When We Buy A Large Format Printer, We Should Also Consider Environment Friendly

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When We Buy A Large Format Printer, We Should Also Consider Environment Friendly

Environment considerations: sustainability

Businesses today should take a look at how their office equipment impacts the environment. This relates to waste, recyclability, energy consumption and printer emissions and it takes into account the hardware (or machine itself) as well as all consumable products. Why is it important? Ignoring environmental implications of using office equipment may lead to unnecessary waste and high energy consumption.

When We Buy A Large Format Printer, We Should Also Consider Environment Friendly.


The first thing that springs to mind when thinking of waste is the ink cartridges or residual toner disposal. This is usually your prime consideration. But, what about prints that cannot be used due to poor quality, printed at the wrong location, or simply because the prints are not correct? Waste can also occur as a result of trimming when the wrong media size was loaded.


  • Amount of waste generated: how much waste are empty ink cartridges or toner bottles generating?

Check to see what the capacity of an ink cartridge or toner bottle is to estimate how often these need to be replaced.

  • Poor-quality prints: how much waste is being generated as a result of misprints. How often do you need to throw away prints due to insufficient quality or simply because the outcome is not what you wanted the printer to do?
  • Waste as a result of trimming: how much paper do you throw away as a result of trimming?

Check to see if the printer can hold different media sizes to avoid unnecessary trimming.

When We Buy A Large Format Printer, We Should Also Consider Environment Friendly.


When selecting a large format printer recycling plays an obvious role in the area of ink cartridges collection and residual toner disposal. However, the printer itself can also be recycled.


  • Printer recyclability: does the manufacturer maintain a cradle-to-cradle philosophy so that old printers can be refurbished, reused or remanufactured?

Consider if the printer manufacturer has a remanufacturing program in place.

III. Energy consumption In the technical specifications you can find the energy consumption of large format printers when actually printing. However to get a complete picture of the energy that a printer consumes, it is good to consider how the machine is used on a typical day.


  • Energy consumption: what is the actual energy that a printer consumes?

To get a better idea of the energy consumption of your large format printer, estimate how long the printer will likely go into sleep mode, how often will it be used per day and what type of printing it is doing.

  • Cooling: Does the room in which the large format printer is placed need to be cooled? In many cases the heat dispersed by the printer needs to be compensated by energy guzzling air conditioning, meaning your energy bill is higher.When We Buy A Large Format Printer, We Should Also Consider Environment Friendly.

When shopping for a large format printer, consider the printer’s waste, recyclability and energy consumption, so you know ahead of time what to expect and what you can do to better serve the environment.

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The Future of Dye-Sublimation Printing to 2021

Today we are going to introduce an article for you. The Future of Dye-Sublimation Printing to 2021.


This new market report from Smithers Pira provides in-depth, long-term assessment of the rapidly evolving market for this print technology.

2021 Change currency:

The Future of Dye-Sublimation Printing to 2021 provides data and an exclusive analysis designed for organisations at all phases in the value chain looking to capitalise on opportunities in this booming segment. Additionally, this report examines global and key regional markets for dye sublimation print. It then segments the data by fabric media (polyester, polyester blends, polyester-coated fabric, and other); ink type and print process; and end-use application (apparel, home décor, technical textiles, and visual signage). This is contextualised with analysis of the state of the art in dye sublimation printing and expert analysis of the technical and market drivers that are fuelling growth.

Our exclusive content:
  • In-depth, long-term assessment of the global dye sublimation printing market; by ink type, substrate, print process, and equipment type.
  • The market and technical drivers operating across the dye sublimation and textile print industry through to 2021 and how these will impact the market over that time period.
  • 81 tables and figures providing analyses of key drivers shaping the industry.


What methodology is used in 2021?

The Future of Dye-Sublimation Printing to 2021 is based on a combination of in-depth primary and secondary research. Primary research included interviews targeting all stages of the global dye sublimation value chain. Secondary research was based on a thorough literature analysis of market and company reports, magazine and journal abstracts, Smithers Pira’s conference papers, international print and manufacturer bodies, the international trade press and research from a variety of sources on print, paper and equipment. This process has placed Smithers in a unique position to forecast and analyse future growth in the dye sublimation segment from 2016-2021.

What will you discover?
  • Extensive data to help plan future strategic decisions for your dye sublimation and digital textile print business.
  • An exclusive and comprehensive insight of the dye sublimation industry with market sizes and trends forecast to 2021.
  • Comprehensive market data quantifying the global dye sublimation printing market by print volume (000’ m2) and value (€ million).
Who should buy this report?
  • Ink and dye suppliers
  • Textile printer manufactures
  • Print service providers and buyers in the apparel and textile signage markets
  • Brand owners, retailers and other end-users
  • Consultants and analysts

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