Large Format Inkjet Printers with Single or Double Print Heads, How Can We Choose?

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Large Format Inkjet Printers with Single or Double Print Heads, How Can We Choose?

Piezoelectric large format inkjet printers mostly use Epson fifth-generation piezo nozzles, and some use Epson seven-generation heads and ten generation heads. Epson fifth-generation piezo nozzles have higher printing accuracy and faster printing Epson DX-5 print headspeeds. And it has good stability and long life with better ink drop control technology. So the output image is more perfect, more refined, more beautiful. So since the piezoelectric large format inkjet printer for users, it has been developing rapidly and welcomed by users.

The double nozzle series piezoelectric ink-jet printer adopts dual nozzles to print at the same time. Compared with a single-head ink-jet printer, it is just on e more nozzle. At the same time, the relevant ink supply system is different from the ink stack, small frame, and the related control main board. It adopts double nozzles to print and output at the same time and the speed is fast. The theoretical speed is 2 times the printing speed of the single-head wide format inkjet printer. It has the advantages of speed and even higher speed.

At the same time, the price of double heads are more expensive than single head large format inkjet printers. In addition, the stability of single head large format inkjet printers may be slightly higher than that of dual head large format inkjet printers. After all, single-head large format inkjet printers have many years of technical experience. The related nozzle control technology is relatively mature. The machine is very stable and easy to maintain. If you do not have higher requirements for speed, choosing a single-head large format inkjet printer is best.

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How to Maintain Different Formats Sublimation Printers?

A sublimation printer, like any other machine, will give you a few issues over the years. Small format and large format machines have different maintenance activities.Properly maintaining your sublimation printer can add years to its life.

1. Small format

Check nozzles first thing in the morning. This activity will be your safety net in the event that the automatic checks performed by the sublimation printer miss anything. If you do this, you will be able to ensure that the transfer will be perfect every time.

Do not switch off the machine. Unlike their older versions, the newer models go to their hibernation mode when they are not in use. They move into a self-maintenance mode at regular intervals. The automatic software checks the nozzles and moves the ink to ensure that your printer always gives the best performance. Ink is not used in the process.

Ink levels are important. This makes sure that your transfers always turn out great. You will be notified by the machine when the ink levels are near empty. You can keep your eyes on the LCD panel and figure out the time when you must order ink so that it is not exhausted in the middle of a job. The same rule is applicable to the waste tank. The LCD screen will show the tank level count. Remember that it goes up, and not down, for maintenance tanks. In case the tank becomes full, it will not be possible for you to print.

2. Large format

Clean the capping station. This is a rectangular pad and small in size. Use the Q-tip to clean the outside of the rubber lip. This will clear any buildup of ink. Ensure that a strong seal is formed for the maximum amount of suction. This will be needed for cleanings and things similar in process. Pour cleaning solution at frequent intervals to make sure the pad remains clean.

Wiper blade should be cleaned. This blade is important to the workings of the machine. The head moves across it and wipes off excess ink. The ink drains to the maintenance tank positioned underneath the setup. In case the wiper blade becomes dirty or saturated with ink, it cannot completely perform the job.

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Make Your Sublimation Printer Keep the Best Printing Status

To keep your sublimation digital printer in good condition, you need to do regular maintenance. After all, you don’t want your sublimation digital printer to stop working just when you receive a large order. When you perform regular maintenance on your sublimation digital printer, it will work all the time, which in turn reduces the number of hassles significantly. How do you keep your sublimation digital printer in best printing status? Here are three tips that you can use:

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1.Check the print head

You need to keep checking the print head of your digital sublimation printer on a regular basis if you want to have high-print head quality prints all the time. Move the print head to one side and look at the sides to see if there is any ink build up. If you notice ink build up on the plastic part of the print head, you should clean it. However, do not try to clean the head directly as you may damage it.

2. Keep the capping station, flush pad and wiper blade clean

The capping station is important because it uses a vacuum to prepare your print heads. If there is any contamination due to the deposition of ink, it will overload itself every time you need to get something printed. Clean the capping station with the help of a Q-tip.

The flush pad is where the print head will release small amounts of ink to ensure the nozzle is open. As you keep printing with your sublimation digital printer, the pad will reach a saturation point after which it won’t work at all. Rinse the flush pad regularly so that you have a hassle-free printing experience.

The wiper blade will keep your print head clean by removing excess ink from it. Over time, your wiper blade will become dirty with ink. As a result of this, your wiper blade won’t be able to clean the printer heads. Use a Q-tip to clean your wiper blade.

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3. Perform nozzle checks before you start the day

Every day before you start printing, you should perform nozzle checks or test prints. Nozzle checks will let you know if all the printer heads are working at optimal levels. If there is clogging in the heads, you will notice a drop in the quality of your print. In such situations, you need to clean the print head before you start printing.

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