How To Improve The Accuracy of Your Sublimation Printer?

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How To Improve The Accuracy of Your Sublimation Printer?

We all know to improve the accuracy of the color of the sublimation printer can produce a brilliant picture to attract the attention of the eye. So when you buy a photo machine to consider the accuracy, speed and performance is relatively stable photo machine, especially in the pictorial printing of the color of the higher accuracy as possible. So today I will show you how to improve the accuracy of the sublimation printer.

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The quality of the digital sublimation printer can directly decide the printing effect of your patterns. But it is also inevitable that sometimes it has the trouble and today I will share you about how to solve the depth of the color.

This happens when the appropriate adjustment of the intensity of retractable to see if there is a problem with the system of paper, when the paper is too tight when there will be such a situation. In the ink when the road may be due to the ink has been blocked or bent. Or when the stepper motor or servo motor is installed, it is not recommended to disassemble the user because the position of the motor device is relatively complicated. In the left and right synchronization wheel in the level of the same position can be self-mediation on both sides of the machine fine-tuning, test the dye sublimation printer, and then look at how the effect of printing. In the small frame is not fixed tight situation will appear such a phenomenon, but can be found to have obvious phenomenon, once found to adjust the position of the car frame and fixed it tight enough. You can also try to replace other printing supplies.

sublimation printingThe most important parts of the printing process are the dye sublimation transfer ink and the sublimation transfer paper, of course the high quality sublimation printer is also necessary.High-quality printing materials coupled with high-quality printing equipment, and high-tech technology, you can easily spray the customer satisfaction of the color effect. So the choice of materials on the user is best to use the original ink is more appropriate, and in the course of the use of ink is not easy to replace, because the use of good ink when the degree of color reduction is relatively high. If the use of poor quality ink is not only the effect of the poor and easy to plug the pictorial print head , resulting in damage to the sublimation printer is worth the candle.

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Different Type Inkjet Printers Have Different Applications

The fabric with vivid color most printed by the inkjet printer. Then do you know what’s the performance and difference between the different digital printers?

Firstly, the model of the digital printer has many different types. It has the sublimation printer, eco-solvent printer and the direct to fabric printer. When we use the printers in the fabric and cloth industry we also need to choose the different performance. Choose the right printer can help you get a better effect sublimation printing

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Secondly, from the article above you read that the digital printer can be divided into the sublimation printer and the direct to fabric printer. Do you know what’s the difference of them from the side of application? The subliamtion printer is mostly used for thr cloth fabric. Such as the sportewear, the T-shirt. People need to print the patterns onto the sublimation paper with the sublimation printer and sublimation ink. Then use the heat press machine to transfer the patterns onto the fabric.

While the direct to fabric printer is always used for the banners and advertisements. This always use the eco-solvent ink, just the eco-solvent printer or the UV printer. People can print the patterns they want direct to the fabric and don’t need to transfer. This printer is much more convience but the subliamtion printing technology is much more environmently than this.

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Need Installed Drivers When Using Digital Printer

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Need Installed Drivers When Using Digital Printer

digital inkjet printerThe digital inkjet printer need to work with computer systems to print. You want to install the driver on your pc before you can use it. Some customers will also ask why the editor must install the driver. Let’s analyze today.

Computer hardware consists of entering gadgets and output devices. Sublimation printer, eco-solvent printer, display and so on are the most common information output. The pc does no longer understands the presence of this hardware and therefore does now not feature properly. The driver is certainly the interface between the hardware system and the computer. Only with this interface can the running machine locate and identify the hardware, ship commands to it and function on it.

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Wide structure inkjet printers normally have their very own drivers. After you install the running system, the driver is established automatically. In exclusive cases, guide operation is required. In this case, the consumer needs to decompress the driver package deal first, find the driver Icon and observe the prompts. This system needs to be very careful, the incorrect alternative will purpose the ink-jet printer can now not print true and other problems.

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