How Do You Use Sublimation Transfer Paper In The Most Common Way?

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How Do You Use Sublimation Transfer Paper In The Most Common Way?

For the use of sublimation transfer paper, there are now four commonly used
methods. All these four methods can transfer the patterns to the surface you
want, such as cloth, leather, stone, metal, glass or some surface, etc. Then, take
a look at these different methods of it.

sublimation paper

Mainly, we are more familiar with sublimation is certainly the law, so we often
hear that people will transfer the heat directly as sublimation paper, the use of the
sublimation method is through the molecular weight of the scattered dyes, so you
can water base. The carrier is made with ink, so the height of approximately 200
degrees for about half a minute, can fixed well on the surface of the object.

Alternatively, the swimmer method is also a common method used for the
sublimation transfer paper, which requires the selection of the dye in the
corresponding transfer sublimation ink layer according to the nature of the fiber, by
means of a layer wet. transfer of dye from the transfer paper to the object to be
dyed, such as a cloth, etc., so that it is necessary to use a higher pressure at the
time of transfer.

sublimation printing

The melting method is also the need to use a higher pressure to carry out the
transfer of dyes, in this way is the dye and the wax made of transfer paper that
ink the layer, and then the entire ink layer is embedded in the fabric of the fiber,
and then the corresponding treatment.

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The Performance Of Sublimation Transfer Paper

With the new printing equipment put into use, sublimation transfer paper is also widely recognized around the world. Why dye-sublimation paper more and more popular?

sublimation paper


The advantages of sublimation transfer paper

Compared to the traditional dye printing, sublimation paper model diversification and inkjet printing quality is also significantly improved.

Due to transfer paper size diversification, customers in the choice of the process to quickly locate the goods they need. In this regard, this can help customers save time and labor.

Compared to the traditional dye printing, sublimation paper has a higher degree of aggregation. Last but not least, there are many different in transfer paper.

transfer paper

How to determine the performance of sublimation paper

The good performance of dye sublimation paper can from the following aspects:

 1. The appearance of sublimation paper

First of all, pay attention to the paper roll, unwinding and winding smooth, paper is not skewed, the paper does not curl, no wrinkles and stains.

 2. Print sharpness

Print the test pattern in high-precision mode is very good. At the same time, sublimation paper must satisfy the following three requirements.

1) The lines of the transfer paper should be clear

2)The line of dye sublimation paper no obvious flash

3) Lines of sublimation paper not blurred

sublimation printing

 3.  Flatness, uniformity and drying speed of  sublimation paper

Use 720 × 720dpi, 260% ink to print black 1 meter long color block. sublimation paper need to meet the following requirements:

1)wrinkle height of sublimation paper is small. Moreover, sublimation paper should not rubbed onto the print head and left with a safe distance.

2)No white spots or no clear white spots

3)There is no dark spot of ink on the back of the patch

4)Put your finger to the color patch, the drying time is not more than 9 minutes.

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