Tips for Quick Drying of Wide Format Printing Machine on Rainy Day

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Tips for Quick Drying of Wide Format Printing Machine on Rainy Day

Nanjing is raining now. The rain not only brings inconvenience to people’s lives, but also brings trouble to the advertisement production of the wide format printing machine in the advertising spray painting industry. I believe that many friends have encountered that the picture-taking machine is drying slowly, print media material easily exposed to moisture and other issues under rainy environment. Today, let’s share with you about the maintenance of the wide format printing machine on rainy days.

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For a few days of continuous rain, there will be small droplets of water in the air. The user of the large format printing machine should do well to prevent the moisture of the relevant printing materials. Many advertising shops or advertising printing companies store many spare printing materials with different materials. For example, printing cloths, photo papers, and other materials, especially paper materials. It should be stored with care. We can place them on the relevant shelves. They should be set high. Do not hold the walls, floors or windows as far as possible. These are easy to drop from the outside and easy to be dampened. The material that is not used should be packed by packaging box or plastic bag as far as possible. Then store them in a dry and humidity suitable room or warehouse. Besides, we should pay attention to the problem of flooding in low-lying areas.

sublimation printingIn addition to the storage of printing materials, it should also pay attention when printing pictures. In wet weather, the wide format printing machine will have some glitches in the print out of the picture. Ink Affected by the humidity of the weather, the viscosity, consistency and so on are all different. For example, the ink of the wide format printing machine output screen is very slow to dry, especially in the black part. Sometimes the screen is dry very slowly after output, and it takes a long time to dry out. So it affects the time of advertising production.

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Why Large Format Inkjet Printers Occur Ink Dropping Phenomenon?

The phenomenon of ink drop is that the large format inkjet printer has ink droplets dripping on the output medium during the printing and output process. I believe many users have encountered this kind of problem, I don’t know how you solved it.

The following are the causes and solutions for the ink drop phenomenon in wide format inkjet printers:

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1.The viscosity of the ink

Some inks have a low viscosity and are highly fluid. There will also be dripping, but there are fewer problems. If your machine currently has this phenomenon, it is recommended to change the ink with a slightly higher viscosity.

2.Electrostatic factors

After entering the winter, the temperature in each region is generally low, the precipitation is small, and the workshop needs heating. As a result, the indoor air is dry and the humidity is far below the standard required by the equipment (40%-60%), so the static electricity is waiting for the machine. It becomes an important factor in this phenomenon, because the air itself is a natural electrostatic brush. The static electricity generated by the friction of the medium during the painting process needs to be removed from the air. If the humidity in your workshop is low, then it will appear. This phenomenon is not surprising. The solution is actually very simple. If you have the conditions, buy an industrial humidifier or electrostatic brush, or use a small sprayer to sprinkle some water in the workshop from time to time to make the humidity higher.

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What Printing Needs Do Wide Format Printers Serve?

When we speak of wide format printers, we refer to those printing machines that produce prints ranging from a width of 17 inches to a hundred inches. Any machine that prints wider than that range is called a super-wide format printer. Exactly what printing needs do wide format printers serve? Below is a list of the general use areas of a wide format printer.

1. Party banners

Party planners and events coordinators always opt for professional-looking banners to decorate the venues for their parties and events. Party banners made using wide format printers are produced much faster and are more economical than other commercial printing processes. But such is not limited to party planners and events coordinators. Even people who host parties in the privacy of their own homes opt for party banners made with wide format printers because they are prettier.

2. Promotional banners and signage

Promotional banners and signage are more often more attractive and appealing when created using large format printers. They are also more durable to the elements.

3. Engineering and architectural plans

The plans produced by engineering and architectural firms need to be detailed, and printing them the regular way would not cut it. These firms use wide format printers to pAroduce their plans, drawings and diagrams.

4. Education

Wide format printers are sometimes used to print out visual aids in lectures and educational programs. Materials printed for this purpose often include maps and copies of valuable art. There are museums that make use of wide format printers to produce copies of the art objects and artifacts in their keeping and use them on traveling lectures. It is much better than transporting the original pieces all the time.

5. Graphic design

Graphic design artists often use wide format printers to create samples of their work, especially when they are put on display for presentations, exhibitions and such.

6. Interior design and decoration

There are people who can get creative with how they decorate their house with the use of wide format printers. Some print their own posters and wall hangings using fabric that is friendly with wide format printers. People who cannot afford buying real art can make do with copies made using wide format printers and display them at home.

Wide format printers are printers that are commonly found only in offices and in printing shops. Their uses are special. Today’s article is shared here, if you are interested in our products or have any questions about sublimation printing, please feel free to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your browsing.

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