How Sublimation Paper Printing & Heat Transfer Working With Each Other?

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sublimation paper

How Sublimation Paper Printing & Heat Transfer Working With Each Other?



If you doing sublimation paper printing, you will not strange with the heat press, do you know how they working with each other? Today we will analysis the detail for you.

sublimation paper

sublimation paper

As we all know the parts of sublimation paper, paper base coating with the special power, the most import among this is the power, usually we called it sublimation coating, so do you know how it works when do the sublimation printing?There are many small holes in the water removal layer, after the ink receiving layer absorbs the sublimation ink, those small holes in the water removal layer, they will absorb the water or solvent quickly, to help the paper drying very fast. Those small holes are round, or like balls, the diameter is 0.3-2um. According to our research, the round balls could help absorb the water or solvent the most than other shapes, that why all of our sublimation paper adopt this type of formula.

sublimation paper

sublimation paper

The content of the water removal layer is about 2-3 grams. It can be too much or too less. If too less, then it can not absorb the water or solvent in time, then the paper dries very slowly. It also can not be too much, because if there are too much balls, they will absorb the sublimation dye after they absorb all the waters or solvents, then those sublimation dyes are unable to be transferred, the transfer result will not be very good. We have one type of sublimation paper, named “instant dry”, it dries faster than the”fast dry” type, but the transfer efficiency is not as good as “fast dry”, is because the water removal layer is more than 2-3 grams. That’s how it works .

sublimation paper

sublimation paper

With this beautiful solution, all our sublimation transfer papers don’t have the drying problems, including ourtacky sublimation paper 100grams. On the other hand, more and more clients are using the high speed MS JP4 ,MS JP7 or Reggiani with jumbo roll paper 1000mts, 3000mts, our fast dry sublimation paper 100gsm also works pretty good. Now in china, there are MS -JP7 printers, they are all using our sublimation paper 70gsm, 1000 meters per roll. If you want to have a try, contact us directly.

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How Much Do You Know About Environment Friendly Sublimation Paper?

Environmental protection is the trend of all walks of life. However, today, global warming, melting of glaciers, disappearance of rainforests, and extinction of species are all closely linked to our future lives. How can you, I, and he remain indifferent? How much do you know about environment friendly sublimation paper?

EVO series fast dry smooth printing sublimation transfer paper brought us a great opportunity. On the one hand, it provided us with the demand for paper. On the other hand, high cost performance was the best choice for many businesses.

EVO series fast dry sublimation paper has the following unparalleled advantages:

1.Lowest price, reduce the overall cost of the business

2.Environmentally-friendly paper, it is our obligatory obligation to protect the earth

3.Hight speed printing allows businesses to make efficient things in the least amount of time

4.Quick dry, time is the merchant’s money

5.Smooth printing, let you feel the texture and softness of high-end paper

6.High transfer release, make your fabric colorful, bright colors

We FeiYue Digital Technology Co., Ltd mainly manages sublimation paper, inkjet printer, digital printing inks, calendering machines and accessories, operating digital printing industry has been more than 10 years experience. After continuous improvement of the product, to ensure product quality can also be profit at the same time to the minimum, to ensure that customers enjoy the best price and the best quality products.

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Quick Guide for Choosing the Right Kind of Sublimation Paper!

When you want to get into the business of making goods with transferred images, you have a lot to consider. The biggest factor is the type of transfer process you will use. Heat transfer is the most popular because the only special requirements are to use an inkjet printer and sublimation paper. However, how exactly do you go about choosing that heat transfer paper? Check out this quick guide to choose the right kind of paper for you.

1.When it Comes to Color

The color of the product you plan to transfer to plays a big role in the sublimaion transfer paper that you use. You want to be sure that when buying the paper. That you are buying the paper meant for the color of the product you are transferring to, be they light or dark. You should also be consider whether you want the end result to have a glossy finish or just be matte colored. This can also affect the way that the transfer works on the product.

2.Have the Right Printer

Heat transfer paper is made for use in either inkjet printers or laser printers. So, it is important that you have the right type of printer. You cannot use another type of printer, just as you cannot use an ink jet heat transfer paper in a laser printer. This can cause the print to not come out right, which will make the transfer not work.

3.The Material You Want to Use

If you want to print on more than just shirts, then be sure that the heat transfer paper you buy is made to be transferred to those types of products. This paper is extremely versatile and can be used on a number of different surfaces, but it is always good to double check that it will work with materials other than cotton and polyester, such as leather and nylon.

4.The Type of Heat That it Needs

The heat transfer process relies on nothing but what else, heat. But, you want to be sure that the sublimation paper you buy does not require a specific level or amount of heat that you are unable to provide. While this is unlikely to be a problem, it is something to be aware of, especially if you are going to be buying a bulk of heat transfer paper from an online source that is targeted at businesses.

When you need help finding your perfect sublimation transfer paper, just feel free to contact us. We have all sorts of sublimation transfer printing products, from papers, inks, inkjet printer to heat press machine and kinds of accessories.

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