp print is the result of a high resolution design and printer, as well as a transfer process where the alignment between the paper and the textile is perfect. In a heat transfer machine, this process is uncontrolled when the press is opened. Upon lifting the top-section textile, the paper may be lifted simultaneously and in a split second the gassed inks deposit on the textile, destroying the sharp image.The use of sticky paper is the most common way to limit this effect.

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Some Useful Tips about Roller Heating Machine

Roller heating machine is used along with large printers that imprint designs on articles like curtains, banners and fabric for furniture. As we all known, the heat press is a large format machine. So, before operating it, we should pay attention some tips to avoid misuse of the roller heating machine, even the personal safety of accident loss.

roller heating machine

1. User must be in accordance with the machine rated power optional power supply wire and install a dedicated leakage protection switch.

2.This machine must be installed in ventilation, bright place around the machine shall not be less than 5 m space, vertical and horizontal installation.

3.Boot before the machine outside must be firmly grounded separately, or it may cause serious personal injury accident.

rotary heat press4.Work abnormal conditions should immediately stop the check. While the blanket out of the drum, cooling fan to help prevent damage to the carpet belt.

5.The operator must strictly abide by the ban flag in various parts of the rotary drum heat press machine operation.

6.Thermal machinery, in the course of the shaft stick or the heating element and the size of the bearing may be due to thermal expansion of the relationship will be issued a number of sound, which is a normal phenomenon, do not panic.

7.Chassis control circuit board and inverter, usually should be kept clean, there can be conductive dust and other metal items are dropped. Turn electrical protection cover shall not be open, be careful to electric shock.

rotary heat transfer machine

8.The need to replace the heating element, reducer, heat conduction oil, , must use a special model of the company, shall not be allowed to modify, replace.

9.Fever cylinder appearance after special treatment shall not be corrosive liquids scrub with a hard object into the scratch.

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How to Maintain Rotary Drum Heat Press Machine?

Rotary drum heat press machine: type sublimation thermal transfer printing equipment, the use of heat-conducting oil layer surrounding electric heating diversion of the principles of design and manufacture of heating, the cylinder surface temperature balanced and stable blanket with out of the mechanical structure, with three-phase frequency control devices, machine operation, easy maintenance, transfer to achieve the best and widely used in digital printing industry at home and abroad. And today we are going to share how to maintain the rotary drum heat press machine.

rotary drum heat press machine

Why do we need to maintain the machine?

As we all known, roller heat transfer machine long-term operation in industrial applications, due to the influence of environmental temperature, humidity, dust and operating devices of the machine itself aging and wear and other reasons, will result in the transfer potential equipment failures occur, it is essential to this equipment daily and periodic inspection and maintenance. 

How to Maintain the heat transfer machine?

calender heat press1. Remember to keep your machine clean, this is basic, and also important.
2. Check every part of the machine regularly to make sure they can work normally.
3. Each time before you start operating, remember the machine must be refueling according to the rules.
4. The rotary heat press machine on the gas source processor, should close the gas 2 times a day; aerosol oil, adjusted to 4-5 drops per minute, and in the refueling to gas.
5. Joint head: drops of butter (a week / time, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days / times).
6. Be careful when pressing the emergency stop button. Often use this button is harmful for the chain, towline and the belt.
7. Sometimes the optical axis will drop oil twice a week. The best method to avoid this situation is using the good quality media.
8. When cleaning of the table glue, we should avoid table adhesive to the end of the wheel. If you find that the end of the wheel sticky plastic, dry wipe it, or it will influence the transfer printing result.

Any question, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.

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