Difference between Sublimation Transfer Printer and UV Printer

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Difference between Sublimation Transfer Printer and UV Printer

If you are a new man in the digital printing industry, you will ask what is the difference between the sublimation transfer printer and the UV printer, today we have to answer your doubts.

sublimation transfer printing

Firstly, the Printing material.
1. Dye sublimation printers print sublimation transfer paper material. Sublimation transfer paper can be divided into quick-dry and sticky sublimation paper according to its characteristics. Dimensions can be divided into sheet size, roll size, and jumbo reel size sublimation paper.

2. UV printer belongs to an industrial printing machine, mainly printing glass, leather, sheet material.

sublimation transfer printer Secondly, the Printing process.
1. Sublimation transfer printer is needed to dry, The paper made by the printing process needs to be dried and then transferred by digital heat press machine or rotary transfer machine. This machine can be used for both roll material and sheet material heat transferring. It is suitable for sublimation transfer large banners, flags, T-shirts, nonwoven fabrics, apparel fabrics, towels, blankets, mousepads, and other products in the piece, especially the continuous transfer of the cloth. Capable of continuous printing speed, to meet the needs of large volume printing the customer

2. The UV printer is the principle of using UV ink, which is to do the dry.

So, the material is the biggest difference between them, they can not replace the material used for the UV printer, the UV lamp is equipped with a special lamp, much heat, for thin PVC, organic glass plate materials such as printing medium is heated and deformed, so be careful in print. UV printing is more suitable for printing hard, unheated, and flat surface mediums.

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How to Change Chip on Ink Cartridges of Dye Sublimation Printer?

Most dye sublimation printer use a smart chip to keep track of the ink level in your cartridge. Some clients choose to reuse their cartridges by refilling them with ink for saving the cost. Many office supply and discount stores sell affordable ink refill kits. Used cartridges can be refilled two to three times before having to be thrown away. In order for your dye sublimation printer to recognize the newly-filled ink cartridge as full, you will need to replace the cartridge chip.

dye sublimation printer

1. Purchase the appropriate cartridge chip at an office supply store or online. In addition, purchase the appropriate ink refill kit.
2. Turn off your digital sublimation printer.
3. Remove the old ink cartridge from your printer.
sublimation transfer printer4. Locate the smart chip, which will always be on the underside of the cartridge. You can do this by removing the plastic tabs securing the chip to the cartridge. Use a sharp, thin tool to do this, such as a Swiss army knife or utility knife. Slide the blade of the knife under one of the plastic tabs. Gently pry up. Repeat to remove the other plastic tab.
5. Lift the chip from the cartridge.
6. Place the new chip over the two plastic tabs used to secure the chip onto the cartridge. Gently press down until the chip properly falls into place under the tabs. You can either use your index finger to do this or a pair of tweezers.
7. Take a paper towel and lay it out on a flat surface, such as a table or desk. This is where you will be pouring the new ink into the empty ink cartridge. Place the empty cartridge on top of the paper towel, with the top of the cartridge facing up.
sublimation printer8. Read all the instructions in the manual included in your ink refill kit.
9. Locate the fill holes on the top of your old cartridge. You can feel for the depressions by rubbing your finger across the top.
10. Pierce the refill hole — check your refill manual, as some cartridges will have more than one refill hole — with a sharp point, such as a needle or a thin pencil. The hole size should be minimal and the size of the long needle attached to the refill ink bottle.
11. Insert the long needle of the refill ink bottle into the correct ink hole on your cartridge. Try not to push any air into the cartridge while refilling. Very slowly and carefully, add the ink. Stop as soon as you see a bit of ink coming out of the hole.
12. Remove the needle completely.
13. Daub the top of the cartridge very lightly and carefully with the paper towel. A splotch of ink should leak out onto the paper towel.
14. Tape the hole with a small piece of clear tape. Before putting the cartridge back in, make sure that no ink is leaking out of the hole.
15. Insert the cartridge back into the digital inkjet printer.
16.Turn on your printer. It should now be reading as having full ink.

Any question, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.

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Sublimation Transfer Printer Can Work In High Temperature Environment ?

Sublimation transfer printer can work in high temperature environment ? Generally speaking, in summer,  many places will appear high temperature phenomenon.

printer in high temperature

In this condition, printer operation  may affect the normal printing. In addition, transfer printer related print accessories and print media will have a certain impact.

What effect in the operation of Sublimation transfer printer?

 1. Print performance

In the high temperature, cool the printer space is very important.  Moreover, printer room temperature can not be higher than 35%(the best temperature is 25%). It is noteworthy that when the printer for a long time uninterrupted work, excessive temperature may affect print speed.

sublimation printer

 2. Printer print head disconnected

The printer’s working ink has a specified working environment. In other words, the viscosity of the ink may vary with temperature. The viscosity of the ink will have an impact on the print head. Therefore, As the temperature rises, the viscosity of the ink decreases. Ink can easily form bubbles in the tube causing the printer to break.

heat transfer machine

 3. Affect normal work

In summer, the working environment of the printer is very high. Therefore, Operator  pay more attention to ventilate the interior space.

In a word, the environment of the printer is very important. Our company has sublimation printer, inks and papers. If you want, you can give us a message.

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