Lets See The Introduction To Dye Sublimation Paper Printing

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transfer paper

Lets See The Introduction To Dye Sublimation Paper Printing



As we can see that dye sublimation printing requires heat the act of sublimation occurs when the inks are warmed, turn into a gaseous state, and permeate the substrate. With direct dye-sub, the sublimation process occurs directly on the fabric. With transfer dye-sub, a graphic is first printed onto transfer paper and then infused on the fabric through an external heat source. Although the transfer and direct methods differ, they also share many common benefits.

transfer paper

transfer paper

Sublimation transfer paper is used in textiles and arts or crafts projects. Often, an inkjet or other printer is used to print an image on the paper. Then a heat press can transfer the image onto clothing, canvas, or other surface. Transfer papers now existmostly for textiles, including elastic fabrics used for making sportswear and swimming suits, and for natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, and wool.

heat transfer paper

heat transfer paper


In transfer printing, we will use a heat press machine, and adjust the temperature of it can adjust the heat. Too much or too little heat are usually problematic and result in over pressing or under pressing of the substrate. Uneven heating on the press is also an issue and results in spottiness where parts of the substrate sublimate properly but other parts don’t. It is a good idea to invest in temperature strips or a thermal gun, both of which map out the temperature of the heat platen. If there are any inconsistencies or cold spots, it is best to call the manufacturer of the press.

dye transfer paper

dye transfer paper

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The Best Way To Store Sublimation Transfer Paper

Sublimation transfer paper is used for mass production frequently. With the help of sublimation paper, the pattern appearance of the clothes will be more durable. Master how to store sublimation paper in the daily helps use of the process more secure and convenient. This article is the best way to store sublimation paper.

1.Do not store in the open air, avoid rain, and try to raise sublimation paper with the board to avoid the paper being affected by the moisture on the ground.

2.The humidity in the air has a great impact on the paper, the paper easily absorbs or loses moisture, seriously affecting its quality. Therefore, please store the digital heat transfer paper in a clean, dry environment, anddo not stack it against the wall.

3.Maintain in a cool and dry place to avoid the direct sunlight, because it will fade and yellow when exposed to light, then it can’t be used. In addition, the exposed paper evaporates moisture and the moisture content changes, causing the paper to become brittle or deformed.

4.To avoid the damp, stack horizontally in 15-20 cm from the ground, and stacked layers should not exceed the outer carton marked the 8th floor.

5.Pay attention to the temperature of the storage environment, If the temperature is too high, it will cause the strength of the paper to drop, so the temperature of the storage environment is also critical.

The ideal storage conditions are relative humidity 40-70% RH, temperature 10-30 ℃. So an invariable temperature environment and humidity of the air-conditioned room will be better.

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Sublimation Transfer Paper VS Heat Transfer Paper

There is often some confusion involving the differences between sublimation transfer paper and heat transfer paper. You may be asking yourself which garment decoration method is better: heat transfer or sublimation printing? The answer is that both are great! In order to clarify the difference between the sublimation paper and heat transfer paper, we must understand the principle of the sublimation and heat transfer first.

sublimation transfer paper

Sublimation Vs. Heat Transfer Printing
Sublimation printing adds color to the surface of the substrate (the item being printed). Sublimation on the other hand is a dye process, meaning that it actually penetrates and re-colors the substrate below the surface. With this process, the sublimation ink becomes part of the fabric rather than adding a layer on top. This results in a transfer that is unmatched in both durability and feel. It also means that the transfer is incredibly durable, and under normal conditions, the images you produce will last as long as the product itself.

Heat transfer is the process of printing onto special transfer paper and using a heat press or home iron to transfer it onto a shirt. And heat transfer paper adds a layer on top of the garment. This additional layer can be physically felt and is less durable than sublimation and can become faded and cracked over time with numerous wash cycles.

sublimation printing paper

The Difference between Sublimation Transfer Paper and Heat Transfer Paper
After knowing the above principle, now it is time to return to our theme: what is the difference between sublimation paper and heat transfer paper?
(1. Ink:
-Sublimation paper usually uses with sublimation ink.
-Heat transfer paper usually uses with dye ink, pigment ink, solvent ink, or others.
(2. Media:
Sublimation printing paper works on polyesters (cotton≤40% ), mouse pad, banner, and hard surface, such as a mug, ceramic and aluminum plate, etc. But it is exclusively for white or light-colored garments.
-Heat transfer paper is that most papers work on both cotton and polyester fabrics and this type of paper is designed to work for either dark or light-colored garments.
(3. Pressure:
-Heat transfer paper requires higher pressure than sublimation printing paper during the transfer process.

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