What Are the Main Users of Large Format Printers?

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What Are the Main Users of Large Format Printers?

wide format printerMost of us are not that familiar with large format printers. That is because we do not typically find large-format printers in homes. So do you know who needs large-format printers and what are the main users of wide format printers? Anyone who requires really large prints would find these printers necessary. Here is a short list of them.

1. Advertising agencies

Many advertising agencies need large format printers to create presentations for their clients. They would use it to create samples for advertising campaigns that they can show their clients.

2. Art and photography studios

Today, art has made a marriage of convenience with technology and it is a marriage that looks to be staying for good. Works of art are now being created using computers. Large-scale art made with computers or at least scanned would naturally need big printers.

3. Museums

Museums are not just places where works of art, science and culture are displayed. A lot of academic work also happens behind the scenes. The scholars working at the museums cannot definitely use an original piece to work with in whatever research or study they are doing. Would you doodle on the Mona Lisa? So instead, they recreate these works of art with large format printers.

4. Schools

Gone are the old days when visual aids used in the classrooms are created using wide-tip markers and a big sheet of Manila paper. New technologies are now used in teaching kids these days and it is now necessary to create stunning teaching aids with the help of big printers.

wide format printer5. Real estate firms

Real estate firms need to keep the properties they are selling up for display wherever they station themselves. These displays attract customers, sometimes enough for them to snap on a property. Some firms find it cost-effective to own the printer instead of outsourcing it to a print shop.

6. The military

The military has done away with paper maps and instead print them on fabric using large format printers. These textile maps are more durable, easier to work with, and do not get easily torn or damaged by creases.

7. Law firms

Even law firms need large format printers. Pictures paint a thousand words and lawyers may need big and pretty pictures when they try to convince a jury with graphic evidence to win a case.

Different companies use large format printers in different areas. They are truly special printers for a special purpose, which is why specialized companies need them. With the growing versatility of printers these days, it is not impossible to find a large-format printer in the home in the future.

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Do You Know the Advantages of Large Format Inkjet Printer?

With the maturation of inkjet technology and the decline of the cost, the advantages of large format printers are becoming more and more obvious. Let’s talk about it now.

  1. Large scale

General prints will be limited by the maximum size of presses and papers. Therefore, it is difficult to produce huge advertisements, commercial POPs, and celebrity large-format photos. In the past, some artists or artisans need to use hands to finish it. With the advent of large-format inkjet technology, this situation has been fundamentally changed. And not only this type of special print, but even large-format prints can be successfully completed by sub-regional inkjet printing.

Epson printer

  1. Product individuation

It can produce colorful advertising posters such as highway billboards with large area, high position and long distance viewing, product publicity pictures in the commercial area, etc. It can also produce indoor high-definition and high-value appreciation. Or outdoor personal photos, product advertisements, etc. Large-format inkjet printing is mostly promotional materials. The high strength of the substrate, the longer use period, the smaller number of copies, the water resistance and light fastness of substrates and inks, and the longer shelf life.

  1. Material diversification

It mainly includes advertising cloth, glossy photo paper, PP adhesive, synthetic fabrics and high fineness silk. These substrates have the performance advantages of good surface quality, high strength, durability, durability. And are suitable for outdoor use or long-term indoor storage. Such as the production of light boxes can choose general advertising cloth. General photos or light film can use high-gloss photo paper, PP adhesive and synthetic cloth. Calendars, high-end albums or personalized photo, interior decorations can use high-fine silk cloth and so on.

Oric printer


The environmentally-friendly and friendly inkjet technology has increasingly won the favor of consumers and customers. At the same time, along with the maturity of inkjet technology and continuous innovation of technology, continuous development of new consumables has enabled inkjet printers to meet the practical needs of printing companies in terms of speed, black and white color and other functional aspects. While also enabling consumers to enjoy the real benefits of cartridges that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than inkjet cartridges, better suitability of paper for inkjet printers, low energy consumption, and no hazardous dust emissions.

sublimation printing

With the advancements in printing technology, large format printers have become more reliable, higher quality, and more accessible than ever. Our company offer large format printers of many brands in a affordable price. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us.

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Let large format printer change you monotonous life

Large format printer can change you life by colorful printing.

Looking for new and unique ways to refresh your living space? There are a variety of ways to renew your home besides swapping out pillows and rearranging furniture. From wall graphics to custom furniture, Sublistar digital wide format printers can help bring your interior visions to life.you can through the following ways:

large format printing


Wallpaper is the most important part of a room. With new PVC wallpaper solvent media available. Sublistar printer can print diverse printing, in addition, it can customize your favorite pattern on the computer. you can choose Sublistar large format printer achieve your desire.

sublimation printing

2.window coverings

If you do not want to change the wallpaper of the room, you can change the style of the room by changing curtains or rugs and small things such as bed sheets.
Sublistar dye sublimation printers and cutters can satisfy your needs. Meanwhile,Showcase personal flair with custom designs and patterns in a range of colors.

printing curtains

3.Decorative items

You can choose Sublistar UV printer perform small home good items. such us vases, lamps,picture frames and more.

Decorative printing


Create all kinds of art and decorate with Sublistar UV flatbed printers that can print directly onto a variety of materials including wood, leather, and acrylic. You can even personalize furniture, such as chairs, headboards, and coffee tables.

Decorating the room can give you a whole new experience.If you want to learn more about our products can be click here.


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