Temperature is Rising Recently, Well Maintain Your Inkjet Printer!

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Temperature is Rising Recently, Well Maintain Your Inkjet Printer!

As we all know, inkjet printer is made up of many sophisticated components. Therefore, in high temperature weather, the maintenance of inkjet printers becomes particularly important.

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Inkjet printers need to use special plugs when working. Inkjet printer is a large equipment with large power. Especially in summer, the regions enter the peak period of electricity consumption, so voltage instability is more likely to occur than in other seasons. If it is connected to other equipment when it is working, it is easy to cause a short circuit and result in the printing to be interrupted.

The working environment temperature of the inkjet printer should be controlled between 20 °C and 35 °C. Due to the heat, the high speed ink jet printer is hot, and the temperature is super high. If it is not well maintained, the nozzle will break the inkjet printers at high temperature ink, causing the printing to be interrupted. Seriously, it may damage the nozzle and bring you unnecessary trouble. The inkjet printer can be cooled as necessary. Use a electric fan or air conditioner, but be careful that the fan cannot blow against the nozzle to avoid damage to the nozzle.

The nozzle should be kept in a clean and humid environment. It is recommended to place a thermometer and hygrometer in the workplace of the inkjet printer to ensure a certain temperature and humidity in the workplace. (15 ° C -35 ° C, 10% -70% relative humidity, non-condensing state). Do not put the ink head in an extremely high temperature or low temperature environment, and to ensure that the indoor dust is not too large.

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Be careful to turn off the built-in drying system. Due to the high temperature in summer, it is not recommended to turn on the drying system. To speed up the drying of the screen, an external air drying system can be used. It is more conducive to extending the life of the inkjet printer.

Nozzle maintenance: In summer, the temperature is too high and the ink is easy to dry. After the machine is turned on every day, be sure to first test the strip to see if the nozzle is clogged.

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The Method to Identity the Epson DX7 Print Head

   DX7 print head is widely used for Roland printer, mimaki printer and Mutoh printer. But how many you know about DX7 print head? Do you know how to identity it?DX7 print head

   Many customers who buy print head from 3rd party may find his new print head doesn’t work correctly, usually prints are with extra lines. It means the print head is encrypted, thus incompatible with this inkjet printer.

   We divide the Epson DX7 print head on the market into 3 types: Non-encrypted, 1st encrypted and 2nd encrypted. And it is easy to identity.Simply check the print head label, see the bottom line with 3 letters.
   If the first letter is E/F, it’s Non-encrypted.
   If the first letter is G/H, it’s 1st-encrypted.
   If the first letter is J, it’s 2nd-encrypted.Rolnd RF640 with DX7 print head

   Do you get it?


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Do You Know How to Protect Your Inkjet Printer in Winter?

   In the cold winter, how to protect your print head is the most important issue. As we all know that the low temperature will often lead to the block of the print head, how to avoid this problem is the key to maintain your inkjet printer in winter?Epson printer

   1. The influence of temperature
   When the temperature is low, the “break line ” will be appeared in printing, some people think the print head is blocked, but as long as long clean the print head, it will work again.

   2. The influence of humidity
   No matter you use heating or air conditioner to increase the temperature, the relative humidity will be reduced, and it means the room will be dry. Under this condition, the print head will be easy to get blocked.Mimaki TS300P-1800

   3. The influence of static electricity
   With the decrease of the relative humidity, the static electricity and dust will be increased. Static electricity is the first cause of the burning of electronic products, and it will also lead to a poor printing quality. And dust will also influence the printing quality.

   So you can see that print head is easy to be blocked or even damaged in winter, so we must pay attention to the details of maintenance in our daily work.

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