How to Deal with the Breakdown of Roller Heat Press Machine?

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How to Deal with the Breakdown of Roller Heat Press Machine?

Actually, there are two types of roller heat press machine breakdown issues that occur to industrial calender: non-stop working and stop working.

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How to Deal with Non-Stop Working of Roller Heat Press Machine?
  1. If you find the roller or heating blanket with small pieces of stuff such as a piece of grain, a small amount of paste, fluffy, clean it with a copper wired brush. And if brushing doesn’t work, wait for the industrial heat press machine to stop and try cleaning again.
  2. For fine stripes on the roller surface, you can use a small finer stone to grind them away. If it doesn’t work, send it to repair when the machine stops. But it’s very rare to face such an issue.
  3. If there is any color difference, readjust the pressure on each side, and adjust the space between the axis and roller; don’t make them too tight.
  4. Fasten the screw if you find the parts are loosening during work.
  5. For the wrong design, slow down the machine. You may have to readjust the design if slowing down doesn’t work.
  6. If the blanket and conveyor belt shift to one side, adjust them manually by pulling the chain wheel to its assigned position.
  7. When the cloth stains, consider turning on the drying steam valve to prevent stanines.
  8. If you find improper tension, readjust the speed between units or tension device.
  9. When the moisture of cloth is uneven, adjust the pressure of axis sides.
How to Deal with Stop Working Breakdown?

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  1. If there is any sharp material on the roller, you need to stop the calender heat press to prevent damage.
  2. When a thin blanket is used for a long time, and heat isn’t steady, consider stopping the machine and replace the blanket with a new one.
  3. If there is too much thread on the fabric with the wind into the roller, you must stop the machine here, as well.

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