How to Judge the Quality of Dye Sublimation Ink?

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How to Judge the Quality of Dye Sublimation Ink?

In the sublimation printing industry, many friends often hear about the dye sublimation ink, and some of them are either because the ink is blocked, or because the ink quality is not good, the printed effect is not very satisfactory. For these problems with sublimation ink selection, Sublistar shares some tips on how to properly select sublimation inks.

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Ink particle size
The large-sublimation dye sublimation ink is easy to cause the printer to plug, and the image of the product produced is not delicate enough. When viewed with a magnifying glass, the granular shape can be clearly seen. In general, the domestic sublimation ink particles will be larger than the particles of the imported sublimation ink, which results in the printer not being fine enough to read and transfer the image.

sublimation printing inkThe purity of sublimation ink color
This problem should be encountered by everyone, and some inferior digital sublimation ink black is somewhat red and purple. For thermal transfer inks, black ink is the most easily color cast, so when you choose, you can first print a black color block to see if the color after transfer is black. This is also an important indicator that directly distinguishes the advantages and disadvantages of sublimation inks.

The ink reduction rate
Sublimation inks are mainly used to transfer images to products through the characteristics of sublimation, so the color reduction rate is more important. Generally, the reduction rate of the imported ink can reach 90%, and the image on the thermal transfer paper after the transfer is substantially white. So the color saturation of the image is very good, and the color is brighter.

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Factors That Affect The Dryness And Slowness Of Sublimation Printing Ink

Do you know the ink drying speed of the inkjet printer is related to which factors? Today,we are going to have a brief analysis of it. The main factors are the below:

1. Ink type. What are the factors related to the dryness and slowness of the inkjet printer ink? Compared with the water-based ink, the Eco solvent ink is volatile, so the drying rate is faster, the printing screen is bright and beautiful the color is bright, and the film can be outdoors for a long time. In water-based dye ink solvent is water, its volatilization rate is slower than organic solvent, difficult to dry, it often takes a long time to dry or use the drying equipment.

sublimation printing ink

2. Consumables. The consumable material of the damp is soft to collapse, the ink jet will have the feeling of ink, will soon become unshaped. What are the factors related to the dryness and slowness of the inkjet printer ink? Especially for printers that use dye ink, because of its own strong affinity with water, ink droplets will quickly mix and reduce volatilization speed.

3. Environmental conditions. Especially rainy humid south, the climate characteristics of the serious influence printer and material performance, cause after printing out the figure wet, although pictorial printer Eco solvent ink is not compatible with water, pictorial printer ink drying speed is related to what factors? However, if the water vapor concentration is too high, it can also hinder the volatilization of the organic solvent, causing the surface of the printing object to form a water mist, causing the ink to be sticky and not fit.

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How To Use Dye Sublimation Ink Creatively?

How To Use Sublimation Ink Creatively?

sublimation dye inkUnlike other inks in its category, dye sublimation ink is a high-quality material used by many professional printing companies. Not only is this dye high performance but the sublimation dye described on eliminates shrinkages and is fast drying making It the perfect type of ink to use when in a hurry but still wanting quality results. It’s environmentally and friendly and can be used for a number of different applications including sportswear, outdoor signage that could also work as and advertisement if used correctly.

There are a number of different ways that you can use dye sublimation ink. Most of them include common concepts for the use of ink like writing papers and printing assignments. Being that this is a special and very high-quality type of ink, there are other more creative ways that you can use this product. Say for instance if you wanted to make, design and print a banner, using this ink would be ideal because it is long lasting and fast drying as well as durable. In addition, if you are someone who owns a business and are looking for ways to advertise different products or things of that nature, using sublimation printer ink would be textile printing ink

Most average people wouldn’t consider the use of a special type of ink to be helpful in any particular way. They are wrong. Using and supporting the sale of environmentally friendly products goes a long way and helps more than you may initially think. When you use products that aren’t environmentally friendly they often carry different chemicals and contaminating characteristics that could cause harm to the air we breathe and eventually the foods we eat and everything else that interacts with those things. Who knew that by using quality products you could help protect the world you live in.

Try not to overlook the importance of things that may seem minor in general. No, dye sublimation ink is not the greatest thing in the world but it can be used as a way to help the environment while both advertising a business or something important and getting the high-quality printing results that your product deserves. Whether it be a tee shirt or a huge banner that’s long enough for everyone to see, using dye sublimation is kind of a big deal.

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