How To Install And Repair MIMAKI Machines? We Can Provide You With The Service

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How To Install And Repair MIMAKI Machines? We Can Provide You With The Service


Mimaki is a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial markets, and also provides a comprehensive range of supporting products; hardware, software and the associated consumable items, such as inks and cutting blades.


Mimaki products

From outdoor signage & billboards to interior decoration & furnishing, from packaging & labels to promotional gifts & apparel, Mimaki is committed to developing technology that sets new industry standards, producing machines and products that turn the imagination of our customers into breath-taking reality. Please take a look at our high quality Mimaki products. If you have any questions about Mimaki products, please contact us.

How to install a printer?


Prior to installation, our logistics team will always do their very best to work around your commitments, for those of you already with printers we know your time is hugely valuable so we will work to best suit your needs.

On arrival our engineers are always friendly and professional with plenty of time to give you and your printer the time and attention required. Installs vary from 1-2 days depending on your requirements but we never like to rush a job.

Large Format printer installation


A defining feature of our service is the training we provide. Our engineers are not only qualified with Roland and Mimaki but first and foremost are printers.

Having worked in print rooms, with the Roland and Mimaki technology, they not only offer the technical knowledge and expertise but will also help you get the most from your large format printer in a practical sense, providing advice on how best to get the required result.

Following your training, your engineer is only a phone call away. If this is your first printer there’s a chance you might have a question or two after the engineer leaves, we’ll be at the other end of the phone should this happen and only too happy to help.

Regarding warranty we are also your first port of call should anything go wrong, therefore if it’s an easy fix you won’t have to wait for a response!


[Before start printing]:

1.Before Power ON the printer

[Daily]: Shake White cartridges

Remove the White cartridges and reinsert after shaking them well.

【How to shake it】:Please refer the following document.

『Operation manual 』-[Chapter4]-[Ink cartridge]-[How to shake an ink cartridge]

※ Please use caution when shaking the cartridge. If you shake it aggressively, the internal metal plate may damage the ink pack or the cartridge case. The ink cartridge is heavy, use caution when handling it.


2. After Power ON the printer

[Weekly]: [White Maintenance]

The white ink precipitates easily compared to other ink colors.

If you leave the printer for over two weeks, the white ink will precipitate. If it precipitates inside the ink line or inkjet nozzle, you will have Ink mist, Nozzle deflection, and Nozzle out issues. It will take time to recover from these issues, and we may have to replace parts, such as the print head or ink tube.

So please perform “White Maintenance” once a week.

【Procedure】:Please see the following document to see more detail.

『Operation manual 』-[Chapter 4]-[Regular maintenance for white ink]

3.After Test Drawing

[Daily]: Operate a Normal cleaning on White color and the color which had nozzle out.

Operate TEST DRAW at least once a day for the white head even if you do not use white ink..

[While production time]:

4.Settings to prevent from nozzle out issue

[Daily]: Interval Wiping set up

Printer will have interval wiping automatically to clean the print head nozzle surface.

【Set up procedure】: Please see the following document to see details.

『Operation manual 』-[Chapter4]-[Cleaning nozzle face automatically]-[Setting of Interval Wiping]

[Daily]: Interval Cleaning set up

Printer will have interval cleaning automatically to clean the print head nozzle surface.

【Set up procedure】: Please see the following document to see details.

『Operation manual 』-[Chapter4]-[Cleaning nozzle face automatically]-[Setting of Interval Cleaning]

[Daily]: Refresh level set up

The Refresh helps to reduce nozzle out issue while printing.

【Set up procedure】: Please see the following document to see details.

『Operation manual 』-[Chapter 3]-[Each setting]-[Other useful functions]

[Daily]: Special ink Refresh set up

The Special Refresh helps to reduce nozzle out issue on White ink.

【Set up procedure】: Please see the following document to see details.

『Operation manual 』-[Chapter 4]-[Prevent the nozzle clogging of special color]


5.After you finish printing your last job: (Power is still on)

[Daily]: Clean a Head guard plate surface and Head protection arm

If you do not clean the head plate, the contaminants will attract excess ink The collected ink will drop on the media surface. It will also cause nozzle out issues.

【Clean up procedure】: Please see the following document to clean the Head guard plate.

『Operation manual 』-[Chapter 4]-[Avoiding dripping of ink droplet at printing]

【Clean up procedure】: Please see the following pictures to clean the Head protection arm.

[Daily]: Clean the Suction nozzle Assy, Wiper M, and Wiper rubber

If these parts are dirty, print result will also have nozzle out issue or nozzle clogging issue.

So please clean these daily, and replace it if you need.

【Cleaning Procedure】: Please refer to the following document to see detail to clean a Suction nozzle Assy and Wiper M.

『Operation manual 』-[Chapter 4]-[Cleaning of Wiper]

【Cleaning Procedure】: Refer to the following steps to clean a wiper rubber.


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Inkjet Printer VS Laser Printing – Comparisons – Which One Is Best for Your Business?

The printer is the most commonly used computer output device, as an essential equipment for the office. The current printer is mainly divided into inkjet and laser printing two. In the face of different prices, different needs, printers choose inkjet or laser good? Today, we simply compare the advantages and disadvantages of inkjet and laser printers, and hope that they will be helpful to friends in need.

blog of laser printer vs inkjet printer

Laser Printer:

Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing process. It produces high-quality text and graphics and moderate-quality photographs by repeatedly passing a laser beam back and forth over a negatively charged cylinder called a “drum” to define a  charged image. The drum then selectively collects electrically charged powdered ink, and transfers the image to paper, which is then heated in order to permanently fuse the text and/or imagery. As with digital photocopiers, laser printers employ a xerographic printing process. However, laser printing differs from analog photocopiers in that the image is produced by the direct scanning of the medium across the printer’s photoreceptor. This enables laser printing to copy images more quickly than most photocopiers.

But laser printer is the principle of thermal transfer imaging, because of many reasons, it will reduce the color effect. If the photo paper is general, the laser can not be used.

There are advantages and disadvantages to laser printers. The most important factor in favor of laser printers is probably the speed.

These printers are and remain faster than inkjet printers. Companies with many print jobs will unquestionably opt for a laser printer. A further advantage is that replacing the toner in this printer is normally cheaper than replacing cartridges for inkjet printers. The laser technology also ensures that the printed material is less likely to run than when printed on an inkjet printer.

However, there are also disadvantages to laser printers. The price is a fair bit higher, especially when it comes to color printers. Moreover, an inkjet printer in some cases offers more possibilities than a laser printer. The conclusion is that it is always important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of both printer systems. A company will often go for a mixed solution: a few laser printers and also a few inkjet printers. That way everyone is happy.

laser printer vs inkjet printer

Let’s summarize:

  • The main benefit behind these printers is probably its efficiency and speed at printing. Laser printers are also known as ‘page printers’ as they printed documents a page at a time, and performs it at a very fast rate.
  • They furnish highest potential production in comparison with the other types of printers. This is generally due to the technology behind it as laser printers utilize electro-photography for printing which results in potential output.
  • While it is a small issue, noise can be very unproductive and disturbing specially at a work place, laser printers are highly optimized and barely emits any sound.
  • They also offer user-friendliness with other features like self-printing, where printing maybe done without supervision.
  • With the extra benefits in comparison with other printers, they are a lot more costly.
  • Laser printers are considerable and utilize complicated technology and perform fast output, the result of which is a relatively large hardware gadget which can take up a lot of space.
  • As they are non-impact printers, multipart stationary cannot be used thus double printing cannot be simultaneously performed.
  • While the cost is an issue, an initial venture only maybe worth it based on your organization’s or personal requirements, any way maintenance, servicing and mend of this hardware gadget is also very high thus laser printers aren’t very economical.
  • Laser printers are also known to be dangerous to the atmosphere and your health. Due to the high voltages when running the machine, small amounts of ozone are generated which can damage the ozone layer. Some laser printers are also known to emit particles that are suspected to cause respiratory diseases.
Inkjet Printer:

Laser printers are typically the go-to solution for business printing. After all, they are fast, quiet and can create large quantities of high-quality output at a relatively low cost per page. However, they aren’t panaceas. Laser printing technology carries trade-offs, just like any other technology, and you might find that a laser printer isn’t always the best fit for your business.

As we know, inkjet printers use the ink for printing, so they are cost effective. I mean the ink is cheap in price.

Ink-jet printers are popularly used today. The images are created by expelling thousands of droplets on the paper. You can choose a suitable Inkjet printer to your product needs. Besides advantages, there are some disadvantages that we should concern.

Laser printers have been a familiar fixture in most offices for a long time, and yet there are still a large number of companies that still believe in the good old inkjet printer. Considerable evolution has taken place in the world of inkjet technology and in no way should one judge today’s modern models by the standards of the simple models that were around at the dawn of inkjet technology.

laser printer vs inkjet printer

In fact, there are considerable advantages to modern inkjet printers:

In the first place of course is the price tab of the inkjet printer: the average price is lower than that of a laser printer. The average price per printed page is also lower in many instances. The machines do not have to warm up and are ready for use almost immediately. They compare well with laser printers on a number of points.

Inkjet printers are also the favorite when it comes to printing photos. A wide range of manufacturers have developed specialized inkjet photo printers and accompanying photo cartridges. These printers, when used with special paper for printing photos, can produce astonishing results.

Initial Cost:

Ink-Jet printers are one of the lowest cost products on the market. In the past, the quality of low inkjet printers have matched with its price. It means that when you buy an cheap inkjet printer, the quality of the images are not good. However, ink-jet technology has developed and improved so remarkably that the cheapest inkjet printers can create images with good quality.


Today you can create images or documents with high quality by Inkjet printers. They used to use blurry effect to the texts or images before but with the powerful technology now, you are able to create more effects so that your images are more vivid and have the best quality.


Compare to laser printers, the ink jet printers have suitable size to put on the desk on your office or a small room in your home to serve to your work.


Different from laser printer, the inkjet printer do not require time to heat the machine system before print. They have also shorter delay between the document being sent to print and the beginning of a print process.

However, there are some disadvantages associated with inkjet printers:

In the first place, the ink (available in cartridges) is relatively expensive. In some instances, there is a chip that sends wrong signals – among other things about the level of the ink. This means that users can get confused. There are also some disadvantages to ink jet printers in terms of technology.

The quality of the ink differs from one printer to another, but after time, the colors of documents printed with an inkjet printer fade more quickly than those printed on a laser printer. That said, the models from the leading brands will of course guarantee quality.

In inkjet printers, the ink is sprayed onto the paper via minuscule nozzles. The result of this is that the ink runs when the paper comes into contact with water. This is not the case with documents printed on a laser printer.

The print speed of an inkjet printer is also lower than that of a laser printer. If many pages have to be printed, you are therefore better off opting for a laser printer. Do the advantages of an inkjet printer outweigh the disadvantages (or vice versa) in your company? The answer is not always an easy one. You can often save money by asking the opinion of an external specialist. Fei Yue can help you make the right choice.

We recommend MIMAKI because:

1.MIMAKI printers are durable. The old antiques which market collected are mostly MIMAKI, and second-hand equipment is also her most hedge.

2.High allocation, full-featured, such as inkjet printer’s former paper collection device, MIMAKI is always standard configuration.

laser printer vs inkjet printer

If you want to know about other printers, you are welcome to contact our online experts, we will be at your service.

At the end of the blog, we’ve prepared a tip for you to use the printer:

What should we pay attention to when we operate inkjet printer?
  1. You should pay attention directly to your patterns printed. If the color of your patterns is vividly.
  2. Notice your effect of the print head. The print head is a most important part of the digital inkjet printer
  3. Pay attention to the printing speed of the digital printer


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