Why Apple Companies Require 100% To Use Sublimation Direct Printing ?

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Why Apple Companies Require 100% To Use Sublimation Direct Printing ?

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Before talking about sublimation direct printing, I saw a news on the internet.

Not long ago, Apple Inc. required all of its flagship advertising light boxes to be 100% sublimation direct printing.It is far more than this company, other well-known brands such us Jewelry industry,Garment Industry also use sublimation direct printing.

What is sublimation direct printing?

Sublimation direct inkjet machine directly onto a coated fabric substrate. It is use sublimation ink. Meanwhile, unlike direct printing on textile, sublimation transfer printing has 2 steps. The first  is the image digitally printed on the special paper with the light ink absorption. Then, the printed paper placed on a sublimatable textile item. At last, both are need  about 20~45 seconds at 180-230 Celsius degrees in a heat press machine.

Advantages of the sublimation direct printing?

Sublimation direct inkjet printing has many advantages, such us convenient installation,light transportation,excellent display effect and environment protection. These advantages solves the pain points of traditional advertising materials.


At present, most of the advertising light box products on the domestic market use internal and external light cloth, PP, light film and other medium printing. But the problems such as product homogeneity, processing and installation complexity and non-environmental protection severely limit the display effect and brand image transmission.

Some problems need to pay attention in the process of use direct inkjet printer?

Use direct injection equipment need to pay attention to such points. Including ink supply interruption, Murphy mold blockage, unreasonable ink cartridge and other problems. Therefore, to avoid these problems, we have to choose a good direct injection printing machine. And in order to control the shade, reduce color, we have to control the steaming, sizing and other steps.

How to choose sublimation direct inkjet printer?

Direct inkjet printer is rapidly emerging as the go to solution for the production of flags,banners,trade show display and more. If you want to select direct inkjet printer you can choose SUBLIATAR. we can offers a full range of direct inkjet printer. Epson, MIMAKI,ROLAND,MUTOH,ORIC with epson DX5 and 5113 print heads. If you want to buy direct inkjet printer, 3 factors you can consider:

1.Service and support
SUBLISTAR offers nationwide service on our print platforms. We understands production is essential to the profitability of your business. We aim to provide best in class service and support.
2.Color quality
SUBLISTAR color management professionals will full optimize your print environment. Minimizing ink consumption while maximizing the color gamut of your print platform.
3.Make sure it fits
SUBLISTAR simply wants to provide you with the right equipment for your unique application. Our staff will assist you through the product selection process.

How to print high-quality, excellent results, green dye-sublimation printing products that to seize a large number of international brands. This direct inkjet machine can fulfill you requirements.




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