Something about Large Format Sublimation Printing

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Something about Large Format Sublimation Printing

   With the development of sublimation paper, manufacturers have developed more and more sublimation paper we don’t have before. As we all know, it is hard to find the low-weight sublimation paper with 3.2m width, because for large format sublimation paper, the lighter, the easier to crimp. But now we overcome the difficulties, and you can find the low weight 3.2m sublimation transfer paper in the market. For us, the weight of 3.2m sublimation paper can range from 50g to 140g.3.2m sublimation paper

   Then what can we do with 3.2m large format sublimation paper?

   If you have bought the sublimation printer before you will large format printerfound that the 3.2m sublimation printer is not common in the market, and most of them are made in China. Such as our Oric inkjet printer. And 3.2m sublimation paper are designed for this kind of large format printer.

   With large format sublimation printer, the production speed can be improved a lot. For example, you can print 2 images at once when you use a small format inkjet printer, but you can print 4 or more images at once with 3.2m sublimation paper, right?

   Besides when you want to print on large format textiles like bed sheet, curtails, you do need large format sublimation paper and large format sublimation printer.


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The Development Tendency of Sublimation Transfer Paper

   Transfer paper has been developing in the direction of better quality, wider width and lower weight. At the same time, it is also changing quietly in production methods and application functions.Sublimation printing

   1. Paper performance. By developing high-efficiency coatings to reduce the amount of paper coating, the paper surface is more flat, and it is also more suitable for applications in poor environments such as dry and high temperature environments. It can also be applied to various types of inkjet printers to effectively reduce customer inventory.

   2. Changes in production methods. At present, the production process of transfer paper is: purchase the basic paper first, and then coated the paper with a coating machine. The transportation cost is high and the loss is large. As the demand for transfer paper increases, the in-machine coating will becomes the development trend in the future , the off-machine coating will be mainly applied to advanced paper production and processing.applications of sublimation paper

   3. The function is more powerful. In the future, the transfer paper will also develop in a direction with higher quality and higher transfer rate, so the color is more beautiful, the operation is more convenient, and the VOCs emissions is less.

   Now the widest sublimation paper is 3.2m, and the weight range from 50g to 140g. If you are searching for such a kind of sublimation paper, welcome to contatc us.

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