Lets Try Our Hot Selling Dye Sublimation Ink

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Lets Try Our Hot Selling Dye Sublimation Ink



As we can see, in dye sublimation printing, images are printed in reverse onto transfer paper. After printing, a heat press or calender fixes the images onto polyester-based textiles. The heat process bonds the images permanently into the fabric. Colours are bright and vibrant. Outputs are durable & washable. Importantly, unlike other inkjet technologies, the sublimation process does not affect the handling and feel of the material.

sublimation ink

sublimation ink

Water-based dye sublimation inks, available in bulk bottles, will enable you to lower your cost per copy. Paper prints are produced faster, which increases your productivity. You work with uncoated low-cost readily available polyester fabrics. Plus you offer a higher end luxurious product with premium appearance, touch and feel, which can be sold at a higher price compared to regular vinyl, paper and banner prints.

dye sub ink

dye sub ink

Using Sublistar’s water-based sublimation inks and easily available uncoated recyclable polyester-based materials means there is no need for forced ventilation, as the inks are free from harmful VOCs and hazardous components. The prints are also odourless.


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How To Judge The Quality Of Dye Sublimation Inks?

Definition of sublimation ink:

The sublimation ink is a type of heat transfer ink which is first printed on paper and then transferred onto a substrate. According to the sublimation characteristics of the dye after the sublimation of the ink, the ink is sublimated inside the substrate instead of the surface. Under certain conditions of temperature, pressure and time, the ink is sublimated from the printing paper onto the fabric (such as sportswear, non-woven bags, clothing, handicrafts, metal with layers, etc.). The vapor phase sublimation diffusion enters the interior of the fabric to achieve the purpose of coloring.

dye sublimation ink

Criteria for judging sublimation inks include:

1. Environmental protection
Because digital printing products will touch the skin, many are also used for export, the demand for environmental protection is high, so sublimation ink is necessary water-based (water base) ink.

2. Color fastness
Color fastness, including washing fastness, dry rubbing fastness, soaping fastness, etc., color fastness is also an important measure of the role of printing norms, (that is, no fade). Usually, the use of excellent printing ink printed products, color fastness at 3-4 levels.

3. Fluency
Sublimation ink should do nanoscale filter, less impurities in the ink, ink molecular weight is small, adjust the appropriate physical and chemical parameters according to the printing machine, so as to ensure long-term printing successive printing. Fluency is the fundamental quality of sublimation ink to ensure that poor fluency means that the printing process will show the status of ink, affecting the role of the final product.

4. Color saturation
The color of the printed goods is beautiful, can reach or even beyond the traditional printing color, so it is also an important measure of sublimation ink norms.

sublimation ink

5. Storage stability
Whether the ink is suitable for a long time storage, storage process will not occur in the chemical or physical reactions caused by deterioration of the ink function.

6. Batch differences
Sublimation ink suppliers can supply long, stable, consistent quality of the ink.

We Nanjing Fei Yue Digital is a company specializing in sublimation transfer printing equipment and materials. We provide the best quality product in a affordable price. If you are looking for a partner and are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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Can we Sublimate on the Dark Fabric with Sublimation Transfer Ink?

Since sublimation printing has a lower cost for entry than other forms of printing, many people are eager to sublimate on light and dark fabrics but, as of right now, it doesn’t work that way. Actually, sublimation can only be done on light colored polyester fabrics or poly coated items. Do you know why? Sublimation transfer ink is an main factor.

sublimation transfer ink

Technically we sublimate on a dark shirt if it’s polyester. But, we will hardly see the design or image. It’s just like spray painting grafitti on a wall. We choose a light colored wall. Use white paint on a dark wall. Unfortunately, there’s no white sublimation transfer ink. Inkjet printers can’t print white either.

dye sublimation inkThe second reason that sublimation printing won’t work with dark colors is the lack of a white underbase to make the colors stand out. Sublimation transfer ink only works on polyester, so laying down an undercoat of white would require something that had polyester fibers in it, which may not even be possible when it comes to ink.

Generally speaking, dye sublimation printing only works with lighter colors. It is recommended primarily for white, as white will not interfere with the colors of the digital sublimation ink. If you do choose to sublimate on a light color, please understand that the color of the fabric will have an impact on the color of your ink. Oftentimes the tone on tone color contrasts are attractive, but the fact that garment color can alter ink color slightly should be kept in mind.

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