How to Deal with the Dew-white Phenomenon During Printing Process

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How to Deal with the Dew-white Phenomenon During Printing Process

Did you encounter dew-white phenomenon during digital printing? The dew-white is refer to a phenomenon that the white base plate is not exposed by the ink at the joint of the color blocks during printing.

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Correcting misalignment between solid colors in CMYK images can be done using related software. However, if you are printing continuous images such as photos and photographs, it is not recommended to create a trap because the forced trap will harm the overall effect of the screen. In general, trapping is not a panacea. It will not make the image more beautiful, can not fundamentally solve the printing and other regulatory mechanical problems, but can only cover the flaws caused by overprinting.

The common dew-whitening method is to use Adobelllustrator software. Users can click the trap button in the “Mix/Trap” menu and set 3 parameters:

1. Thickness.

The default thickness of the system is 0.25 points, which refers to the width of the dew. It usually between 0.01 and 500 points. The specific use value should be determined according to the error measurement values of the inkjet printer.

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2. Height/Width.

It refers to the ratio of horizontal and vertical traps.

3. Tint Reduction.

The hue is adjusted to attenuate the apparently darker border of the trapping area, thus making the color transition natural. Generally, the percentage of tones is used to control the amount of trapped ink. The darker color value is kept 100% and the default value is 40%.

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Vector software can be easily handled and exposed in the printing process, but the quality of the screen restoration depends on whether the operator’s parameter adjustment is appropriate. The basic method of eliminating dew is dust removal. Therefore, in order to improve print quality, it is recommended that staff keep the workplace clean and tidy, and usually pay attention to the photo machine equipment regularly cleaned. It can not only improve its work efficiency, reduce defective products, but also prolong the service life of the machine and equipment.

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