What’s the Influence of Humidity on Sublimation Transfer Papers?

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What’s the Influence of Humidity on Sublimation Transfer Papers?

sublimation transfer paperDo you know why the instruction manual that comes with sublimation transfer papers also specifies the humidity levels it should be stored at? Specifying humidity levels for paper storage hardly makes any sense, other than giving an impression that you must be using a high-end product. But the matter of fact is there’s indeed a link between the performance of a transfer paper and the humidity levels it is exposed to (stored at).

1. What humidity does to a transfer paper?

A sublimation transfer paper can absorb and retain an enormous amount of moisture. It’s like a sponge. The problem is that if it absorbs moisture in excess, at the time of printing, the trapped moisture in the transfer paper can flash to steam and blow away the ink from its target area. This can result in printing artifacts such as color shifting, uneven transfer and bleeding of the image.

sublimation paperTherefore, manufacturers specify optimum humidity levels for transfer paper storage so that the paper doesn’t absorb moisture in excess from its stored environment. Failure to comply with the instructions is likely to affect the performance of transfer paper at the time of sublimation printing.

2. What if a sublimation paper gets exposed to high humidity levels?

Before using the paper, set it on the press for a few seconds. Place it 2 to 3 inches below the heat plate. The heat from the pressing machine should help evaporate the absorbed moisture. If the image has already been transferred onto the paper, you can employ the same strategy to save the print, however, the final transfer may appear slightly faded or washed out.

sublimation paperYou can also try using a butcher paper in conjunction with transfer paper when applying the press. The butcher paper will absorb excess moisture from the transfer paper during pressing. Be sure to use a fresh sheet of butcher paper with every new printing job.

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How about the Printing Efficiency of Sublimation Transfer Paper

sublimation transfer paperThermochromic printing has long been applied to the printing process. Sublimation transfer paper has adopted similar processing methods and through this model to improve the processing printing methods. This is also a feature of modern printing plants.

Thermal discoloration can process dyes according to the changes of the environment and temperature. And it can more quickly adapt to the modern printing paper process. With this type of thermal sublimation, transfer paper naturally improves the efficiency of the printing process.

sublimation printing

After the preliminary preparation of the printing paper, it can also be printed on the reversible and irreversible two types of finished products by sublimation transfer printing paper. The effect of products made in this way is also different. In order to ensure the force of the printing process, you can also add other additives as required. It can ensure the sublimation transfer effect and to ensure the final appearance of the processed printing product. These printings are extremely delicate. Any mistakes in any one of these links are irreversible. This requires us to strive for excellence in the printing process and ensure that each link is accurate. With this intelligent sublimation transfer printing machine, the speed and quality of printing can be guaranteed.

In the printing process, each thermochromic pigment is subject to the intelligent

sublimation products

instructions of the machine. This kind of printing process will be more stable and accurate. Sublimation transfer paper, as a professional paper printing material, can provide stable temperature detection instructions for processing and printing plants. It can also help smart printing and provide stable and reliable processing efficiency. Such materials are certainly very good when they are popularized, and they can help improve work efficiency. This kind of material must pay attention to use in conjunction with their use.

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How to Remain the Same Color When Change Sublimation Paper

Most of the customers will meet a common issue in sublimation industry- How to remain the same color when change sublimation paper.

high level paper

When change a new paper, the color changes into the one that is different with before. Or it does not show the real color you want etc. When that happens, some customers are very anxious and worried. Their first reaction would be :  The paper is bad, i was cheated! I have to talk with my vendor now, right now!

As a supplier of sublimation paper, our job is not only providing quality material to customers, but also helping them solve the issues. So don’t worry, we are going to talk about it now.

economic paper

First, the color changes, doesn’t mean the paper is bad.  When we want to deliver sublimation ink into the sublimation transfer paper, we use an inkjet printer. Printer is a machine that does not have brain, it does not know what to do unless we tell them what to do. So communication is necessary. But printer does not talk human language, so we intelligent human beings , could talk with them in printer’s language, that language is an ICC profile.

An ICC profile is a set of data that characterizes a color input or output device, or a color space,  describe the color attributes of a particular device or viewing requirement by defining a mapping between the device source or target color space. Simply put – a good ICC profile provides an accurate description of the characteristics of a digital device or working colour space. So tell the devices what to do, they will do the right job for us. ICC profile is necessary, do not ignore it.

sheet size paper

Second, according to some customers , they buy paper from the same vendor every time. But every time, the color is different. That’s because their base paper changes.

Anyway, in sublimation industry, if you are lucky in using the right paper, no problems occur. If you are using the wrong paper, many problems could happen, and the problems will be more and more.

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