How to Choose a Good Textile Printing Machine for Your Buisness?

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How to Choose a Good Textile Printing Machine for Your Buisness?

A good digital printing machine has a great essential to textile printing. You can choose a good textile printing machine by several aspects below:

Epson Surecolor F9200

1.The print heads of the printer

As the most important component and major consumptive material, print head plays a decisive role in choosing a digital fabric printing machine. It can decide the accuracy, ink jet capacity, print speed of a machine and cost of production etc. We should consider the fabric type,cost estimate, requirements of production efficiency and other factors when choosing printheads.

2.The accuracy of nozzles

The higher accuracy of nozzle is, the higher color accuracy printed out is. We should consider the accuracy of digital printing nozzles in the need of printing out a clear and natural color patterns.

digital printing

3.Right type of ink

We should notice three points. First of all, the choice of color. According to the requirement and the type of materials, there are four-colors ink, six-colors ink and eight-colors ink etc. In general, the more colors ink you print, the better color saturation and color effects you get. Secondly, the ink used into textile printing is generally classified as: acidity ink, activity ink, sublimation ink and pigment ink. It should be used according to the material of the fabric. Select the printing ink that has great color and performance to the fabric. Thirdly, the brand and model of ink. Generally speaking, the ink is developed for the brand and model of the nozzle. Notice that if the ink is the right for the nozzle. Besides, whether the ink is fluent or vivid, or environmental protection and so on needs to be considered, too.

4.Technical service of manufacturer

Digital textile printing machine is a high and new technology equipment. So, the R & D capabilities, and after-sales service capacity of its manufacturer is very important. We advise you to choose a reliable manufacturer when you buy a digital textile printing machine.

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In the use of inkjet printers, adding ink is also a common operation. How much ink is left? What should I pay attention to when adding ink to the cartridge? Today, I will share with you the inking process needs to pay attention to matters.

Kiian sublimation ink

When you add ink, you should see if it completely damaged the ink cartridge. You can test it with water beforehand. If the ink is renewed, the original ink cartridge should be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise a chemical reaction will occur due to the mixing of two different inks, resulting in plugging.

Some users use the cleaning function on the machine for convenience. In fact, this is not good. It is best to wash it several times with water until you see clear water. When changing ink, it must be in moderation. Some users need to add ink to each other in order to save trouble. This will cause the ink cartridge to leak ink during use. And the leaked ink may wet the inside of the inkjet printer. The other parts are so damaged that the inkjet printer is damaged.

sublimation printingAfter loading the ink, it is best not to put the ink cartridge back into the cartridge holder, let it sit for a few minutes and then put it on, so that the ink will slowly penetrate into the corners of the sponge pad to ensure the ultimate print quality. Also, it is to avoid exposing the ink cartridge to the air for a long time, which is easy to produce dry clogging. Finally, remind the majority of inkjet printer users, do not wait until the ink is used up. It is best to add ink to the ink cartridge when there is 10% left in the ink. If you can’t see the remaining amount of ink, you have to observe the printing effect. I found that there is a broken line in the printed image and I should add ink.

We FeiYue Digital Technology Co., Ltd mainly manages sublimation paper, inkjet printer, digital printing inks, calendering machines and accessories, operating this industry has been more than 10 years experience. After continuous improvement of the product, to ensure product quality can also be profit at the same time to the minimum, to ensure that customers enjoy the best price and the best quality products.

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What Influence the Sublimation Printing Quality?

   What will influence the quality of the sublimation printing?Here are some common reasons.sublimation ink

   1. Temperature and time
   The sublimation transfer process requires the temperature to be controlled in the 180℃~230℃, the time is about 10~30s, at the same time pay attention to the reasonable allocation of temperature and time.

   2. The sublimation ink
   Dye sublimation ink should have good transfer rate and permeability. and reach a certain fastness index, the molecular weight is 230~380.

sublimation printing

   3. The pressure when heat pressing
   When the pressure is not enough, there will be a big gap between transfer paper and fabric, this will lead to poor result. If the pressure is far to enough, it is easy to produce deformation, which will lead to failure printing.

   4. Other factorssublimation printing

   The sublimation paper quality should be taken into consideration, the sample test is essential before bulk production, and make sure the sublimation paper and fabric are close enough when heat pressing.

   There may many other reasons. But as long as you pay attention to the whole process, you will learn a lot of sublimation printing.

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