Banner Machine, What Do You Know about It?

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Banner Machine, What Do You Know about It?

   Banner machine, means the printer which can print on the banner and flags. What do you know about this kind of machine?Roland RF-640

   We usually divide banner machine into 2 types: One is sublimation printer, which print the images on the transfer paper first, then transfer the images to fabrics with heat pressing; another is direct to textile printer, which can print on the textile directly, and fix the color with high temperature.

   The applications of banner machine are wide. The most common applications are flags, such as  national flags and banners. The main material of the flags is polyester pongee, it is also suitable for warp knitting cloth and mesh cloth.applications of banner machine

   There are also many other applications, display racks,light boxes, background walls, fabric reception desks, etc. Mainly of them use blackout cloth, double-faced velvet and so on.

   With the development of the technology, the banner machine has changed a lot, and we believe that it will have more changes in the near future.


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The Common Applications of Banner Machine

   Indoor and outdoor advertising is very common nowadays, it is an effective way to introduce the company to customers. Banner machine is the professional machine for indoor and outdoor advertising printing. Then what applications of the banner machine?

   1. Trade Shows
   For companies that frequent trade shows and conferences, a dye sublimation printed banner can allow a lot of flexibility and take a lot of wear. Typically, polyester based fabrics are used for dye sublimation show

   2. Outdoor Banner Stands
   This is common seen in the outside. In order to attract more customers, many companies will made a outdoor banner to present their products or events.

Outdoor Banner Stands

   3. In-store display
   With retail, in-store displays tend to be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Display pieces in a store tend to get a lot of traffic, with customers and employees constantly touching them for whatever display

   4. Office Displays
   Printed displays in an office space are usually for aesthetic purposes or to display products. Dye sublimation printing can be used on a multitude of items, and the final product has a sleeker finish.Office displays

   The indoor and outdoor advertising has a big market, and invest a banner machine is a good idea. You can take it into consideration if you want to start a business.

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