Skyimage New Sublimation Paper with 3 Layers of Coating

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Skyimage New Sublimation Paper with 3 Layers of Coating

   What determine the quality of the sublimation paper? It is the coating. The better coating usually means higher quality sublimation paper. Usually the sublimation paper only have 2 layers of coating, and now we developed a new sublimation paper with 3 layers of coating.

sublimation transfer paper

   1. The first coating: pre-coating
   As we all know, it is hard to guarantee the evenness of the base paper, sometimes you can see some impurities or holes on the paper. Because of that, the surface of the paper will not be smooth, and even hurt the print head when sublimation printing. The pre-coating is a process which can help us make the surface of paper become smooth.

   2. The second coating: sublimation coating
   This is the most important step, and also the essential step for making sublimation transfer paper. This layer are used to absorb the sublimation ink when inkjet printing.
sublimation printing

   3. The final coating: back-coating
   Many paper manufactures will choose back-coating, because it can help the paper become more hard, and then become anti-curl. One of the headache problem for sublimation printers is the crimp of paper, this problem will not only affect the quality of printing, but also harmful for the print head. The back-coating can help you solve this problem effectively.

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Today we will introduce the application of large format paper in several aspects. Many of the common things in life are transferred through large format paper. If you are interested in large format paper, you can feel free to contact us.

sublimation paper

1.Window curtains

The use of curtains is very common. Do not say that every household uses it, or at least 80%~90% people are using it; others use window paper. There are not many styles of curtains, so patterns are very important. The pattern of the curtain is transferred by thermal transfer printing, so large format paper is needed. Because if you use small format paper, width is not enough, need to splice, the finished pattern may break, affect beautiful.


Tablecloth is indispensable to many families. It reflects the pursuit and taste of living environment. The materials and patterns of tablecloths are also important factors affecting people’s choice. If we use large format paper, the pattern of tablecloth will not break under normal circumstances, and it is simple and convenient to operate. Large format paper is the first choice for people.

sublimation printing


In the street, we often see advertisements banners, which are printed on large format sheets. The large format paper transfer content is brightly colored, which is the choice of many advertisers.

Of course, we have many products, such as sublimation paper, sticky sublimation paper,sublimation protective paper, EPSON ink, Mimaki ink, inkjet printer and so on.

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Don’t Know How to Store the Sublimation Paper? We Have Tips.

    Sublimation transfer paper is the special paper which designed for textile digital printing. Learn to store it appropriately can help you make the most use of the sublimation paper.
sublimation paper

   Many people know how to choose the suitable transfer paper for themselves, but some of them know nothing about how to store the paper. You have to know, that inappropriate storage is an important factor which lead to the low-quality printing result. Then, do you know how to store the paper correctly?

   Dye sublimation transfer paper is mostly very weak against moisture. To protect unused papers, it is recommended to store the papers in its original packaging with inner poly bag at 59-86degree F / 15-30degree C and 30-50% RH. Once paper has been opened, store unused paper in ziplock bag. Besides, you should store your paper flat.sublimation paper

   No matter how good your sublimation transfer paper, if you store it in a wrong method, then the quality will becomes very bad. No only sublimation paper, the sublimation ink is suitable for the same principle.



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