The Importance of Resolution in Sublimation Printing

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The Importance of Resolution in Sublimation Printing

   Personalized customization is an common applications of sublimation printing. When you are in this industrial, you will find that the images resolution is very important.sublimation printing

   Here are some tips for you if you are not familiar with the resolution.

   1.When you print onto the hard substrates, it will be hard to get away with low resolution images, because the smoothness of the surface will show the pixilation more. But if you want to print on the t-shirt, it will be easier to get awayPersonalized customization with low resolution images

   2.Photographs can hide low resolution much better than graphics, text, or solid color images.

   3.Don’t be worry if your customers send you the vector files. Because the resolution of most vector graphics are independent and they do not display dpi in your graphics program.

   If you want to have a high quality sublimation printing outputs, please pay attention to resolutions when you get the images.

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