Can the Dye Sublimation Printing Process Work on Dark Substrates?

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Can the Dye Sublimation Printing Process Work on Dark Substrates?

Dye sublimation is a popular method used for transferring images onto a base material or substrate. The substrate can be a polyester fabric, a polyester-coated coaster, or any other material that can hold sublimation ink during the heating process. Polyester ensures crisp, lasting print results as it is tougher than most fabric types.

However, one of the most common questions regarding the sublimation printing process is if the ink can be printed on dark substrates. It is possible to use dark colored substrates, but the final results will not be great.It is therefore better to use a light polyester fabric or polyester-coated item to ensure the best results.


Why the sublimation process does not work on dark substrates?

During the sublimation process, a special ink dyes the fibers of a polyester fabric (substrate). Through the use of heat and pressure, solid particles of the sublimation dye Sublimation printingink convert into a gas, without becoming a liquid state during the sublimation process. The gaseous particles then bond with the fibers of the fabric.  To put it in another way, the ink particles dye the fibers. They will become part of the substrate. You can dye darker substrates or fabrics. But, you will not be able to notice any difference in the final product.

Another reason why sublimation does not work on dark substrates is the lack of a white under-base before the application of color. A white under-base can make the print colors stand out. As sublimation ink only supports polyester, you would have to use a white under-base with polyester fibers in it.

In a nutshell, dark colors can create distorted prints. It is better to use a light substrate since it will not mix with the color of the ink.


Dye sublimation is more economical than other printing methods. In addition, the process helps produce vibrant print results that are permanently embedded into a substrate. The final images do not fade, crack or wash away, even after multiple uses.

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What are the characters of Sublimation Papers in Different Weights?

Now on the market, you can find many different weight of sublimation papers like 45gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm sublimation papers. But do you know how to choose a suitable one for your business? And do you know what’s the difference between them? You will meet those problem, and today I will introduce for you.

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45/60/70sgm sublimation transfer paper suit to high speed machine. Like MSJP series, REGGIANI printer. In usual, those type, we make with jumbo rolls like 5000M, 10,000M

80/90gsm sublimation paper suit to light image printing, because 80/90gsm paper are thinner than 100gsm paper. If your image need too much more ink, 80gsm paper will shrink. Meanwhile you need to control the humidity in 40%-60%. In this way, your paper won’t wrinkling.

100gsm sublimation paper suit to textile which requires lots of ink. For example, printing a large area of dark color, you need to choose 100gsm due that 100gsm paper are more thickness, and it can absorb more ink and it won’t shrink.

If your fabric is elastic, sticky sublimation paper is your best choice. At present, 100gsm sticky paper is the most popular in the market, and it can avoid double printing image on the fabric.

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What’s the Benefit of Using Tacky Sublimation Paper?

Tacky sublimation paper is only one kind out of many, but it has some very useful properties that can make a printing job go much easier.

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How can tacky sublimation paper help?

Tacky sublimation paper is, as you might have surmised from its name, sticky on one side. This is the side that the sublimation ink is printed on, so when you are ready to print your fabric or other product, you can stick the paper onto the product and reposition it as needed. There are two types of tacky sublimation paper; some are tacky to the touch and will stay put when you press it, while others have a chemical that causes it to become tacky once the heat of the heat press activates it. Once it is where you would like it to stay, pressing firmly around the paper will ensure it stays put if it is not the heat-activated tacky paper. It is tacky enough that it will stay put, without being so sticky that it is difficult to remove once the heat press is applied.

How do I know if tacky sublimation paper is right for me?

If you know that you will want to work quickly and accurately without worrying about ruined products, sticky sublimation paper may be right for you. Some people prefer the ease of movement that comes with the non-tacky paper, so it may take some trial and error on your part to decide which kind will best fit your needs. You also need to take your printer into consideration. Right now, tacky paper is only available in rolls, so if your printer is small enough that it only takes sheets, without upgrading equipment it is not likely that tacky paper will work for you. While some people have tried cutting up the sheets, most have found it difficult to store, as they stick to each other when stacked.

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