What Images Work Best with Dye Sublimation Printing on T-Shirts?

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What Images Work Best with Dye Sublimation Printing on T-Shirts?

Putting favourite images on clothes has become a popular trend as a way to spruce up otherwise simple articles of clothing. Do you know what images work best with dye sublimation printing on T-Shirts? Here are a few tips to make the print achieve the best effects.

dye sublimation printing

1. Start with a good image

The generalization, garbage in, garbage out, applies in this case with image quality in sublimation printing processs. Start off with a file that has enough resolution that the details won’t appear fuzzy on your shirt. For photos, image resolution is often controlled by camera settings. Ensure the camera settings have given you a large enough file so fine details can be stored.

For images taken from websites, it’s important to get a clear image. Small pictures will give you pixelated and fuzzy designs. The type of file isn’t generally important, however you should always check to see that the owner of the image hasn’t compressed the file too much. Compression can blur lines and bleed colors into other areas.

2. Colour works better than black and white

Grayscale images are treated differently depending on the program used to process them. The risk in printing grayscale is colors will show through. It can be difficult to achieve neutral gray tones. Once printed, the image may appear as sepia or cyan, producing warm or cool effects, respectively. Unless you know the source of the image, check with your printer to make sure that the end result is how you imagined.

3. The more dramatic the image, the better the outcome

Fabric can reduce the differences in colors, muting contrast between shapes and shades. Check to see that the image doesn’t have too much haze. From smog and other atmospheric effects, photos of landscapes can be obscured. It is possible to use photo editing programs to remove the haze.

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Another effect can come from lighting. Pictures taken during sunset can produce a warm glow. Although it’s pleasing in the eye to walk through, the sun puts a yellow cast over buildings, trees, and other objects. Unless you’re skilled at editing pictures, this can be a difficult issue to fix. Speak to your print shop for expert assistance in adjusting your favourite images into a suitable print.

In addition, we Feiyue Team offers the equipment in digital printing process, such as sublimation paper, sublimation ink, inkjet printer and some other accessories. If you are looking for a sublimation equipment supplier, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you the best quality product in a affordable price.

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Why Sublimation Paper Can’t Be Used for Cotton T-shirt?

   Sublimation printing on t-shirt has becoming a popular industrial nowadays, and more and more people entered this industrial. There is a common question that i often met that can i print on cotton t-shirt with sublimation paper? Well, the answer is no. Why? Here is the answer.print on cotton t-shirt

   Cotton fabric can not endure high temperature, but the sublimation transfer paper must work under the temperature between 200℃~230℃. If you use the t-shirt paper, you can set the temperature to 170℃ or 180℃.
cotton t-shirt printing

   If you still want to use the sublimation paper for t-shirt printing, we can provide you one product called subli cotton paper. You can put the subli cotton transfer paper on the garment, then heat press with temperature 150 centigrade last 20 seconds. Then you can transfer the image from the sublimation paper to the garment.

   Or you can buy a direct to cotton printer or DTG printer, which can print on cotton fabric directdirect to cotton printer

   If you are interested in these technology, welcome to contact me.

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How to Print on Polyester T-shirt with Sublimation Printing?

   Hello everyone. Today i will show you how to print on the polyester t-shirt with sublimation printing technology. This is very easy without any complex operations. Now, let’s start.sublimation printing

   First choose the picture you want to print. This picture can be taken by yourself , or be downloaded from Google.

   Then print the pictures on the sublimation transfer paper with an inkjet printer.First Press your T-shirt with the help of electric press machine. So wrinkle and moisture in t shirt is remove and we print photo straight. Now put cardboard sheet between t shirt to make t shirt in tight position.

   Finally transfer the pictures from sublimation paper to fabric.Here are the requirements:
   1. First Preheat press to 375° – 400° F temperature
   2. Place your Printed image down on the t shirt
   3. Stick this paper with t shirt by tape, so it can not move during process

   Press the sublimation paper for 2 – 3 Minute

sublimation printing

   Now you get it?

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