General Knowledge And Characteristics Of Sublimation Ink

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General Knowledge And Characteristics Of Sublimation Ink

what is the process of use sublimation ink

Put sublimation ink on special paper by heating. In the shortest possible time,
the image will be made of fine porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics and
other materials. It is noteworthy that the photo has vivid colors, images clear,
and can storage permanently . Certainly, it very suitable for personalized
development needs of the market.

sublimation ink

the characteristics of sublimation ink

Sublimation inks are mostly formulated with disperse dyes for textiles. In fact,
Disperse dyes are widely use in textile printing and dyeing because of their
saturated color and good weather-ability. So far, disperse dyes are still one of the
main raw materials in the printing and dyeing industry. Meanwhile, the traditional textile printing and dyeing industry has a serious problem of environmental pollution in the process of dyeing with disperse pigments, and is not suitable for small-batch production. Sublimation ink uses a lot.

sublimation printing

Compared to other ink

Compare to other inks, sublimation transfer ink at high temperatures so that
thermal transfer ink sublimation, infiltration of the media surface, after the
condensation, the image can be form.

Therefore, sublimation ink does not form a film on the surface of the medium, and the image does not fall off, not cracked, and lightfastness, a long time will not fade.


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Sublimation Ink Printing Will Fade It And Why

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Sublimation ink is the basic material of thermal transfer. It has good product performance. Meanwhile, the image of sublimation ink printing  has high quality, this ink do not block the printer head. For sublimation printing,Why print out the picture will not fade it?

sublimation ink

 1.Water resistance

I believe many people have such a concern. For printing images, after a period of time, the image will be fade by the surrounding liquid.

Sublimation ink can better withstand the erosion of liquid and other substances. For this point, the use of professional sublimation ink printing will have good water resistance. In this case, the quality of the product will not be affected even if the liquid gets in the product.

sublimation printing

 2. Light fastness

Sublimation ink has good light fastness. it can well withstand the impact of the sun. As we all know, the general picture of long-term exposure to direct sunlight environment. It is may fade when affected by sun.

Different brands of sublimation ink quality is different. When buying a product, the quality of sublimation ink will always be related to various factors. From these points of view, you want to ensure quality when buying sublimation inks do not place too much emphasis on price factors.


More importantly, the quality of the product should have a correct understanding. Only in this way can you really buy your own product.

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Save Money By Using Sublimation Ink Correctly

Transfer Sublimation Ink is essential for pictorial machine operation, but sublimation ink consumption is a bit less noticeable. Ink is a consumable, saving unnecessary sublimation ink can save money and increase your profit.  So, how can we reduce the amount of ink used?

sublimation ink

First, look at where ink is mainly consumed:

1.color coverage

Different color coverage, ink consumption is also different, the same size hundred percent coverage than the consumption of larger than 10 percent.

2.setting accuracy

The same figure, the higher the printing accuracy, the better the effect of playing, the greater the consumption of sublimation ink.

high resolution ink

3.waste sublimation ink

Photo machine will produce waste ink.  The amount of waste ink and the stability of the machine has a close relationship. Cleaning the nozzle is the main source of waste ink.



1.Reasonably adjust the screen image

Pictorial machine advertising screen design, we can reasonably adjust the screen images, text color tone, the contents of the concentrated clever layout. You can reduce the single-color large-area printing, ink droplets too thick, and appear photo machine consumption Ink is too large.

ink applications

2.Set “print quality”

Print charts and text, print quality requirements are not high. Then you can print mode “print quality” set to “high-speed mode”, so that both to meet customer’s print requirements, and not fluent. And print faster.

3.Reduce photo machine boot times

Reduce the photo machine boot times.Because the device once every pneumatic automatic cleaning nozzle and initialize, and the ink delivery ink system ink, so a lot of ink is wasted.


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