You Should Know Something About Sublicotton Paper

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You Should Know Something About Sublicotton Paper

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As we all know, sublimation transfer is not suitable for pure cotton fabric. In this time, you should rely on sublicotton paper.

sublicotton paper

What is sublicotton paper?

sublicotton paper is different from sublimation paper. Compare to sublimation paper, it more soft and conventient. Moreover, it can suitable for 100% cotton fabric whatever white or light cotton garments.

What will be bring to you by use sublicotton transfer paper?

subli cotton paper suitable for common sublimation ink. it can save money and put competitive color by use subli-cotton paper. you need one step to transfer image to the garments, it is the best solution for you to improve your effectiveness.


sublicotton step

How to use this special paper?

1. Place the fabric on the Heat Press plate.
2. Put the rough side of the Subli-Cotton on the fabric.
3. Place the printed side of the sublimation paper on the Subli-Cotton paper and press.
4. Set a recommended time and temperature of 190℃ and 60 seconds.
5. Remove the paper once the press is finished.

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