Sustainable sublimation printing
There are many different ways to transfer ink to clothing. From embroidery, sublimation, screen printing to DTG printing, dyeing and […]
There are loads of different means of transferring ink onto garments. Everything from embroidery, sublimation, screen-printing, to DTG printing, coloring, […]
Sublimation transfer printing is an advanced printing technology that has already achieved popularity, especially in the garment industry. It is […]
dye sublimation paper
    Dye sublimation paper printing providers their customers demand brilliant color, a soft hand, durability, and options from direct to […]
sublimation paper
    Digital sublimation paper is produced in various thicknesses and widths. Formed in two parts as base paper and coating […]
inkjet sublimation printer
  A digital sublimation machine can only perform well when it is placed in a production hall with constant conditions. […]
Sock sublimation transfer printing business is one of the trendy ways of making money in the printing industry. People love […]
While it is viable to print nylon at low temperatures using sublimation transfer printing, there are many kinds of nylon and they react in a […]