How to Debug the Newly Installed Print Head of Inkjet Printers?

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How to Debug the Newly Installed Print Head of Inkjet Printers?

You may encounter problems such as the inability of newly installed print head, sometimes are not caused by the quality of the print head itself. The following are some of the issues that should be noticed in newly installed sprinkler heads. Hope to be helpful to you.

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1. When installing high-precision inkjet printer heads, you must remove the sealin accordance with the instructions. But do not remove other sealsat will, otherwise the ink will leak;

2. Whenever installing a new high-precision inkjet printer print head, it is generally necessary to clean the print head 3-5 times;

3. When any high-precision inkjet printer head is ink-free or unmounted, the high-precision inkjet printer will not work even if other print heads contain ink;

4. Once the new high-precision inkjet printer print headis settled, it is best not to remove it before replacing the print head;

5. Unless you want to replace the high-precision inkjet printer print head, do not open the print headprotection clip, otherwise the print headmay not be used again;

6. Do not stick your hand into a high-precision inkjet printer or touch-head when working with a high-precision inkjet printer;

First check that you have run out of a certain color of ink inside the cartridge, and then consider the following reasons:

1. Follow the instructions to remove the label. The air duct and the air guide hole are still in a closed state. The air can not enter the print head. Then the label can be completely torn off.

2. Small bubbles remain in the orifice. At this time, the print head should be cleaned so that small bubbles can be discharged.

3. There are impurities in the air into the air or in the print head. The solution is to start the printer automatic cleaning program to clean the print head one or more times. Or turn off the printer and stop using it for a few hours. See if the situation has improved. If you cannot solve the problem, it is suggested to be repaired.

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4. There is a relationship between the print line and the print mode selected by the user. If use the ink-saving method to print, the output screen is rough and has lines. If use 360DPI printing method to print, the output screen is more smooth. It usually use 720DPI print mode for color image printing. In order to better effect, you can use 1440DPI print mode. The quality of the output graphic is related to its own resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the graphic quality of the output. This shows that the graphic output is not only related to the print headof the high-precision inkjet printer, but also closely related to the graphic itself and the print settings.

5. There is a little white line, which may be caused by long-term printing and the use of some paper with poor paper quality. There are paper particles on the surface of the paper, and the particles may adhere to the print head. Then it results in cause a part of the ink hole plugging.At this time, print cleaning should be performed. If there is no effect, send to the maintenance department for maintenance.

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