Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing VS Direct Sublimation Printing: Know the Difference Now

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Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing VS Direct Sublimation Printing: Know the Difference Now

The direct sublimation printing and sublimation heat transfer printing both are not the new terms for those who are working in the direct to garment printing and sublimation printing fields like sportswear printing, textile printing, advertising printing and other personalized printing stuff. But, which among these both is more useful? What is the difference between direct sublimation and heat transfer press technology? Let’s find it out here in this article.

What is direct sublimation printing?

Direct sublimation printing – Printing directly on pretreated fabricSublimation printing is direct printing on pretreated polyester fabric without using transfer paper. After direct printing, the polyester is heated for color production and fixation. Facility investment is required, but production costs are lower than those for sublimation heat transfer printing.

Here is an image below can help you understand direct sublimation printing process:

What is sublimation transfer printing?

Imprints a printed image of the transfer paper on the polyester fabric.

First, the image is printed on transfer paper. Second, the printed surface of the transfer paper is placed on the polyester fabric and the two are pressesd together at high temperature. The molecular chains of the fibers break on heating, and the sublimation ink molecules are caught between the fiber molecules and fixed on the fabric.

Here is an image below can help you understand sublimation transfer printing process:

If you’re not sure which process best fits your needs, we would love to explore these technologies further with you to match you with the right printer. Our textile print specialists can go through both processes to make sure that you have the right ways for your business. Click here to learn more about our available printers or give us a call at (86)025-83228894.

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