General Knowledge And Characteristics Of Sublimation Ink

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General Knowledge And Characteristics Of Sublimation Ink

what is the process of use sublimation ink

Put sublimation ink on special paper by heating. In the shortest possible time,
the image will be made of fine porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics and
other materials. It is noteworthy that the photo has vivid colors, images clear,
and can storage permanently . Certainly, it very suitable for personalized
development needs of the market.

sublimation ink

the characteristics of sublimation ink

Sublimation inks are mostly formulated with disperse dyes for textiles. In fact,
Disperse dyes are widely use in textile printing and dyeing because of their
saturated color and good weather-ability. So far, disperse dyes are still one of the
main raw materials in the printing and dyeing industry. Meanwhile, the traditional textile printing and dyeing industry has a serious problem of environmental pollution in the process of dyeing with disperse pigments, and is not suitable for small-batch production. Sublimation ink uses a lot.

sublimation printing

Compared to other ink

Compare to other inks, sublimation transfer ink at high temperatures so that
thermal transfer ink sublimation, infiltration of the media surface, after the
condensation, the image can be form.

Therefore, sublimation ink does not form a film on the surface of the medium, and the image does not fall off, not cracked, and lightfastness, a long time will not fade.


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Digital Sublimation Printing Apply In The Clothing Industry

Sublimation printing has become an integral part of people. Generally speaking, now whether outdoor or indoor advertising are basically used sublimation products. clothing industry is no exception.

sublimation printing

what advantage of use sublimation printing in clothing industry

 1. Save costs

On the whole, use sublimation paper in clothing industry greatly reduce the cost of the original manual. Second, because the machine can do zero error. In the quality of printing products, the use of sublimation paper can improve the cloth effect.

sublimation paper

 2. Increase profit

At present, every industry starts using machines for production, in clothing industry, now hourly production output is 5 times the past. Machine production is completely revolutionary in the clothing industry. In terms of improving profits, the use of sublimation machines is a clear choice.

 3. Various forms

With the current fierce competition in clothing industry. At the same time, it has become important for businesses to meet the needs of different clients. Certainly, sublimation printer has many different models, it can meet the needs of different manufacturers.

sublimation printing in cloth

challenges in clothing industry

Sublimation machines bring benefits in the clothing industry, but also bring a lot of challenges. For example, due to the price of the machine is very expensive and intense competition, the pressure on business managers is also great.

In a word, it is inevitable that the use of sublimation printing in clothing industry. More importantly, choose right sublimation printer is very important. If you want, contact us. Except sublimation printer, we can provide sublimation paper and sublimation inks.

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Four Ways To Print The Logo On Clothes

There are many ways to print the logo on clothes, screen printing, thermal transfer, digital direct injection and embroidery.

In general, different printing techniques and methods will have different effects, here are several ways to print patterns on clothes:


The screen printing is the ink through the graphic part of the mesh transferred to the clothes, forming the same as the original graphic.When printing, empty spots is formed on the screen frame and then the pattern is not covered with a mesh, the paste is scratched and printed on the clothes when printing.


The main shortcomings of screen printing is ready for a long time can not print very fine patterns.


Heat transfer printing through high temperature and pressure to the paper and then use the sublimation ink onto the fabric above.Mainly used for polyester fabrics, fabric color mainly white, light color can be. Cotton fabric is not suitable for sublimation, because the cotton fabric does not absorb ink.


The main advantages of heat transfer printing is fine pattern of the wheelchair and save times. But after high temperature hot clothes the color will change, such as white will be yellow.


Digital direct printing through input images or source files directly into the computer through various means of digitization. Then printing software system to edit and modify the formation of the required documents, and controlled by a dedicated RIP software direct injection printing machine, the ink (paint, activity, acidity, dispersion) through the nozzle directly on the print on clothes. After processing, get printed with high-precision patterns of clothes.


The main advantages of digital direct printing is simplify the workflow and shorten the work cycle. Digital direct printing process by the computer automatically memorizes all kinds of data, hit a sample and produce a large sample exactly the same. But nozzle need maintenance.



Embroidery is one of the traditional folk crafts in China and it is an art of adding people’s designs and creations to any fabric present with needles and threads. It not suitable for industrial production.

This four ways can print the logo on clothes, our company has printer and sublimation paper, if you want something, you can log in our website and leave a message.

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