How to Maintain Different Formats Sublimation Plotters?

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How to Maintain Different Formats Sublimation Plotters?

Sublimation plotters, like any other machine, will give you a few issues over the years. Small format and large format machines have different maintenance activities.Properly maintaining your sublimation plotter can add years to its life.

1. Small format Sublimation Plotters

Check nozzles of the sublimation printer first thing in the morning. This activity will be your safety net in the event that the automatic checks performed by the machine miss anything. If you do this, you will be able to ensure that the transfer will be perfect every time.

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Do not switch off the machine. Unlike their older versions, the newer models go to their hibernation mode when they are not in use. They move into a self-maintenance mode at regular intervals. The automatic software checks the nozzles and moves the ink to ensure that your printer always gives the best performance. Ink is not used in the process.

Ink levels are important. This makes sure that your transfers always turn out great. You will be notified by the machine when the ink levels are near empty. You can keep your eyes on the LCD panel and figure out the time when you must order ink so that it is not exhausted in the middle of a job. The same rule is applicable to the waste tank. The LCD screen will show the tank level count. Remember that it goes up, and not down, for maintenance tanks. In case the tank becomes full, it will not be possible for you to print.

2.Large format Sublimation Plotters

Clean the capping station. This is a rectangular pad and small in size. Use the Q-tip to clean the outside of the rubber lip. This will clear any buildup of ink. Ensure that a strong seal is formed for the maximum amount of suction. This will be needed for cleanings and things similar in process. Pour cleaning solution at frequent intervals to make sure the pad remains clean.

Wiper blade should be cleaned. This blade is important to the workings of the machine. The head moves across it and wipes off excess ink. The ink drains to the maintenance tank positioned underneath the setup. In case the wiper blade becomes dirty or saturated with ink, it cannot completely perform the job.

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