Solve The Heat Transfer Printer Clogged Problems After Replacement Of Ink

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Solve The Heat Transfer Printer Clogged Problems After Replacement Of Ink

The problems of heat transfer printer clog is very common problem, it caused many waste a lot of resources. Therefore, how to effectively save costs has become an important issue in the current office area.

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In the daily life,  as the daily print volume increases, the proportion of consumables is getting bigger and bigger, even exceeding the printer itself.  Therefore, printing will undoubtedly become a huge burden.

At the same time, many home users are beginning to face this problem as printers enter the home.  Besides,  inkjet printers are often left unused at home for a lower price because of thermal transfer inks.

The particles in the ink is too large. The previous printer inkjet for the smallest 3 microliters, and now r270 1.5 microliters corresponding nozzle is also much smaller. Therefore, it is easy to cause plug.

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How to avoid and solve the heat transfer printer plug problem

The following method can avoid the plug. Firstly,  Go to a medical store and buy a 30 mm diameter syringe, you also need filter pore size of 1 micron ultrafilter.  Secondly,  put the syringe installed Ultrafilter and needles, needle slowly down to inject the ink. (Note: the air can not pass through the ultrafilter, which must have liquid).

Principle: After using 1 micron ultrafiltration, you can filter most bacteria. Besides, (Ultrafilter also called sterile filter) The rest of the principle do not want me to say it!

Of course, this is the solution, there is a very important point is to select high-quality thermal transfer ink. thermal transfer ink currently on the market a lot of messy product quality,  many friends in order to save money to buy cheap thermal transfer ink. You need attention, the cheaper price of ink, the greater the particle size, the easier it is to block the printer nozzle, so try to choose high-quality particles of small sublimation ink use.

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