How to Optimize Our Digital Printing Printer?

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How to Optimize Our Digital Printing Printer?

As we all know that from the word ‘digital’, we can know that the textile printing has become more intelligent and more efficient than ever. The digital printing printer plays an important role in the textile printing industry. So now, our team will share with you how to optimize our printer.

digital printing printer

1.Regular maintenance of our printhead

The printhead is the most valuable and most delicate part of the dye sublimation printer. Even the smallest one will cost a lot and it only has a very limited life span. Therefore, in the printing process, attention should be paid to the protection of the nozzles. Some machine manufacturers have trolley anti-collision devices on the machines. Usually, the nozzles should be regularly maintained and repaired. To replace the ink, the ink should be cleaned with a cleaning solution. After printing, wipe the nozzle with a clean cloth and a cleaning solution to prevent the ink from solidifying and blocking the nozzle of the industry sublimation printer.

2.Upgrade the pressure roller, buy a digital printer with a large rubber roller

dye sublimation printer Nowadays some of the products on the market use anti-static voltage paper wheels to feed paper. The effect is good, but it is inevitable that there will be jams and arch papers. The digital inkjet printer of our company uses a large rubber roller to feed sublimation ink paper, which has better adsorption performance, it can meet the printing requirements for ‘super-concentration ink + 8 nozzles + 30g thin sublimation paper’.

3.Equip with an advanced automatic retractable material system

sublimation printer The retracting and unloading of the digital printing printer will also greatly affect the speed of printing heat transfer paper. Some printers have a total card or a reel that can be rolled up with too few consumables, which will greatly reduce the printing speed. Therefore, Subtextile offers sublimation printers with improved receiving and discharging system, like the 1000 air-expansion shaft infrared automatic retracting device, to automation to receive and discharge materials more effectively and intelligently.


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How Much Does Temperature Affect Inkjet Printers In Winter?

The rapid development of the advertising industry has also driven the technological innovation of the generation of inkjet printers.

With the improvement of China’s inkjet printer technology, China’s domestic inkjet printers have gradually occupied the domestic market. More and more people will prefer domestic inkjet printers with higher cost performance when they choose, and it also attract a large number of foreign customer of inkjet printers.

inkjet printer

With the advent of winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower. Many users have such questions. Sometimes the inkjet printer work is not so smooth. What is the cause? How to solve it better? This is because of the effect of temperature on the inkjet printer.

When the inkjet printer is working, the working environment, the indoor temperature of the work, and the inkjet printer also have some influence. First, after the temperature is lowered, the most common phenomenon is the “false plugging” of the nozzle, that is, the individual nozzles are “broken”. Because the same ink, the temperature is lowered, the viscosity will become larger, the viscosity is too large, and it is easy to print at high speed. A “broken wire” appears. Many inkjet printer users will think that the nozzle is blocked, but once cleaned, it will be normal immediately. It will not repeat for a long time, and some customers will think it is a problem of ink quality.

sublimation printing

This is followed by the problem of ink absorption and drying. If the temperature is too low, it is not conducive to the absorption of the ink by the inkjet medium coating, and is not conducive to the evaporation of the ink solvent. Caused the phenomenon of “stacking ink”. Therefore, the majority of users should maintain a suitable temperature when using in cold weather, which is conducive to the normal operation of the inkjet printer.

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How To Protect Our Sublimation Printer In Winter?

Now many users are worried about how to maintain the sublimation printer in winter. Let me explain it briefly for everyone.

sublimation printer

1. When we operate a dye sublimation printer in winter, we can use the hot air blower to blow up every morning. This is in the case of no warmth. In conditions permitting, please turn on the air conditioner. Before using the digital inkjet printer, we need to warm up for 10-20 minutes to protect the print head.

digital inkjet printer 2. Compared with summer, the monotony of winter air is the “high-risk period” of sublimation printers. Assume that careless maintenance may constitute a blockage of the print head, and the abnormality of the ink vehicle (usually referred to as the head) is serious and even the nozzle collides, and once such defects occur, it will cost a lot of money, so strengthening maintenance is the cure!

3. Because the climate is relatively cold, assuming that the indoor (working environment) is cold and too monotonous, it is best to keep a large thicker cloth on the large format printer when placing it in the usual place, especially cover all the paper feed port and paper exit port, because the nozzle is in the printer, if it is ensured that the cold air does not enter the space inside the printer, the ink droplets on the print head can be avoided. Otherwise, the plug is very simple. The composition print effect is reduced.

dye sublimation printer 4. If it is not used for a long time, but also pay attention to booting at least once a week. The printer needs to be warmed up when it is turned on and automatically cleans the nozzle (usually the amount of ink consumed by the boot cleaning is small), it can be the ink droplets attached to the nozzle are discharged to avoid clogging due to the long-term ink droplets staying on the nozzle. Moreover, a nozzle check can effectively check the operation status of the nozzle to see if there is a phenomenon such as a missing line (usually the phenomenon of the missing line is the performance of the plug).

5. Do not use inferior or expired ink. Sublimation inks are generally recommended to be used within six months, because dye sublimation ink is a chemical component, which will cause flocculation and deterioration for a long time, and inferior or expired ink is one of the direct causes of nozzle clogging.

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