How To Protect Our Sublimation Printer In Winter?

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How To Protect Our Sublimation Printer In Winter?

Now many users are worried about how to maintain the sublimation printer in winter. Let me explain it briefly for everyone.

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1. When we operate a dye sublimation printer in winter, we can use the hot air blower to blow up every morning. This is in the case of no warmth. In conditions permitting, please turn on the air conditioner. Before using the digital inkjet printer, we need to warm up for 10-20 minutes to protect the print head.

digital inkjet printer 2. Compared with summer, the monotony of winter air is the “high-risk period” of sublimation printers. Assume that careless maintenance may constitute a blockage of the print head, and the abnormality of the ink vehicle (usually referred to as the head) is serious and even the nozzle collides, and once such defects occur, it will cost a lot of money, so strengthening maintenance is the cure!

3. Because the climate is relatively cold, assuming that the indoor (working environment) is cold and too monotonous, it is best to keep a large thicker cloth on the large format printer when placing it in the usual place, especially cover all the paper feed port and paper exit port, because the nozzle is in the printer, if it is ensured that the cold air does not enter the space inside the printer, the ink droplets on the print head can be avoided. Otherwise, the plug is very simple. The composition print effect is reduced.

dye sublimation printer 4. If it is not used for a long time, but also pay attention to booting at least once a week. The printer needs to be warmed up when it is turned on and automatically cleans the nozzle (usually the amount of ink consumed by the boot cleaning is small), it can be the ink droplets attached to the nozzle are discharged to avoid clogging due to the long-term ink droplets staying on the nozzle. Moreover, a nozzle check can effectively check the operation status of the nozzle to see if there is a phenomenon such as a missing line (usually the phenomenon of the missing line is the performance of the plug).

5. Do not use inferior or expired ink. Sublimation inks are generally recommended to be used within six months, because dye sublimation ink is a chemical component, which will cause flocculation and deterioration for a long time, and inferior or expired ink is one of the direct causes of nozzle clogging.

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What Materials Can Be Printed By Wide Format Dye Sublimation Printers?

In large-format inkjet printing, the application of wide format dye sublimation printer is very extensive. We have different width models, different ink application models, and support for a large number of types of coil paper media.

wide format dye sublimation printerThe large-width color inkjet printing of large format sublimation printers is divided into two types: outdoor paper medium and indoor paper material in different paper media. The indoor is to use water-based ink, that is, the indoor wide format dye sublimation printer we often say. Because the wide format dye sublimation printer used water-based ink, the characteristic of water-based ink is not waterproof and sunscreen. It is suitable for indoors to avoid water and indoors. Environmental applications. The outdoor inkjet printing usually uses oil-based ink for waterproofing and sunscreen or low-solvent ink with low environmental protection odor. The oil-based weak solvent ink has good outdoor environment application, and even if it is exposed to the sun for a long time outdoors, it can maintain the original color very well. It is not easy to fade and lighten, and can maintain the long-lasting durability of outdoor inkjet images.

For example, indoor and outdoor use, a wide range of materials: for PP adhesive, light film, photo paper, removable adhesive, photo cloth, car stickers, light cloth, single hole through, knife scraping cloth, banner cloth, thermal transfer paper , cotton, wallpaper, canvas, rice paper, mesh cloth, leather, etc.

Inkjet indoor materials has light sheets, photo papers, instant stickers, etc., outdoor materials are divided into light cloth, front lighting cloth, instant stickers, etc. The light sheet and the rear lighting cloth are mostly used for light boxes, and the photo paper is suitable for making advertising posters, posters, paintings, etc.

As the name suggests, the front lighting is the front of the painting, and the large outdoor advertising and street signs are such materials. The sticky note can be called a backing photographic paper, which makes it easy to slap the spray on other materials. Indoor sticky notes are mostly used for making exhibition boards, and outdoor instant stickers are mostly used for body stickers.

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Suitable for water-based solvents / sublimation inks / UV rigid inks and other types of inks for indoor and outdoor use, a wide range of materials: adhesive, light, photo paper, removable adhesive, photo cloth, car stickers, light cloth, single hole through, knife scraping cloth, banner cloth, thermal transfer paper, cotton, wallpaper, canvas, rice paper, mesh cloth, leather, etc. can be used.

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How to Avoid the Static Electricity on Digital Sublimation Printers?

Digital sublimation printer electrostatic interference phenomenon is common to encounter, Static electricity has a great influence on the sublimation printer.

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Static electricity can be described as the number one killer of the nozzle, especially in the working environment which is too dry in winter. Sublimation printers will directly produce a lot of static electricity directly causes damage to electronic components such as nozzles and circuits. Or when using print media materials, especially when using plastic-based materials such as PP, adhesive, etc., a large amount of static electricity is also generated. It damages the nozzle or cause the accumulation of impurities then lead to the nozzle blockage damage.

The static electricity of the human body is actually caused by the fact that our body is too dry and rubbing against the clothes. We can do the following actions to prevent electrostatic interference:

1.Discharge the static electricity before using the digital sublimation printer: When you operate the sublimation printer, you can touch the metal material with your hands first, so that the static electricity can be transmitted.

2.Before using an sublimation printer, you can wash your hands with water This can be more thorough release of static electricity.

3.We adapt to wear electrostatic gloves in the winter. It can also prevent static electricity.

4.For newly purchased sublimation printers, we must first connect the ground wire. In the process of usingof sublimation printers, if there is a problem with the connection of the ground wire. Then if it causes static electricity to be released, it has a great influence on our actual use.

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