When We Need Low Weight Dye Sublimation Paper?

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When We Need Low Weight Dye Sublimation Paper?

Low weight dye sublimation paper means that the weight of per square meter is low, the common gram include 45gsm, 50gsm, 57gsm, 70gsm, 75gsm. This type of paper is designed to save time and money by increasing process efficiency in industrial textile printing. Then, when we need this type of paper?

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The applications of light weight sublimation paper:
* Metal Product: Security doors, Metal Ceilings, Metal Furniture
* Household Goods Decoration: Sofa, Curtains, Bed Linen, Table Cover
* Textile Industry: Skirts, Sportswear, Swimwear, Cycling Wear, Basketboll Uniform, Jersey
* Advertisement: Flags, Banners, Felts, Gaming Tables
* Hard Materials: Mugs, caps, Plates, Mouse Pads, Coasters, Photo Panels, Snowboards
* …

Sublimation Paper

Though we believe that heavy weight sublimation paper have a better quality, the weight of the paper can’t be the only indicator to judge the paper’s quality. Compared with the heavy weight, the low-weight sublimation transfer paper can also have a good performance sometimes.

1. The Ink Loading
When we use the high speed printing machine, the color of the images will be very light if we use the heavy weight dye sublimation paper, because the speed is too high, the sublimation ink can’t fit well with the paper. But if you use the low weight sublimation paper, this problem can be solved in the process of sublimation printing. So the first advantage of light weight digital sublimation paper is Ultra-fast ink absorption and drying.

2. The Cost
People usually don’t have many requirements about quality when they use high speed printing machine. Use sublimation paper with low weight can help people save time and money by increasing process efficiency in industrial printing. So the first advantage of light weight sublimation transfer paper is Cheap.

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Do You Know How to Distinguish Light Paper and Light Coated Paper?

With the development of the paper industry, light coated paper has gradually become the new darling of the paper market. But do You know how to distinguish light weight paper and light coated paper? Today, we will compare and analysis the characteristics of them for you.

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  1. Comparison of the characteristics of light paper and light coated paper

Light weight paper and light coated paper are completely different concepts of two kinds of paper. The main feature of light weight paper is that the paper is thick and light, and its commonly use basis weight is generally 50 to 100 g/m2, and the 60 g light paper thickness is almost the same as the 80 g double offset paper thickness. The light-coated paper is a certain amount of coated paper, which is a kind of base paper interposed between coated paper and offset paper. Its main characteristic is that the base paper is thin and the basis weight is low. It uses a thin coating of calcium carbonate, cationic starch, etc., on both the front and back sides of the base paper. And is supercalendered to improve its physical properties and printability.  It generally sets the ration of light coated paper at 50 to 70 g/m2, and the basis weight of the base paper is almost the same as the coating amount of the two-sided coating. Its production cost is low, and it has a high added value. Therefore, It is mainly applicable to medium and high-grade printed materials such as various newspapers, magazines and advertisements.

  1. The Characteristics of light paper

1) Low ration and high thickness

Lightweight paper can replace high-quantity offset paper or other printing paper; it reduces production and logistics costs.

2) Paper color

The color of light paper is more natural, soft, and non-glare than other printed paper. This is because it is made from chemical pulp and does not contain fluorescent whitening agents. Adding special dyes to make the paper appear creamy white or light yellow, which is obviously darker than ordinary offset paper and coated paper. It is almost similar to the primary color of wood pulp, and it will not produce reflective interference under strong light. Helps relieve visual fatigue and is more suitable for printing novels, magazines, etc.

high level paper

3) Paper surface gloss

Although light paper is bulky, it is delicate and smooth. The surface is hardly coated or the coating amount is extremely low, so the paper surface will not reflect light. However, the absorption of the ink and fountain solution is strong, and must take care when printing.

4) Paper durability

The production process of light paper belongs to chlorine-free paper. It is made from 100% pure chemical pulp and has not been coated. It is mainly composed of fiber, calcium carbonate and water and has no pollution to the environment. As it is slightly alkaline, it can be immortal for millennia and is more suitable for printing on classics, classical novels, classics, and other documents with long-lasting preservation value.

5) Paper strength. Lightweight paper is more tensile and deformable.

  1. The characteristics of light coated paper

1) The performance of this type of paper lies between that of coated paper and offset paper, and its color printing effect is comparable to that of coated paper. Its opacity, smoothness, gloss and printability are all good.

2) The cost of this kind of paper is low. Its cost lies between coated paper and offset paper. However, the printing quality is comparable to that of coated paper, so it is a high value-added paper.

3) However, the durability of this type of paper is small, so it is not easy for prints to remain for a long time.

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