Don’t Know How to Store the Sublimation Paper? We Have Tips.

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Don’t Know How to Store the Sublimation Paper? We Have Tips.

    Sublimation transfer paper is the special paper which designed for textile digital printing. Learn to store it appropriately can help you make the most use of the sublimation paper.
sublimation paper

   Many people know how to choose the suitable transfer paper for themselves, but some of them know nothing about how to store the paper. You have to know, that inappropriate storage is an important factor which lead to the low-quality printing result. Then, do you know how to store the paper correctly?

   Dye sublimation transfer paper is mostly very weak against moisture. To protect unused papers, it is recommended to store the papers in its original packaging with inner poly bag at 59-86degree F / 15-30degree C and 30-50% RH. Once paper has been opened, store unused paper in ziplock bag. Besides, you should store your paper flat.sublimation paper

   No matter how good your sublimation transfer paper, if you store it in a wrong method, then the quality will becomes very bad. No only sublimation paper, the sublimation ink is suitable for the same principle.



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The Development Tendency of Sublimation Transfer Paper

   Transfer paper has been developing in the direction of better quality, wider width and lower weight. At the same time, it is also changing quietly in production methods and application functions.Sublimation printing

   1. Paper performance. By developing high-efficiency coatings to reduce the amount of paper coating, the paper surface is more flat, and it is also more suitable for applications in poor environments such as dry and high temperature environments. It can also be applied to various types of inkjet printers to effectively reduce customer inventory.

   2. Changes in production methods. At present, the production process of transfer paper is: purchase the basic paper first, and then coated the paper with a coating machine. The transportation cost is high and the loss is large. As the demand for transfer paper increases, the in-machine coating will becomes the development trend in the future , the off-machine coating will be mainly applied to advanced paper production and processing.applications of sublimation paper

   3. The function is more powerful. In the future, the transfer paper will also develop in a direction with higher quality and higher transfer rate, so the color is more beautiful, the operation is more convenient, and the VOCs emissions is less.

   Now the widest sublimation paper is 3.2m, and the weight range from 50g to 140g. If you are searching for such a kind of sublimation paper, welcome to contatc us.

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As most of you know, there are lots of unique ways to create printed tees. And while many of them are great for a variety of reasons, today, we are focusing on sublimation printing.

sublimation printingWhat is Sublimation printing?

Sublimation is the process of printing a special sublimation ink onto special sublimation transfer paper using a sublimation printing technique. Instead of traditional inkjet transfers which print ink on top of the shirt or item you’re working with. Sublimation ink actually becomes a part of the substrate you’re printing on. Once the ink from your sublimation transfer paper is heat pressed onto the item you’re printing on, it opens up the pores of the fabric that you’re pressing heat onto. Once you press the paper onto your item and release pressure, the heat will cool and the ink will turn back into solid form. The pores will close permanently and encapsulate the ink within the polymer coating of your item. So the ink turns from a solid to a gas and them back into a solid.

Benefits of Sublimation Printing

This process works wonders in our eyes because it ensures that the image you transfer onto your item won’t fade over time. The finish is also smooth, soft, and stylish because it literally becomes one with the substrate. This is perfect if you want to keep the soft-hand feel of the original garment. Another reason we love this process is the fact that it allows you to print full color transfers and heat press them onto your shirts instead of setting up tons of screens for traditional screen printing.

Sublimation-Friendly Garments

sublimation printing

When doing a sublimation print, only the polyester yarns in a garment will hold the ink. It leads a lot of people often think sublimation only can only be done on items that are 100% polyester. However, we’ve seen customers get great results on our poly-blends! When you do a sublimation print on a shirt that is not 100% poly, you’ll get a print that looks vintage or distressed—which is very popular right now. Keep in mind that sublimation inks are transparent. That means that it’s best to print on white or light colored substrates so your image is transferred properly.

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