The print head is an indispensable carrier for digital printing production, but the operation is not good, the print head […]
You may encounter problems such as the inability of newly installed print head, sometimes are not caused by the quality […]
sublimation transfer ink
    When it comes to quality images, it is important to choose the right sublimation ink. When shopping for […]
dye transfer ink
    As we can see, sublimation ink is very widely used for textiles because it is easy to work […]
I once read a sentence and deeply agree that “Any product in the world is irreplaceable”. Of course, print head […]
  If your transfer paper has excess moisture, you may encounter unwanted problems during pressing. To avoid it, it is […]
Do you know why Epson 5113 print head are so popular? Today, I will tell you the answer. Epson 5113 […]
Print head is an import spare part of a large format inkjet printer in printing process. If you don’t maintain […]