Pressure, the Important Factor Which can influence the Sublimation Printing

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Pressure, the Important Factor Which can influence the Sublimation Printing

   During the process of sublimation printing, inappropriate pressure may lead to many problems. Many people don’t know how does pressure influence the sublimation printing, so they have no idea about how to avoid the problems which lead by the inappropriate pressure.

sublimation transfer paper

   Pressure is equally important and sometimes, uneven transfers can be resolved by simply increasing the pressure. It is possible for the press to be providing uneven pressure however and generally, the manufacturer would do a phone walk through on how to calibrate the press and provide additional assistance to resolve that problem.

   Different materials are suitable for different pressure. Though we both use the sublimation transfer paper, the pressure for textile printing and mugs’ printing should not be the same.

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What is the Relationship Between Heat and Sublimation Printing?

    Sublimation printing is not hard to learn, but there are many kinds of factors can influence the result of sublimation printing. Today, we will discuss how does heat influence the sublimation printing.
heat press machine

   As we all know, the heat is essential in sublimation printing, and we transfer the images from paper to substrates through the heat. By adjust the temperature of the heat press machine, we can adjust the heat.Then how heat influence the printing result?

   Too much or too little heat are usually problematic and result in over pressing or under pressing of the substrate. Uneven heating on the press is also an issue and results in spottiness where parts of the substrate sublimate properly but other parts don’t. It is a good idea to invest in temperature strips or a thermal gun, both of which map out the temperature of the heat platen. If there are any inconsistencies or cold spots, it is best to call the manufacturer of the press.

   We usually suggest our customers to have a test before printing, and adjust the heat to the appropriate level. It will help you save a lot.

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