What are the notices for the use of heat transfer film?

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What are the notices for the use of heat transfer film?

heat transfer filmThere are many things to be aware of when using a heat transfer film. Any one that is intended to be improperly handled may cause poor product performance or other effects. At this point, we still need to understand in detail, and the quality of the products sold by many manufacturers in the market is very good. It is better to have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the process of production and processing.

1.In the actual use of the process, we need to handle gently. We all know that the benefits that the product itself can bring are actually very big. Everyone thinks it is heat transfer filmvery good when they are used. If we can also know these basic problems, it is actually more reassuring in the actual selection. Now the heat transfer film is the need to pay more attention to better use.

2. In the process of placing, it should be placed directly or vertically, and it cannot be placed horizontally. Otherwise, the effect will be affected during use. Especially in the operation in accordance with the rules to operate, ensure that the product can be normal transfer. It need to do the protection work in peacetime and can not be placed near the heat source. It must be heat transfer filmfar away from heat sources to ensure better use. This is indeed the key.

3. When we understand the heat transfer film, we will find that after the damp, the film used will react chemically, so the effect is that it can not be used normally. Be sure to remember these when storing and use it. According to the specific way to operate, to ensure that the dry and cool dry place can be better stored, so that we can have a better understanding of this product.


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