How to Use Your Sticky Sublimation Paper Well?

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How to Use Your Sticky Sublimation Paper Well?

   For sticky sublimation paper, it is a kind of transfer paper designed for stretch fabric printing.It has a sticky coating on the surface which can keep the transfer paper and fabrics together firmly.Then how to use it well?Here are some tips.

applications of sticky paperFirst we should know the factors which will influence us use the sticky paper appropriately. And then, we can find the solutions.

   1. The sticky level of the sticky paper. We have sticky sublimation paper and high-tack sublimation paper. High-tack paper are mainly suitable for autumn or winter, or the images are light colors.What fabrics we use. The more smooth the fabric, the weaker the sticky coating. If you want to print on smooth fabrics, we suggest you use the high-tack paper.

sticky sublimation paper   2. The humidity of environment.The higher the humidity, the stronger the sticky coating.So you will find for same sticky paper, it will has a better performance in spring and summer. In autumn and winter, we should put the fabric on somewhere with high humidity. And the same time, don’t make the sublimation paper too dry when printing.

   3. How to store the sticky paper. The imprinted sticky sublimation paper should be sealed preservation in the original plastic bags. For printed sticky sublimation paper, we suggest you transfer the images in 2~24 hours. If you can’t transfer the images in time, also need sealed preservation.

sticky sublimation paper

   In summary, choose the appropriate sticky paper, pay attention to the moisture of fabric and paper, and remember to store the paper appropriately. Then you can use sticky paper well.

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What Should We do to Maintain a Rotary Heat Calender?

   For machine, the daily maintenance is essential. If you buy a rotary heat calender, learn some maintaining tips is very important. We are a rotary heat press machine provider, and here are some tips we can provide.

heat press machine

   1. Remember to keep your machine clean, this is basic, and also important.

   2. Check every part of the machine regularly to make sure they can work normally.

   3. Each time before you start operating, remember the machine must be refueling according to the rules.

   4. The roller heat press machine on the gas source processor, should close the gas 2 times a day; aerosol oil, adjusted to 4-5 drops per minute, and in the refueling to gas.

   5. Joint head: drops of butter (a week / time, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days / times).

   6. Be careful when pressing the emergency stop button. Often use this button is harmful for the chain, towline and the belt.

heat pressing

   7. Sometimes the optical axis will drop oil twice a week. The best method to avoid this situation is using the good quality media.

   8. When cleaning of the table glue, we should avoid table adhesive to the end of the wheel. If you find that the end of the wheel sticky plastic, dry wipe it, or it will influence the transfer printing result.

   All efforts will be rewarded. As long as you do the maintenance carefully, your heat press machine will have a longer service life.


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What’s the Influence of Humidity on Sublimation Transfer Papers?

sublimation transfer paperDo you know why the instruction manual that comes with sublimation transfer papers also specifies the humidity levels it should be stored at? Specifying humidity levels for paper storage hardly makes any sense, other than giving an impression that you must be using a high-end product. But the matter of fact is there’s indeed a link between the performance of a transfer paper and the humidity levels it is exposed to (stored at).

1. What humidity does to a transfer paper?

A sublimation transfer paper can absorb and retain an enormous amount of moisture. It’s like a sponge. The problem is that if it absorbs moisture in excess, at the time of printing, the trapped moisture in the transfer paper can flash to steam and blow away the ink from its target area. This can result in printing artifacts such as color shifting, uneven transfer and bleeding of the image.

sublimation paperTherefore, manufacturers specify optimum humidity levels for transfer paper storage so that the paper doesn’t absorb moisture in excess from its stored environment. Failure to comply with the instructions is likely to affect the performance of transfer paper at the time of sublimation printing.

2. What if a sublimation paper gets exposed to high humidity levels?

Before using the paper, set it on the press for a few seconds. Place it 2 to 3 inches below the heat plate. The heat from the pressing machine should help evaporate the absorbed moisture. If the image has already been transferred onto the paper, you can employ the same strategy to save the print, however, the final transfer may appear slightly faded or washed out.

sublimation paperYou can also try using a butcher paper in conjunction with transfer paper when applying the press. The butcher paper will absorb excess moisture from the transfer paper during pressing. Be sure to use a fresh sheet of butcher paper with every new printing job.

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