How To Maintain MIMAKI Sublimation Printer

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How To Maintain MIMAKI Sublimation Printer

Maintenance of MIMAKI sublimation printer directly affect the life of the machine. In addition, the life of print head is the most concern of all customers.

How to maintain MIMAKI sublimation printer


1.Ensure that the printer has a solid working platform

The printer must close its front cover when printing. In this condition,  it can prevent dust from entering the printer or other hard objects from hindering movement of the printer carriage.

In addition, do not plug or unplug the printer cable while the power is on, this will damage the printer’s port and the parallel port of the PC. More importantly, which may even cause serious damage to the PC’s motherboard.

If the printout is not clear, use the printer automatic cleaning feature to clean the print head, but consume a small amount of ink. However, if continuous cleaning several times after the print still not satisfied, then the ink may have run out, you need to replace the cartridge.

2.Make sure the surroundings are clean

Too much dust in the working environment may lead to poor lubrication of the guide axle of the trolley. In other hand, it hinders the print head from moving in the printing process, causing the printing position to be inaccurate.

Another problem is causing unnecessary waste of ink, if the MIMAKI sublimation printer not closed and does not return to the original position. The solution to this problem is to often lubricate the guide shaft.


When the cartridge is not used up, it is best not to remove, so as to avoid waste of ink or printer ink metering error.

Ink cartridges should left at room temperature for long periods of time to avoid direct sunlight. In addition, in low temperature and humidity environment, print head circuit and ink are easy to go wrong.

ink-saving skills of MIMAKI JV33 sublimation printer 

The printer is not turned off by pressing the Power key.

Do not often turn the printer off by unplugging the power plug from the outlet

Do not turn the printer off while printing.

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