How To Store The Printed Sublimation Transfer Paper ?

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How To Store The Printed Sublimation Transfer Paper ?

Sometimes when we print sublimation paper and transfer it, it has a problem that we destroyed the printed sublimation transfer paper so the transfer effect and transfer rate is bad. Here’re some tips for you to place the printed transfer paper in the good place.

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1) Print a good transfer paper, try to do rehearsal storage.

2) Print a good transfer paper, you can put a loose plastic bag roll up after the vertical, plastic bags open to facilitate the transfer of water in the paper to the air volatile.

3) The printed paper is preferably stored in a low humidity environment (humidity ≤55% RH; temperature 15-30 ° C), which facilitates the evaporation of moisture in the transfer paper.

4) Print a good transfer paper, the general requirements in an hour after the transfer, try to store 5 hours later after the transfer, until it can be transferred to dry after drying, if there is no dry to transfer, Moisture at high temperatures will become a steam interference transfer effect, making the aerosol, color and so on. To ensure that each batch of pattern drying degree close to the same color. (Transferring immediately after printing will result in a decrease in transfer rate.)

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What Factors Can Influence Sticky Sublimation Printing Paper?

What Factors Can Influence Sticky Sublimation Printing Paper?

industrial inkjet adhesive paperSticky Sublimation paper is a type of transfer paper with tackifying ability. This tackifying ability makes it possible that the paper and elastic cloth can be fastened closely together during the stamping process and thus eliminate the probable heavy shadows on the elastic clothes.

A. Sticky sublimation transfer paper stickiness level: different for the customer’s fabric, the ambient air humidity varies throughout the year, the adhesive strength of the adhesive paper is also different, in addition to most of the fabric for the ordinary adhesive paper, developed a Kind of high sticky paper. High sticky paper relative to the ordinary sticky paper, bond strength increased by 50%, other performance indicators are quite suitable for relatively dry autumn and winter season, or customer graphics light-based, the fabric is more smooth application scenarios.

B. The type of fabric: the fabric is a major factor affecting the cohesive force, the more smooth the fabric, the lower the bond strength between the adhesive paper and the fabric, the adhesive in the heat transfer process, State, if the fabric smoothness, then provides less adhesive bond force. Encounter smooth elastic fabric, it is recommended to choose high-quality paper.

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C. Ambient humidity: Sticky paper viscosity strength and the transfer process of water, the general high water, sticky will be strong. Some customers in the use of sticky paper in the process found that spring and summer sticky paper strength is very good, one to autumn and winter season, sticky paper sometimes sticky enough, most of this because the transfer process of paper and fabric moisture is too low to meet this The situation can try to put the fabric in a high humidity environment, the first moisture absorption and then transfer, and in addition to sticky paper when printing attention to control the degree of drying, do not make the transfer paper too dry.

D. Sticky sub-paper storage: Un-printed sticky paper should not be exposed to long-term air, which will reduce the sticky paper sticky, the sticky paper needs to be sealed. If the customer prints half of the sticky paper, as soon as possible to use the original plastic bag sealed good preservation, not long-term on the air. We have done a test, sealed intact self-adhesive transfer paper, save more than 6 months, sticky will not be weakened. Printed sticky paper to be timely transfer, the general printed good sticky paper if placed for several days, sticky will be weakened, because the water will continue to evaporate and the transfer paper coating viscosity decreased, the general requirements of printing good sticky paper in 2-24 Hours to complete the transfer, if too late to transfer also need to seal preservation.

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Why People More Willing To Buy Sublimation Paper Rolls Compared To Paper Sheets?

More and more people like to buy sublimation transfer paper rolls. There are two main reasons for they more willing to buy roll sublimation paper now.

First, jumbo roll sublimation paper can save much time of workers loading time. Normally sublimation paper jumbo roll with 2000m-5000m length. With industrail printer like MS JP4, Reggiani, the printing speed very quick, if only 500m roll, will be print quickly. You know industrial printer need long time to load the paper.

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Second, light weight transfer paper will be the trend in later sublimation printing, with the development of sublimation ink, theprinting speed will be much quicker. Light paper with higher transfer release, which save much of running cost, all paper user like it.

Third, same meter paper by a jumbo roll have litter volume, which save many of shipping cost, from paper user side. Then to paper maker side, will save many of packing cost.

As the industrial printer have strict demands for paper. People always meet paper not smooth, and dry not quick.

In this condition, you could choose good quality sublimation paper. And the best temperature for sublimation paper is about 20 degree centigrade. The suitable humidity is about 50-65%. Also we found humidity is the mean reason. So when you cut your sublimation paper next time, try to control the humidity by humidifier or air conditioner.

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At the mean time, we don’t suggest use sublimation paper after the paper exposed in the air for a long time. As the humidity change will also make paper curl.When the sublimation paper opened, it is best to run out as soon as possible.

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