dye sublimation transfer ink
Dye sublimation transfer ink is to make low-energy, easily sublimable disperse dyes into digital printing inks. and then print them […]
dye sublimation ink
  Dye Sublimation inks can be used for direct printing onto fabrics as well as using the traditional method of […]
Since sublimation printing has a lower cost for entry than other forms of printing, many people are eager to sublimate […]
Dye sublimation ink is the most commonly used ink that you see for sublimating textile products. It transfers ink from […]
digital sublimation fabric
    Many print service providers like dye sublimation transfer printing because it allows them to have more control with […]
sub printing paper
    As we can see that, high speed sublimation paper fulfills the highest color demands. Many print shops use […]
Dye sublimation printing can print images on a variety of man-made textiles. Those materials include synthetic textiles such as polyester, […]
Sublimation transfer ink is also called sublimation ink, which is mainly used for heat transfer printing products. The sublimation transfer ink […]