What’s the Benefit of Using Tacky Sublimation Paper?

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What’s the Benefit of Using Tacky Sublimation Paper?

Tacky sublimation paper is only one kind out of many, but it has some very useful properties that can make a printing job go much easier.

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How can tacky sublimation paper help?

Tacky sublimation paper is, as you might have surmised from its name, sticky on one side. This is the side that the sublimation ink is printed on, so when you are ready to print your fabric or other product, you can stick the paper onto the product and reposition it as needed. There are two types of tacky sublimation paper; some are tacky to the touch and will stay put when you press it, while others have a chemical that causes it to become tacky once the heat of the heat press activates it. Once it is where you would like it to stay, pressing firmly around the paper will ensure it stays put if it is not the heat-activated tacky paper. It is tacky enough that it will stay put, without being so sticky that it is difficult to remove once the heat press is applied.

How do I know if tacky sublimation paper is right for me?

If you know that you will want to work quickly and accurately without worrying about ruined products, sticky sublimation paper may be right for you. Some people prefer the ease of movement that comes with the non-tacky paper, so it may take some trial and error on your part to decide which kind will best fit your needs. You also need to take your printer into consideration. Right now, tacky paper is only available in rolls, so if your printer is small enough that it only takes sheets, without upgrading equipment it is not likely that tacky paper will work for you. While some people have tried cutting up the sheets, most have found it difficult to store, as they stick to each other when stacked.

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Are You Interested In The High Speed Sublimation Transfer Paper?



As we can see that, high speed sublimation paper fulfills the highest color demands. Many print shops use the same color profiles for “high speed” paper as they do for regular paper (now is the quick-dry paper). Regular dye sublimation papers for open substrates typically show a gradual, ink absorption and dry relatively slowly. Transfer printers have adjusted to this phenomenon in different ways.

inkjet printing paper

inkjet printing paper

In many cases, the slow drying sublimation transfer paper does not pose a problem, even on fast inkjet printers. Printers fall back upon a box of tricks to make sure that the paper is dry and, more importantly, smear-resistant before it is wound-up. The oldest and simplest trick is extending the paper path in the printer. This often is done by simply putting the rewind on the same side of the printer as the unwound, and by installing some extra rolls to guide the web underneath the printer.


Sometimes, you see a separate winding stand at a short distance from the printer. Another solution is a heated plate under the sublimation printed paper that is sometimes combined with a heated plate before the printing heads. In many cases, an array of fans is used for additional convection drying. The above-mentioned tricks are so widely used that they are standard features on many printers.

sub printing paper

sub printing paper

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What Do You Know About Tacky Sublimation Paper?

Tacky sublimation paper, one type of sublimation paper, has a special tackified coating, which will be activated by heat. The tacky products are ideal for apparel, like sportswear, swimwear. The paper can misalign and shift the image during the transferring or calendaring process if a fabric is stretchy. When heat is activated during the transfer process, this product will stick to the garment of a cut apparel piece in a flatbed or clamshell heat press machine, which will eliminate ghosting or loss of details due to movements in the transfer process, and therefore, it will help us reduce production errors and increase quality.

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The 2 most important factors about sticky sublimation transfer paper, is the stickiness(tackiness degree) and drying speed. Now in the market, almost all the sublimation papers, including tacky sublimation paper, the drying speed is not a problem anymore. So that leaves the tackiness the most important. There are several things about the stickiness:

1. How to choose the right tacky sublimation paper?

hi-tack sublimation paperUsually, the sticky degree depends on the dark-color volume or fabric type. The adhesive coating has been designed to react differently depending on the color darker. The degree of thickness decrease on the light color ink, and increases in the dark color ink.

The light color is designed to carry a light stickiness for easy takeoff. You may find that the paper does not seem to be adhered to the slick fabric after pressing out. However, the stickiness worked adequately enough to eliminate ghosting or printing errors during heat press.

And the dark color requires much more adhesion during the transfer.

In other words, with the same paper, the tackiness degree changes with a different design, ink loading.

So for dark-heavy ink load, high tacky sublimation paper would be the best choice, and medium-heave ink load, use the medium tacky, and low ink load, the low tacky. Strong adhesion would be not necessary for light-color imagines, rather might hurt productivity.

roll sublimation paper2. How long the tackiness will last?

This is the common issue of the tacky paper. Several years ago, we met this issue too. But now we succeeded in solving it. Our sticky sublimation paper could last at least 6 months, while others are for 3 months.

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