Attentions That Need To Take Care When Use Sticky Sublimation Paper

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Attentions That Need To Take Care When Use Sticky Sublimation Paper

The impact of stikcy sublimation paper and fabric bonding strength of the factors, the bonding between the fabric and adhesive paper by the following aspects:

sticky sublimation paper

1. Sticky sublimation paper stickiness grade

2. Fabric type

3. Environmental humidity

4. Customer’s pattern

5. preservation of sticky sublimation paper

For the above phenomenon, we have a simple summary that you should pay attention to in the usage of sticky sublimation transfer paper.

1. Select the appropriate adhesive strength of the sticky sublimation paper (according to fabric, season, pattern);

2. Pay attention to the transfer process of moisture (fabric moisture, paper moisture);

3. Note that the preservation of sticky sublimation paper (unused adhesive paper sealed to save, print the sticky paper in time to transfer).

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What Problems Will Occur When Using Sublimation Paper Roll?

Here’re the problems that will occur when using sublimation paper roll and the solution. Hope this article will be helpful to you.

1.The temperature and humidity of the environment is very important

The ambient humidity of the printing room is preferably controlled at 45-70% RH. If the air is too dry, the transfer paper will be easily warped. At this time, the large ink amount of the inkjet thermal transfer paper may cause the nozzle to rub. A malfunction occurs; excessive moisture in the air causes the drying speed to drop and the transfer paper to be uneven on both sides. Then, the air conditioner is activated in the inkjet printing room. If there is no air conditioner to maintain the balance of temperature and humidity, removing the transfer paper plastic bag 1-2 days before printing allows the transfer paper to balance the moisture in the paper.

sublimation paper roll

2.The paper becomes soft and wrinkles when printing

When the transfer paper absorbs too much moisture in the air, the paper becomes very soft, and it is easy to make the transfer paper wrinkle when passing through the pickup roller. The best remedy is to remove some crepe paper at intervals. The small spring of the wheel reduces the pressing force so that the printer can level the paper feed.

3.Resolve the front and back of the transfer paper

When printing, it is necessary to look at the printing side of the paper. If you can’t determine the printing surface, you can use your fingers to apply some water to the two sides of the transfer paper. The feel is smooth and heavy. When the transfer paper is placed on the printer, be sure to wear fine cloth gloves to avoid dirty fingerprints on the transfer paper.

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How To Store The Printed Sublimation Transfer Paper ?

Sometimes when we print sublimation paper and transfer it, it has a problem that we destroyed the printed sublimation transfer paper so the transfer effect and transfer rate is bad. Here’re some tips for you to place the printed transfer paper in the good place.

sublimation transfer paper

1) Print a good transfer paper, try to do rehearsal storage.

2) Print a good transfer paper, you can put a loose plastic bag roll up after the vertical, plastic bags open to facilitate the transfer of water in the paper to the air volatile.

3) The printed paper is preferably stored in a low humidity environment (humidity ≤55% RH; temperature 15-30 ° C), which facilitates the evaporation of moisture in the transfer paper.

4) Print a good transfer paper, the general requirements in an hour after the transfer, try to store 5 hours later after the transfer, until it can be transferred to dry after drying, if there is no dry to transfer, Moisture at high temperatures will become a steam interference transfer effect, making the aerosol, color and so on. To ensure that each batch of pattern drying degree close to the same color. (Transferring immediately after printing will result in a decrease in transfer rate.)

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