Why People Choose Sublimation Printing for Garment Industrial

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Why People Choose Sublimation Printing for Garment Industrial

   Garment industrial is the most common applications of sublimation printing. There are many technologies  for garment printing, why more and more choose sublimation printing? Here are the reasons.

sublimation printing

   1.Good printing result
   The garments printed by sublimation printing technology usually has beautiful patterns and vivid color. Besides, the layers of the patterns are rich and clear, so the images has a strong three-dimensional feeling.This is hard to achieve by other printing methods. What’s more, the sublimation printing can print the photographic pictures and paintings.

   2.The garments are soft and the images have long service life
   The biggest feature of sublimation transfer printing is the dye can be spread into the polyester or fiber, and the products feel very soft and comfortable. Bgarment printingecause the ink has been dry in the transfer process, the life of the images are the same as the life of the garment itself, so it will not affect the appearance of the fabric.

   3.Easy to operate, and low equipment invest
   Sublimation transfer printing can print many different patterns at the same time without checking, and can customize different products to meet different  customers’ requirements in a short period.

   4.Environment friendly
   Different to traditional methods, sublimation transfer printing does not need steaming, washing, it helps save a lot of water, and it has no sewage discharge. Compared with traditional printing, sublimation printing can protect the environment more effectively.

sublimation printing

 Garment sublimation printing has a large market now, and it is not too late to join this industrial.


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textile printingA good digital printing machine has a great essential to textile printing. It directly affects the quality of the textile products. So it’s very important to choose a good textile printing machine for your textiles. A nice textile printing machine can be chosen by several aspects.

  1. The print heads of the printer

As the most important component and major consumptive material, print head plays a decisive role in choosing a digital fabric printing machine. It can decide the accuracy, ink jet capacity, print speed of a machine and cost of production etc. The fabric type,cost estimate, requirements of production efficiency and other factors should be taken into consideration when choosing print heads.

  1. The accuracy of nozzles

The higher accuracy of nozzle is, the higher color accuracy printed out is. The accuracy of digital printing nozzles should be considered in the need of printing out a clear and natural color patterns.

textile printing

  1. Right type of ink

There are three points should be noticed. First of all, the choice of color. According to the requirement and the type of materials, there are four-colors ink, six-colors ink and eight-colors ink etc. In general, the more colors ink you print, the better color saturation and color effects you get. The second, the ink used into textile printing is generally classified as: acidity ink, activity ink, sublimation ink and pigment ink. It should be used according to the material of the fabric. Select the printing ink that has great color and performance to the fabric. The third, the brand and model of ink. Generally speaking, the ink is developed for the brand and model of the nozzle,notice that if the ink is the right for the nozzle. Besides, whether the ink is fluent or vivid, or environmental protection and so on needs to be considered, too.

  1. Technical service of manufacturer

Digital textile printing machine is a high and new technology equipment. So, the R & D capabilities, and after-sales service capacity of its manufacturer is very important. We advise you to choose a reliable manufacturer when you buy a digital textile printing machine.

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