What Should We Do When the Dye Sublimation Ink Clogged the Print Head?

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What Should We Do When the Dye Sublimation Ink Clogged the Print Head?

A clogged print head can lead to many troubles during the process of sublimation printing. So, what should we do when the dye sublimation ink clogged the print head? Of course, the answer is we need to clean it. Here are some common ways and you can choose a suitable one. 😉Dye Sublimation Ink


1. Water
For dye sublimation ink manufacturer, the ink must be able to dissolve in the medium in which it is made. So many sublimation ink manufactures also produce cleaning solution. But generally speaking, the water performs as well as cleaning solution.
You can use water to dissolve or soften the blockage. Sit the print head in a bowl of water for few hours. Most print heads can be submerged underwater as long as you dry up the contact points before inserting back in the printer.Sublimation Ink


2. Increase Temperature
Since different substances are made from different atoms, increased temperature will affect their dissolving to different extents. Therefore, you should use hot water when you soak the print head. And the temperature can be somewhere between 90 °F – 120 °F.

3. Push the ink out
Drill a hole on the cartridge and use syringe to push digital textile ink downward, then wash the print head under hot running water.

4. Purchase Machine
If you think manual cleaning is too troublesome, you can invest a machine to help you. For example, buying a steaming machine which will increases the temperature and the steam, and it can keep printer head moisturized. Or buying a ultrasonic cleaner like the one used in cleaning jewelry or medical equipment which will help you clean your print heads quickly.Digital Sublimation Ink


Clogged printer heads can be a nuisance and cost extra money during the process of sublimation printing. So, try to clean your print heads frequently and use high quality digital sublimation ink which will be beneficial for your sublimation printing business. Thank you for you reading. 🙂

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Sublimation Ink – What Should We Pay Attention to When Replacing It?

Sublimation printer usually use different sublimation ink, but because of different inks have different chemical reagents and different solutions, and chemical composition and color composition of the system have a certain difference, therefore, in the high frequency of the replacement process , A little carelessness will cause a certain degree of damage to the machine. So what should we pay attention to when replacing ink?

sublimation ink


1.Pigment ink conversion, especially when the pigment to the dye conversion, please clear the original ink, and then use the cleaning solution or pure water to clean the pipeline, otherwise the chemical substances in the ink may be a chemical reaction plug the nozzle.

2.The use of hot foam machine users, in the filling of the sublimation ink must be empty when the air, otherwise it will cause the ink head burning, reduce the nozzle life, or may cause damage to the ink head, or print broken ink.

3.The use of new dye sublimation ink, because the ink head and ink need to have a fusion time, within a few hours within the test strip broken line for the normal phenomenon; such as monochrome or all not ink, or prolonged use, (Less than two-thirds) or excessive (enriched) in the ink bag, or in the presence of air in the pipe, scraping the waste ink, Pipe air and handle the ink bag parts, as well as clean the net part.

sublimation ink

4.The piezoelectric machine is best to print test drawings every day to keep the nozzle wet; long-term shutdown, the boot once a week to ensure that the ink pipeline and ink head moist.

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What is Difference between Dye Sublimation Ink and Pigment ink?

Inkjet printers use either dye sublimation ink or pigment ink. Each has its own characteristics. If you use the wrong type of ink, it may result in poor image quality or reduced print life.

Sublistar Dye Sublimation Ink

Sublistar Dye Sublimation Ink


Dye Sublimation Ink also known as Digital Textile Sublimation Ink. It is a special type of ink used for dye sublimation printers, which are commonly used to produce vivid, full-color, photo-quality images that resist peeling, cracking, and washing away from various types of substrates. It begins by the introduction of heat and then controlled using pressure and time. For hard items like metals, ceramic, fiber board, and similar types of materials, a special coating on the printing surface is usually required so that the material will accept the dye sublimation ink. Without this coating, the print is likely to fade away and crack easily.

Sublimation Transfer Ink

Pigment Inks use tiny particles of colored material to provide ink color, rather than paper-staining dyes. Pigment inks are comprised of tiny, encapsulated particles that sit on top of the paper, instead of being absorbed into a paper is fibers, which is what happens with dyes. For T-shirt printing on dark based / light based cotton materials with transfer papers, it is good to use pigment inks because it is waterproof. Most pigment ink printers may use up to eight different ink colors: cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow, light gray, medium gray and black. This ink is much more stable than dye-based inks and can last more than 200 years on some paper types, under ideal (museum-quality lighting and framing) conditions.

Sublimation Printing
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