Attentions When Using the Print Head for A Long Time

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Attentions When Using the Print Head for A Long Time

I once read a sentence and deeply agree that “Any product in the world is irreplaceable”. Of course, print head is the irreplaceable small product. The user’s operating method and basic maintenance in use are also important factors that affect the long-term use of printer’s print head.

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1.”illegal” operation

We should try to avoid the following situations:
1.Bad habits in daily work.
2.A sudden power failure during printing caused the print head not to return to normal position.
3.One-sided pursuit of speed during the printing process pulls paper.
4.Open the front cover during printing and do harm to the print head, such as pulling paper, wiping parts, etc.
5.Try to change the position of the parts when the power is on. For example, forcibly pull the carriage from the maintenance cartridge.
6.For convenience, move the device while the printer is working.

2.Empty print head

In daily work, due to long hours, a lot of work, or negligence on the status of the printer, the ink in the ink cartridge runs out but the printer is still working, causing the ink in the print head to become empty, and such situations will directly cause color cast.

3.”illegal” maintenance

Mainly for the maintenance of the print head, the important thing to mention here is the precautions in the process of cleaning the print head: similar situations will directly cause color cast. It is best to use a lint-free cloth that won’t break or leave the fibers on the surface of the orifice when it gets wet, causing a blockage. Clean the print head must not touch the actual nozzle, only touch the edge, to avoid blockage of the print head due to impurities. Do not clean the print head with alcohol or other corrosive liquids. Because it will make your print head more serious.

4.Long idle

Because the ink used in the printer has the characteristics of quick-drying, in order to prevent the nozzle portion of the print head from being idle, the concentration of the ink is increased due to prolonged exposure to air, and the phenomenon of “plugging” such as air drying is caused. If your printer is not used for a long period of time, it is recommended that you turn it on once a week. This allows the printer to self-test once a week, to ensure the normal use of your machine.

5.Medium influence

There are some physical damages to the print head. The effect of the media on the print head is physical damage. It is often overlooked by everyone. In fact, the type, thickness, and quality of the paper have a direct impact on the print head. Over-thick print media that is too rough can cause head wear. Dust-filled media can cause print head to clog during printing. The quality of the paper is not good. The edges of the paper are curled during the printing process. The print head moves up and down and the nozzle holes on the bottom of the print head cause damage to the print head. Without sending normal prints.

After reading this, I believe that you have understood how to solve the problems when using the printer head for a long time. Our company offer many types of print heads such as Epson DX5, DX7, 5113, TFP print head and so on in a very affordable price. If you have any demand or any questions about sublimation printing, please feel free to contact us.

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How Can I Avoid Moisture Issues In Dye Sublimation Printing


If your transfer paper has excess moisture, you may encounter unwanted problems during pressing. To avoid it, it is important to prevent the sublimation paper from moisture absorption. A number of methods can be applied. First, you can leave the printed paper in heat press room or nearby area so that the moisture will evaporate. Additionally, you can opt to press garment to remove the excess moisture caused by printing.


When you do not use the right heat transfer paper, the paper will absorb a huge amount of ink than required and a large amount of the ink will stay on the paper without transferring. So, using high quality coated paper is crucial for efficient ink consumption. Thus, the paper absorbs the ink at the optimal level and ink will be transferred to the fabric at the highest rate possible.


Many setup programs of sublimation software ensure high quality at optimum ink consumption. But, you can reduce ink consumption with the ink-saving mode. If the result of the print satisfies you, go ahead. If you want to have the highest print quality, change your software’s settings.


We supplier many kinds Sublimation Material like dye sublimation paper, sublimation ink also the sublimation printer, any need, pls feel free to let me know, we will waiting for you!

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Why Epson 5113 Print Head Sells So Well in the Market?

Do you know why Epson 5113 print head are so popular? Today, I will tell you the answer.

Epson 5113 print headEpson 5113 print head are popular nowadays because of it’s high speed and high resolution. Compared with DX5 and DX7 print head, we will find there are many advantages of 5113 print head.

1. The number of nozzles

DX5 and DX7 print heads: 8 lines*180 nozzles=1440

nozzles,the smallest nozzle is 3.5PL/5PL.

5113 print heads: 4 lines*800 nozzles=32 00 nozzles, the smallest nozzles is 1.5PL.

2. The size of the print head

The size of 5113 print head is 1.3 inch, 30% width than the DX5 and DX7 print heads.

3. High speed

Because the amount of nozzles are much more than the DX5 and DX7 print head, so the 5113 print head can print with 3 pass and the speed can up to 30 m2/h.

sublimation printing

4. The price

The price of 5113 printhead is much cheaper than DX5 and DX7 print heads.

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