Points for Choosing A Heat Press Machine

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Points for Choosing A Heat Press Machine

Many heat press machine producers and mannequin selections are handy in the home or overseas markets. Making the incorrect choice can imply spending too a great deal or shopping for too little. Both errors can stunt the increase of your business. How do you make the right decision?
Here are some suggestions for you. 😉

heat press machine (1. Pressure: The heat press calenders want to have consistent, even heat at some point of the vicinity or inconsistent color should result. Once into the larger-format sized on a flatbed, the heaters have to have at least two heated zones. One area alone will now not do enough job in maintaining the temperature even.

(2. Weight: One way to determine the first-rate of a heat press machine is the weight. The heavier it is, the better. If you suppose the weight of a heat press switch computing device does no longer correspond with the size, don’t buy it.

rotary heat transfer machine (3. Size: You ought to only purchase a rotary heat press that accommodates the measurement of cloth you’ll be working on. If you can not make the decision, please contact your producer and they will inform you which one is fantastic for your business.

(4. The Level of Expertise of The Intended User: Whoever will be concerned about the use of the machine has the function to play. If you purchase a heat transfer computing device meant for a seasoned for a newbie, there’ll be a problem. So also is shopping for a warmness transfer computing device for a novice handling an expert level heat switch machine.

rotary heat transfer machine

(5. Temperature: Heat is any other vital feature to hold in mind, and possibly the most important. The machines need to have consistent, even heat at some point in the location or inconsistent coloration may want to result. Once into the larger-format sized on a flatbed, the heaters ought to have at least two heated zones. One region on my own will not do enough job in maintaining the temperature even.

(6. Money: Money being a necessary consideration, a properly rule of thumb is to buy the first-class warmth press from a dependable manufacturer you can afford.

When making an attempt to decide on the satisfactory warmth press for you, it’s essential to think about what type of day by day productivity you require & the stop end result you want to achieve. Then, discover a computer that will assist you to without difficulty reach that goal. Thank you for reading, any questions or comments, please contact us. 🙂

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digital printing paper

Professional Advice For The Digital Sublimation Paper Printing Requires



The digital sublimation paper printing requires specific ink chemistry for the precise types of textile fibers you’ll be decorating. There are four major ink chemistries for textile printing directly onto transfer paper then transfer to fabrics and include disperse dye, acid dye, reactive dye and textile. Acid dyes are reserved for nylon and silk, disperse dyes sublimation paper printing are intended for polyester, and reactive and textile are most commonly used for natural fibers like cotton.

digital printing paper

digital printing paper

The dye-sub paper printing process uses a specific ink type: disperse dyes. Graphics are printed onto transfer paper, which is then placed in a heat press along with the polyester fabric that you’re decorating.


If you’re looking to print directly onto materials like cotton, nylon or silks, roll-to-roll digital sublimation printers are required. It is important to understand that for printing on all non-polyester fabrics, there is no “paper-transfer process” available. The ink chemistries best suited for all of these fabric types require the ink be printed directly onto the fabric. The process is just as it sounds — it involves printing directly onto a roll of “prepared-for-print” fabric. Direct-to-fabric is sometimes also referred to as direct-to-textile or direct-to-garment printing.

heat transfer paper

heat transfer paper

The heat turns the dried, solid inks into a gas, penetrating the polyester to create a permanent graphic. Polymers in the polyester allow the dye sublimation inks to bond and become fully embedded into the material. The result is a completely washable, high-resolution image consisting of vibrant colors.


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Some Useful Tips about Roller Heating Machine

Roller heating machine is used along with large printers that imprint designs on articles like curtains, banners and fabric for furniture. As we all known, the heat press is a large format machine. So, before operating it, we should pay attention some tips to avoid misuse of the roller heating machine, even the personal safety of accident loss.

roller heating machine

1. User must be in accordance with the machine rated power optional power supply wire and install a dedicated leakage protection switch.

2.This machine must be installed in ventilation, bright place around the machine shall not be less than 5 m space, vertical and horizontal installation.

3.Boot before the machine outside must be firmly grounded separately, or it may cause serious personal injury accident.

rotary heat press4.Work abnormal conditions should immediately stop the check. While the blanket out of the drum, cooling fan to help prevent damage to the carpet belt.

5.The operator must strictly abide by the ban flag in various parts of the rotary drum heat press machine operation.

6.Thermal machinery, in the course of the shaft stick or the heating element and the size of the bearing may be due to thermal expansion of the relationship will be issued a number of sound, which is a normal phenomenon, do not panic.

7.Chassis control circuit board and inverter, usually should be kept clean, there can be conductive dust and other metal items are dropped. Turn electrical protection cover shall not be open, be careful to electric shock.

rotary heat transfer machine

8.The need to replace the heating element, reducer, heat conduction oil, , must use a special model of the company, shall not be allowed to modify, replace.

9.Fever cylinder appearance after special treatment shall not be corrosive liquids scrub with a hard object into the scratch.

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