What is The Blanket of Roller Transfer Printing Machine?

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What is The Blanket of Roller Transfer Printing Machine?

Roller Transfer Printing Machine used Industry Endless blanket have a relatively high temperature resistance, our belt have two specification: 160-180℃ and 230-260℃. All of the felt belt could meet the different needs of different customers. The interior of the blanket is specially added with a kind of base cloth which are made of endless industrial silk, which can ensure that the blanket does not run out of position after being machined, does not arch up, has a long service life, and the shrinkage rate is controlled at about 2%.

Features of Blanket:

1.The blanket belt adopts the imported high-temperature-resistant aramid fabric. And the medium substrate can be divided into two kinds,namely polyester dry net and Kevlar substrate.

2.The use temperature can reach less than 250℃. At the end of usage,the convergence shrinkage is 2% and the extending rate is 3%.

3.It is the transferring printing blanket belt special for all kinds of textile fabrics,curtain cloth and decoration cloth.

4.This blanket also named as Thermal Transfer Printing Felt, Heat Resistance Roller Sleeve, High Temperature Seamless Blankets. This blanket is the most important component of Roll To Roll Transfer Printing Machine.

5.The specifications of all the products above can be customized according to the needs of the clients.

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How to Deal with the Non-Stop Working of Industrial Heat Transfer Machine?

There is a normal type of industrial heat transfer machine breakdown issue that occurs to roller heat press machines: non-stop working. So, today, we are going to talk about how to deal with the non-stop working of the industrial heat transfer machine.

industrial heat transfer machine

  1. For fine stripes on the roller surface, you can use a small finer stone to grind them away. If it doesn’t work, send it to repair when the machine stops. But it’s very rare to face such an issue.
  2. If you find the roller or heating blanket with small pieces of stuff such as a piece of grain, a small amount of paste, fluffy, clean it with a copper wired brush. And if brushing doesn’t work, wait for the heat press machine to stop and try cleaning again.
  3. Fasten the screw if you find the parts are loosening during work
  4. If there is any color difference, readjust the pressure on each side, and adjust the space between the axis and roller; don’t make them too tight.
  5. For the wrong design, slow down the machine. You may have to readjust the design if slowing down doesn’t work.
  6. When the cloth stains, consider turning on the drying steam valve to prevent stanines.
  7. If the blanket and conveyor belt shift to one side, adjust them manually by pulling the chain wheel to its assigned position.
  8. When the moisture of cloth is uneven, adjust the pressure of axis sides.
  9. If you find improper tension, readjust the speed between units or tension device.

If you properly operate the roller heat press machine, there will be very minimal servicing costs. The lifespan of the industrial heat transfer machine will increase as well, meaning you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money too soon. Any questions, please contact us. Our team will provide you with the best service.

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Roller Printing Machine Tips On Pressure And Temperature

During the time spent utilizing the roller printing machine, it is anything but difficult to experience some practical issues. What’s more, frequently individuals will feel that the utilization of this item doesn’t accomplish the ideal impact, or the printing that turns out didn’t satisfy the comparing guidelines when utilizing this printing machine. This sort of activity is regularly brought about by the way that everybody isn’t right when setting up. You can check and comprehend from such viewpoints.

roller printing machine

For instance, you would first be able to take a gander at the weight setting in the rotary printing machine. In the event that the weight is excessively huge or excessively little, it will influence the capacity of the printing machine. In this way, we would be advised to make the relating modification. You would first be able to alter the weight screw free, and afterward turn the constrain nut to modify the weight. It is advantageous.

Besides, you can likewise focus on the temperature issue of the roller printing machine. Now and again the printing impact isn’t great, it might be on the grounds that the warming plate doesn’t arrive at the comparing temperature. For the most part the printing machine should arrive at 180 degrees above when running. Also, if not to arrive at this temperature, it will greatly affect the impact of utilization. So we have to focus on this.

roller printing machine

The exact opposite thing to note is that for the setting of the time in the roller heat transfer printing machine. The time update must be all around set, with the goal that we can get the best utilization of results, to have the best utilization of state. This is without a doubt significant for everybody, so it can play an extremely powerful help for everybody. Just in the event that it plays a superior assistance, we can have the best printing impact.

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