What Are The Differences Between UV Printer & Solvent Printer?

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What Are The Differences Between UV Printer & Solvent Printer?

Do you fully understand what the differences are between UV printer and solvent printer? Today, I will briefly introduce it.

UV printing machine with the led light uses ultraviolet curing technology to print. While solvent printer mixes solvent and pigment to create a liquid ink that evaporates to leave a hard layer of ink. It is used to produce large format signage and the inks are solvent -based. Unlike the uv printer, which is virtually harmless to people surrounding, solvent printer will release toxic and hazardous gas. This is the main reason why more and more enterprises switch to uv printer for their business.

The advantages of uv printer:

1. Rapid drying time – UV printer with the led light can dry in several seconds, it requires extremely short time to wait to dry, allowing you to do the next operations straight away.

2. Almost various materials available – It suits for flexible and rigid materials as well, including the paper and non- paper substrates.

3. Higher quality of printing results with the uv printer and less prone to scratches and fade.

4. More environmentally friendly – It won’t release toxic and hazardous gas.

So, compared to solvent printer, uv printer has more obvious advantages in wide range of printing materials, improved technology, safer printing, sharper images and faster printing speed. If you are considering upgrading your current printer and business, it’ s wiser to invest in uv printer.

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