What is A RIP Software & What’s the Function of It?

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What is A RIP Software & What’s the Function of It?

What is a RIP Software? What’s the function of it? Some of us probably are unfamiliar with it and have no idea about its functions.

RIP software is often be applied to flatbed UV printers. RIP is one of professional software for colors configurations. It has many practical functions.

1.It supports the output of white ink for flatbed UV printers and covers the shortcomings of traditional printers which can only print onto light color materials.

2.It has color separation capability. RIP can take full control of all ink channels of flatbed UV printer. For example, we can set the print color as 0% Cyan, 100% Magenta, 0% Yellow, 0% Key Plate, 0% Light Magenta and 0% Light Cyan. That means normally 100% Magenta ink printing and the jetted ink volume of other five ink colors (Cyan, Yellow, Key Plate, Light Magenta, and Light Cyan) is zero. This is very suitable for color separation overprinting or professional printing since it perfectly satisfies the need of increasing or decreasing ink amount according to different printing tasks.

3.RIP is capable of adjusting ICC curves. Common RIP software in the market have many kinds of ICC for users’ choosing. Users can adjust the color management curves of every color channel and higher precision color printing can be conducted.

In a word, RIP controls white ink output and adjusts color ink using amount. It not only improves brightness and saturation of colors, but also helps us to obtain detailed printing images.

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