How to Save the Sublimation Transfer Printing Cost?

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How to Save the Sublimation Transfer Printing Cost?

As we all known, digital textile printing ink costs come in at less than $0.01 per square inch in the process of sublimation transfer printing. And the price of 1000 ml of ink is expensive, such as Epson, Kiian sublimation ink. Therefore, in order to save the cost of sublimation printing, we need to save the digital sublimation ink firstly. Today’s article will share some important tips for you.

sublimation transfer printing

1. Turn your printer on and run it a few times in a week. And, you need to try to use it within six months of installation to avoid color shifting head clogs. At the very least, print some samples two or three times a week.

dye sublimation ink2. When we start the sublimation printer frequently, ink delivery system will waste more dye sublimation ink, so please avoid starting the sublimation printer frequently. Our advice is: try to concentrate your work of dye sublimation printing as possible.

3. More and more inkjet digital printer has the function of economic model, use this model we can save half of the ink, and can increase the speed of printing. My friend uses the economic model, it indeed can increase the speed, and  can save 30% of the ink as well.

inkjet sublimation printer4. Some times we print long page word, if we not arrange the page layout well, we will waste the ink easily. So, Why not use some skill to arrange the page layout on one page, and use economic model? I think in this way we can save more ink.

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dye sublimation printer

The Good The Sublimation Printer The Quick The Job Done-Why Not Choose?



As we know that a good sublimation printer gets the job done quickly – some can print drafts at speeds of more than 5,000 square feet per hour. Different brand sublimation inks let you tailor your purchase for your business, whether you need output that stays bright and vibrant over time, stands up to outdoor weathering, or simply has a long shelf life.

sublimation printer

sublimation printer

Some sublimation printer can print on huge sheets of transfer paper, but most rely on rolls of printing stock that can be as long as 300 feet; the best models can use either. After the print is made, it either is automatically cut and lands in a catcher tray or needs to be manually cut off the roll. This setup works just as well for printing a 20-foot banner for a company’s annual meeting as it does for the blueprints needed for a new building.


Size matters, and these printers come in several widths based on the largest stock they can handle. For many, an entry-level, 24” model will be enough; others will want to move up to a 44”, 64”, 70” or even 125” model. The good news is that most can use narrower stock to reduce paper waste.

dye sublimation printer

dye sublimation printer

Although some dye sublimation printers have a USB interface for use with a single system, all wide-format sublimation printers connect via your company’s networking infrastructure through Ethernet cables. This network connection not only simplifies initial setup but allows anyone authorized to use the printer to send it a job from a desktop, laptop or even tablet.


To provide a rounded view of each wide-body for sublimation printer, we’ve examined the major aspect of these devices. Because of their complexity and tight focus, we take a holistic approach to the assortment of features and abilities. In addition to page width, speed and the variety of media it can print on, we look at what inks and consumables it uses and support options.

dye sublimation printer

dye sublimation printer

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How to Choose a Right Dye Sublimation Printer?

A dye sublimation printer is a computer printer which uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric. As we all known , an inkjet printer is an important part of sublimation printing, but do you know how to choose a right one? And, today we will help you select the correct printer from the following aspects.

Dye Sublimation Printer

Your Business
Choosing the correct sublimation transfer printer requires first determining what you want to sublimate. Are you printing large designs on apparel? Smaller items, such as coasters, cellphone covers, flip flops, bag tags and plaques? Full-color graphics? High-definition photography? Your choice depends on your business, no?

Printing-field Size
Our company is manufacturer of large format sublimation printing printer, and for this reason , today we take the this type of printer for example.
Large Format printers are printers with the width of more than A2 (42 cm) and its most can reach 3.2 metros. If you want to print the fabric, the flag or other big things, the you’d better choose it.
( Note that most printers do not print to the edge of the paper, thus the true printing field is slightly smaller than the media size.)

Mimaki Sublimation Printer



Number of Ink Colors
Under most occasions, people usually choose the printer with 4 colors. But if you are doing fine art or photographic work where subtle shades of color make a big difference, then the more colors, the better.

Speed of Printing
Of course everyone wants the fastest printer they can get, the concept being more pieces per hour equals more profits. However, when reviewing printing speeds, be sure to pay attention to the details during the process of sublimation printing. First of all focus on color printing, not black printing. Second look closely at the image size used for the speed specs.

Many people take the price into the first consideration. There is a good news that our Chinese manufacturer of dye sublimation printer- Oric inkjet printer, not only have a good quality, but also can meet your requirement of the price

Epson Dye Sublimation Printer


Any question, please contact us, and our team will provide the best service for you. Thanks for your reading. 🙂

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