Factors Will Influence Drying Time of Inkjet Sublimation Paper

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Factors Will Influence Drying Time of Inkjet Sublimation Paper

As we all known, large format sublimation printing became more and more popular. But there’s a problem: Due to the inkjet sublimation paper couldn’t dry completely in time, the production efficiency is not as fast as traditional dying. Even though the dye sublimation plotters could print very fast, this issue slower the production process. Today’s article will introduce what will decide the drying time of digital sublimation paper.

inkjet sublimation paper

Weight of Sublimation Transfer Paper
When we use the high speed printing machine, the drying timer of heavy weight sublimation paper will slower than light paper. Because the speed is too high, the sublimation ink can’t fit well with the heavy weight paper. But if we use the low weight sublimation paper, this problem can be solved. The advantage of light weight digital sublimation paper is Ultra-fast ink absorption and drying.

dye sublimation printing Sublimation Ink
Some clients prefer to buy the cheap digital sublimation ink for saving cost, which the major component is water, not sublimation dye, so in fact, you are printing water to the sublimation transfer paper rather than sublimation ink, no doubt the paper is drying too slowly?

dye sublimation paper Temperature and Humidity
The drying time is related with the printing temperature and the relative humidity, inkjet sublimation paper normally the recommended printing temperature is 25℃ (77℉). And relative humidity is 53%. However, each country has their different climate, like in Colombia has a raining season every year, at the raining season, the humidity is higher, the sublimation paper may dries slower than other seasons. So different countries under different climate type, the sublimation paper works different there.

These all above are my share about some reasons that will decide the drying time of sublimation paper. If you have any other needs or questions, welcome to contact us at any time. Our team will provide you the best quality product and service. Thank you for your reading.

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