How to Choose a Good Textile Printing Machine for Your Buisness?

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How to Choose a Good Textile Printing Machine for Your Buisness?

A good digital printing machine has a great essential to textile printing. You can choose a good textile printing machine by several aspects below:

Epson Surecolor F9200

1.The print heads of the printer

As the most important component and major consumptive material, print head plays a decisive role in choosing a digital fabric printing machine. It can decide the accuracy, ink jet capacity, print speed of a machine and cost of production etc. We should consider the fabric type,cost estimate, requirements of production efficiency and other factors when choosing printheads.

2.The accuracy of nozzles

The higher accuracy of nozzle is, the higher color accuracy printed out is. We should consider the accuracy of digital printing nozzles in the need of printing out a clear and natural color patterns.

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3.Right type of ink

We should notice three points. First of all, the choice of color. According to the requirement and the type of materials, there are four-colors ink, six-colors ink and eight-colors ink etc. In general, the more colors ink you print, the better color saturation and color effects you get. Secondly, the ink used into textile printing is generally classified as: acidity ink, activity ink, sublimation ink and pigment ink. It should be used according to the material of the fabric. Select the printing ink that has great color and performance to the fabric. Thirdly, the brand and model of ink. Generally speaking, the ink is developed for the brand and model of the nozzle. Notice that if the ink is the right for the nozzle. Besides, whether the ink is fluent or vivid, or environmental protection and so on needs to be considered, too.

4.Technical service of manufacturer

Digital textile printing machine is a high and new technology equipment. So, the R & D capabilities, and after-sales service capacity of its manufacturer is very important. We advise you to choose a reliable manufacturer when you buy a digital textile printing machine.

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Inkjet printers need daily maintenance, and there are many skills. If you pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, you can make inkjet printers more durable. Here I summarized some of the essence.

sublimation transfer printing

1.Speed up and quality

Want an inkjet printer to run fast? Very simple, if it is a USB interface, it can generally guarantee the normal printing speed. If it is a parallel port, please set it to ECP mode in BIOS and print driver. I believe that it can obviously feel the improvement of printing speed.

2.Prevent print head from drying and paper jam

Inkjet printer paper jam easily, especially using friction into the way of paper, in addition to playing the same needle and can’t play outside too thin paper, we mainly discuss the solution: after the paper is simple and practical method is to stop printing, will adjust the paper thickness adjustment lever on the largest file, and then gently to smoke outside, if want to brute-force easy to damage the printer nozzle, we need to learn at the same time, don’t put the pleated or tear the surface of the bits on inkjet printing paper.

sublimation printing

3.Prevent print head from drying skills

Here’s a practical tip: inkjet printers in the north are especially prone to drying up because they use fast-drying ink. The best way to solve this is to soak a clean piece of sponge and put it next to the print head before you leave work, because it will naturally evaporate moisture, which is saturated in the air nearby, so the ink on the print head won’t dry out as easily, even if it doesn’t move for a week.

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sublimation printingInkjet printers may have various problems during printing, such as the phenomenon of dark or light stripes when printing. How to solve and analyze this situation? What is the cause of this phenomenon? Below I will briefly analyze the reasons and solutions for you.

1. The nozzle of the inkjet printer print head is very small and meticulous, and the dust in the air is about the same size. If the inkjet printer has dust in the work, it is easy to block the print head. So it is also very important for the inkjet printer to have a clean working environment.

2.The print head is the most important component in the internal structure of the inkjet printer, and it is very precise. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance normally. In the usual use of inkjet printers, it is necessary to avoid large collisions and vibrations.

3.We must choose high-quality ink cartridges. Non-high-quality ink cartridges will cause print head clogging, which will affect the quality of printed images. Seriously, inkjet printers will not work properly.

4.The ink quality need to be high and had better to use the original ink. Good ink is also very helpful for the life of the print head. Compatible inks are also a good choice.

J-next Subly Sublimation ink

5.The inkjet printer’s temperature requirements, it is not suitable for working at high or low temperatures. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to rust the printer parts and print heads. The temperature environment changes greatly, which will cause the thermal expansion of a large number of engineering plastic parts in the inkjet printer, then resulting in the wear of the inkjet printer parts. It may alse cause the fine nozzle aperture to increase, which will affect the image quality of the inkjet printer.

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