Print Head – Several Attentions that Should Be Paid When Using It

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Print Head – Several Attentions that Should Be Paid When Using It

Print head is an import spare part of a large format inkjet printer in printing process. If you don’t maintain it properly, it will cause many problems. You know, the print head is very expensive. Here’re attentions when using print heads:

1. Before the test print head, use a syringe to test the nozzle to see if it is blocked. This is a very redundant, and dangerous behavior, first of all, once the head into the water, you will not dry on electricity, light burning plate, heavy burning nozzle head; usually play a protective fluid, using a needle injection to your head, not only washed away the protective liquid head, and because of the pressure of the hand too big, easy to cause the gas nozzle plugging.

DX5 print head

2. The head of the nozzle is very fragile, absolutely can not bump, be sure to protect. Its surface is a piece of aluminum, the inner layer coated with a crystal oscillator and very small ink tube. A touch will be concave, deformation, and even broken, so that the nozzle on the scrapped.

3. Install the printing nozzle also be careful, must first power off, and put in place. After installed, use hands to push the car and move around, check whether smooth, do not install on electricity, because, if the head is not in place, the car is easy to hit a head and hand feeling, fragmentation, and freely, strong controllability.

4. Do not take the ink when you connect the plug and cable, and make sure you have good contact with the socket, do not touch the foot, otherwise it will cause the nozzle to short-circuit and burn.

5. Steel shaft should be clean and smooth, paper towels can be used to wipe the sticky oil, do not directly to the shaft refueling, the excess oil will flow to the nozzle up, causing damage.

6. Mechanical and electrical circuits are correct, it is necessary to test the waterway, the first to see the amount of water inside the ink box is inadequate; secondly, check the small cleaning blade, suction pump is dirty.

print head

7. Just installed sprinklers inside there will be air, so it will not immediately print normal, only the head of the air is completely discharged to normal Qi lines; the specific steps are as follows:

First, the available batch cleaning (only one time for cleaning 2 times, then stop for 30 minutes washing 2 times) repeatedly kept cleaning excessive, will cause the ink cleaning pump, not only make the printing color mixing, ink leakage and waste ink.

Secondly, you can print more pictures, so that the nozzle in the work out of the air.

Again, if the machine has caused the waste ink tube to first turn off, then the barrel of a rubber tube out of the waste ink tube until 3-5ml ink, then boot, a normal washing machine, equal to the value of the air is difficult to pull out, side effects It is likely to cause the cleaning pump to piling.

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