Why Do Inkjet Printers Distinguish Between Outdoor And Indoor?

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Why Do Inkjet Printers Distinguish Between Outdoor And Indoor?

Mimaki JV33-130 printerDo you know that why inkjet printers distinguish between outdoor and indoor?To understand the difference between an indoor printer and an outdoor printer, first of all, we need to analyze and understand the needs of advertising production. In terms of advertising production, there are two categories: indoor advertising and outdoor advertising. I believe that indoor advertising and outdoor advertising are common to everyone. Since the environment and conditions used in these two advertisements are different, such as outdoor advertising, it is necessary to consider Waterproof and UV-proof ink, image color durable, including the use of print media and other requirements. And indoor advertising requires close-range viewing, the clarity of the image and other requirements are higher.

For the simple distinction between the two kinds of indoor and outdoor advertising, we can see the difference between the outdoor printer and the indoor printer according to the above two differences:

First of all, the use of ink should pay attention to. Indoor and outdoor printer ink is not interchangeable. It must be a dedicated indoor and outdoor sprinklers. Indoor advertising production
printers use water-based inks. This type of ink is poor in terms of UV protection and water resistance. Indoor printing cannot be used for drying, and fades over time (usually for about two weeks). The outdoor machine has become mainstream in the past year or two, and there are also many people buying them. Because it can not only be used for ordinary printing, but also used for outdoor printing. It can be said that it is a dual-use type. And there are many materials available for outdoor printers. For example, For example, inkjet printing cloth used for inkjet printers and car stickers. But there is a little shortage that the cost of processing outdoors is higher than that of indoor printers.

Mimaki Jv150-130 printerIn addition, the main drawback of outdoor machines is that maintenance is more troublesome than indoor machines. Since the ink used is eco solvent ink, the indoor machine can be used directly regardless of whether it is finished. But the outdoor machine needs cleaning and maintenance. Or it will be easy to dry the ink to clog nozzles or other problems. So the difference between the two is that the ink used is different.

Have you understand the difference of indoor and outdoor printers? Hope this article will be helpful to you. We Feiyue Team offers the equipment in sublimation printing process, such as sublimation paper, sublimation ink, inkjet printer and some other accessories. Any demand, please feel free to contact us.

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