Why Do Inkjet Printers Appear Deep And Shallow Prints When Printing?

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Why Do Inkjet Printers Appear Deep And Shallow Prints When Printing?

When we use inkjet printers to print pictures, sometimes there will be deep and shallow prints in the finished product. Why does this happen? In fact, as long as we master the basic principles of inkjet printers, we can easily find out the reasons based on the analysis of the problems.

sublimation printing1. The print head. The print head needs to pay more attention to daily maintenance. The print head and nozzle should keep the environment clean and avoid collision during daily use. The dust in the air will also block the print head.

2. The stepper motor is not in place. The operation of the stepper motor controls the speed of the paper feed. If the stepper motor is not installed, it will also cause the paper feed speed to be abnormal, causing deep and shallow problems.

3. The servo motor is not in place. The servo motor controls the operation of the car. If it is not installed, it will inevitably cause the car to run abnormally, and printing will cause problems.

print head4. Ink quality will also affect the life of the print head. Do not use poor quality ink. Poorly compatible ink will react with the original ink. This may cause the print head to clog or even cause the entire printing system to smash. It is recommended to use original ink, high quality compatible inks and ink cartridges.

5. Check if the ink path is clogged or the ink is not flowing smoothly. If the print head is clogged, the printed color will be uneven. This will also cause deep and shallow, so it is necessary to ensure that the print head is in good printing state.

6. The small frame is not tight. The trolley carries the inkjet printer print head. If there is a problem with the small frame, the inkjet trajectory of the print head will be abnormal.

sublimation ink7. There is resistance in the retractable paper system. If the resistance of the paper feeding system is too large, it will affect the paper feeding speed. If the paper feeding speed is inconsistent with the printing speed, it will cause the deep and shallow to occur. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the paper feeding system is operating normally.

8. Consumables issues. Includes printed materials and more. Some media are not uniform in textureand the ink absorption is unbalanced. This will lead to deep and shallow.

9. The environment. It should not work in high temperature environment. Because it is easy to corrode the mechanical parts and print head of inkjet printers. And the temperature difference is not easy to change too much, which will cause the wear of mechanical parts. It may also cause the change of the pore size of the fine nozzlethat will effect the quality.

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What Are the Advantages of the Dual Print Head Inkjet Printer?

There are many tTFP print headypes of inkjet printers in the market. In addition to the specific advantages we need to pay attention to, we still need to see which ones are better sold in the market. After all, the overall model type is now more, and if consumers can choose according to their own needs, they can also make a detailed evaluation of the dual print heads inkjet printer. This inkjet printer has a high reputation in the market. There are many advantages that can be brought about during the use process. Let’s take a look at the specific advantages and how should we choose.

1.In terms of performance, it is very fast throughout the use process, because the effect of the whole print will be slow, which will affect the overall use. we will basically find that the dual print head inkjet printer is very great both in technology and in the output of the whole image. It is indeed more refined and beautiful. Therefore, the advantages we see in the whole market can be obvious and can be objectively systematicto choose. This will ensure the role of inkjet printers can also be played.

dual TFP print head

2. From the technical filtering and overall printing situation, the dual print head inkjet printer has faster printing speed, higher overall precision and more humanized design. It ensures that the basic advantages of these products are known at the time of selection. They are used in many large-scale advertisements. And in the use of the process can effectively save cost and reduce a lot of time. It is indeed possible to choose according to the needs of consumers themselves. The value and meaning of the use are also relatively high. It is worth to choose.


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How to Prevent Static Electricity from the Workplace of Inkjet Printer

Epson Surecolor S60600 printerInkjet printer is a wide-format printing device that relies on computer to control image output. Its core components are various main boards. The internal circuit spacing is short and the area is small. The sensitivity voltage is generally between 0-200V. And it is easily damaged by static electricity and then becomes invalid. Today, we will discuss with you the scientific method of preventing static electricity.

First, let’s take a look at the mechanism of the electrostatic interference circuit. The electrostatic discharge is the noise generated by the induction of the electric current
to the circuit at a very short moment. And the discharge current fluctuates the static electricityreference ground potential such as the potential of the chassis ground and the signal ground, thereby causing interference to the normal operation of the circuit. A slight electromagnetic pulse interference can cause electronic products to run out of control, resulting in erroneous instructions or information loss. Electrostatic discharge can cause radar, command and so on to lose function and cause fatal consequences. As a precision printing device, it is necessary to prevent static electricity from inkjet printers.

At present, there are three main methods of controlling static electricity:

1. Make the printed material ground
2. Use electrostatic coating or detergent,etc
3. Ionize the air around the material with static electricity

sublimation printingHowever, in actual operation, it is not realistic to ground the material. It is inevitable to increase the cost by using antistatic coatings and cleaning agents. The ionized air also has many inconveniences. To prevent static electricity in the inkjet printer site, we need to do the following:

1. Control the printing speed. Research shows that after the speed is reduced, the electron cloud is in steady statThe electrons will not released, and the probability of generating static electricity is the lowest.

2. Control room temperature and humidity. In general, in the range of 40%-60% relative humidity, the static electricity on the printed material is more easily removed without affecting the ink droplets on the inkjet printer head,and the printing accuracy is ensured. It is recommended that the office be regularly ventilated to ensure good ventilation.

3. Ground the inkjet printer.

4. Do not use ink with too high viscosity. Although the weight of the sublimation ink droplets is too large to reduce the influence of static electricity. If the viscosity is too large, it may adversely affect the crystals of the inkjet printer print head.

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