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sublimation printingInkjet printers may have various problems during printing, such as the phenomenon of dark or light stripes when printing. How to solve and analyze this situation? What is the cause of this phenomenon? Below I will briefly analyze the reasons and solutions for you.

1. The nozzle of the inkjet printer print head is very small and meticulous, and the dust in the air is about the same size. If the inkjet printer has dust in the work, it is easy to block the print head. So it is also very important for the inkjet printer to have a clean working environment.

2.The print head is the most important component in the internal structure of the inkjet printer, and it is very precise. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance normally. In the usual use of inkjet printers, it is necessary to avoid large collisions and vibrations.

3.We must choose high-quality ink cartridges. Non-high-quality ink cartridges will cause print head clogging, which will affect the quality of printed images. Seriously, inkjet printers will not work properly.

4.The ink quality need to be high and had better to use the original ink. Good ink is also very helpful for the life of the print head. Compatible inks are also a good choice.

J-next Subly Sublimation ink

5.The inkjet printer’s temperature requirements, it is not suitable for working at high or low temperatures. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to rust the printer parts and print heads. The temperature environment changes greatly, which will cause the thermal expansion of a large number of engineering plastic parts in the inkjet printer, then resulting in the wear of the inkjet printer parts. It may alse cause the fine nozzle aperture to increase, which will affect the image quality of the inkjet printer.

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EPS 3200, The Print Head Will Leading The Digital Printing Market’s Future

Epson 4720 print head (we also call it EPS 3200) has been put on the market recently. This print head will replace the Epson 5113 print head in the near future. In other words, the 5113 print head will stop production from now on.

Epson 4720(we called Epson 3200)

Nozzle: 3200(8*400)5113 print head

Place of Origin: Japan

Types available: Locked

Speed: Faster 15% than dx5

Ink type: Water-based ink, oil-based ink, solvent ink, UV ink, sublimation ink, and pigment ink etc.

EPS 3200 has the same shape as 5113 print head, and they also have the same amount of the nozzles. So this 2 kind of print heads have the same print speed, they are both suitable for large-scale use in digital printing.The why EPS 3200 can replace the 5113 print head?

The first reason is that EPS 3200 has a wider applications than 5113 print head. As we all know that 5113 print head only suitable for pigment ink and disperse dye ink. But EPS 3200 has a strong corrosion resistance, and suitable for nearly all kinds of ink such as UV ink, water-based ink, oil ink, solvent ink and so on.

EPS3200 print head

The second reason is that EPS 3200 has a cheaper price with 5113 print head. As we all know that 5113 print head is very cheap compared with DX5, TFP and DX7 print head. So EPS 3200 has a big advantage in price.

Low price with wide application, now you know why the manufacture stop production of the 5113 print head.

We have tested this head more than 8 months, and improved its performance on our printer. So far, it shows very good quality on our printer.
This special head can be used kinds of ink, which will change many machine types in the future.

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How can you make your inkjet printer work longer? Increase the income? This should be a concern for everyone. The print head is the most vulnerable, and the print head is also one of the means to reduce the cost and extend the life.

sublimation printing

  1. Indoor environment

If the working environment is not good, it will affect the indoor equipment to enter the dust. The dust enters the main ink cartridge and then the secondary ink cartridge, and then enters the print head. So it will affect the printing effect of the print head and shortens the service life of the print head.

  1. Operation

The print head part on the surface of the print head cannot be rubbed against the object. Otherwise the surface of the print head will have fine hair. This affects the printing effect. So strictly speaking, the operation of equipment is very important.

  1. Auxiliary accessories

Every accessory on the inkjet printer machine has a certain purpose, so don’t remove it at will. Like the main cartridge, sub cartridge, filter, etc.

sublimation printing

  1. Ink

Ink must use the ink recommended by the manufacturer, because these inks are subjected to a strict, long-term test. And the equipment has a certain guarantee for the print head.

  1. Maintenance

Always clean the print head before stopping the power, and then place the print head on the moisturizing sponge pad. This will ensure the same picture quality as the previous few days. After the print head is stopped, be sure to apply the cleaning solution on the surface, and then wrap it with plastic wrap. The print head should be tightly attached to the cling film to avoid reducing the evaporation of the cleaning solution and ink. The service life of the print head can be prolonged.

When you don’t use the printer for a long time, try to remove the print head on the device. First soak it with the cleaning solution, and then wrap the container with plastic wrap to avoid dust intrusion and evaporation of the cleaning solution.

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