How Can We Avoid Humidity Affect Sublimation Printing?

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How Can We Avoid Humidity Affect Sublimation Printing?

Many things may affect the effect of sublimation process, including substrate and sublimation paper. Let’s talk about the common situation:

1. Color shifting (colors lose accuracy)
2. Image bleeding
3.Uneven transfer of solid filled areas of a design.

sublimation printingThe high humidity will influence the drying speed of sublimation paper in sublimation transfer printing process. It will be very low and the worse situation is caused by paper touching the printing head. Most of customers may have this problem. Therefore, it is very important to control indoor humidity.

I suggest each customer should have a hygrometer to measure temperature and relative humidity (RH).

How can we do to avoid the effect of humidity of sublimation printing? So the followings are important humidity factors you should focus:

1.Avoid the moisture that comes with your clothes.

First you should restore your sublimation paper carefully. They should be placed in a cool & dry place to avoid direct sunlight. When dealing with your clothes, if you suspect there may be moisture in it, you can pre-press the clothes for about five seconds to warm it.

sublimation paper

2.Control the indoor humidity

You should control the indoor humidity from 50 to 60%. The 50-60% humidity helps keep paper smooth printing, and also make sublimation paper and sublimation ink dry quick. If the indoor humidity is too high, you can open your air condition to create a dry room of stable humidity and temperature. But it may cost you a lot of budget.

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textile sublimation paper

New Produce Line 75gsm Dye Sublimation paper & 75gsm Tacky Sublimation Paper



Sublistar is pleased to introduce its new line of 75gsm dye-sublimation transfer papers. The line includes four new papers for a variety of applications, including textile, apparel, rigid substrate and multipurpose use. Transfer paper is a vital element in the dye-sublimation printing process. we’ve developed the produce line of dye-sub transfer papers with a proprietary dye ink-receptive coating that handles and performs better than other papers on the market.

textile sublimation paper

textile sublimation paper

We are very excited to expand our dye-sublimation solutions with the new  line of dye-sub transfer papers, specifically engineered to achieve the highest quality color transfer, we provides better handling with a significant monetary value over other dye-sublimation paper brands.


These new sublimation papers provide great imaging and easy release, and cover a wide range of substrate applications that optimize your dye-sub capabilities:


75gsm dye sublimation paper: Ideal for transferring on flexible fabric or rigid substrates, like mugs, promotional items, banners, snowboards and more.Our textile dye sublimation paper suitable for a wide range of flexible polyester fabrics for fast fashion, sportswear, banners, flags and other soft signage.

light weight sublimation paper

light weight sublimation paper

75gsm sticky sublimation paper made with a tacky surface that’s designed to prevent slippage between transfer paper and elastic-type textiles, like moisture-wicking, quick-dry performance sports apparel. Also can use for metal panels used for wall art, table tops, high-end photo art and more.

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How Does Sublimation Base Paper Affect the Quality of Transfer Paper?

In the market, there are two different quality sublimation paper: the high quality one and the economic one. One of the reasons that cause the quality difference is the base paper.

sublimation base paper

1. High Quality base paper
This type of base paper is made up with needlebush pulp(softwood) and broadleaf pulp(hardwood), the ratio is 7:3 normally.

The fiber is longer, it means the intension of the paper and the capability of enduring high temperature is better, that will make sure the paper still have best intension in continuous production process under high temperature, that could protect your paper from breaking which will cause badly influence to your production.

Also the tightness is greater, above 0.9g/cm3, the air permeability is smaller. If the thightness is smaller, then the air permeability is greater, that means during the transfer, the sublimation ink will penetrate the base paper and spread to the back side, and influence the transfer result.

sublimation paper

2. Economic base paper
This type is made up with various kinds of mixed pulp of waste paper, such as newspaper, packing paper etc from our daily life or industrial waste paper. No matter the intension, the capability of enduring high temperature, the tightness, the air permeablility, it is weaker than the up-grade base paper.

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